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Gordon Murray exhibit to open at Dunsfold

Gordon Murray exhibit to open at Dunsfold Classic and Performance Car

Exhibit celebrating the career of McLaren F1 designer will open at the new Gordon Murray Design facility at Dunsfold in November.

It’s hard to believe that Gordon Murray has been designing cars for half a century. But that’s the case, and an exhibition opening in November will tell the story through more than 40 cars that Murray has designed or influenced.
The one-week exhibition will open on 3 November at Dunsfold, Surrey. After the exhibition has finished, the building will become the new home of Gordon Murray Design, with space for development and production operations. The event will be by invitation only, but Murray’s website will host an online tour guided by the professor himself.
Many of the cars reside in private collections spread all over the world, so gathering them together has been, says Murray, a huge logistical challenge. Added to that is the fact that almost all the cars are one-offs, and their value is greatly enhanced both by their rarity and, in many cases, by their race-winning pedigree.
Among the cars planned to appear are the 1967 IGM Ford Special, ’78 Brabham BT46B ‘fan car’, championship-winning Brabhams from 1981 and 1983, 1988 McLaren MP4/4, two McLaren F1s, 2013 Yamaha City Car and 2016 GVT OX. A new vehicle, said to be ‘ground-breaking’, will also be revealed as the exhibition is opened.

Murray commented: 'It will be a very proud and emotional day to see all these cars brought together, as they chart my professional life, as well as my perspective over the decades on complex challenges in vehicle design and engineering.'
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