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McLaren 675LT put through its paces: video

McLaren 675LT put through its paces: video Classic and Performance Car

McLaren brings its latest revised 675LT supercar to the track in this new video

Over the years McLaren has been no stranger to improving, and then further refining its cars to be as good on the track as they are on the road. GTRs, ‘S’ models, Longtails…
With their latest incarnation they’ve gone for the latter. The 675LT is essentially a furthered 650S: wider, lighter, more agile, and more powerful. They’ve done it by striping the 650S, and tinkering with anything that needs tinkering. As a result McLaren’s boffins have given the car P1 suspension, a wider front track, increased spring rates, and 10% quicker steering. Also improved is the engine, which McLaren have changed 50% of and found an extra 15bhp. 
As the video below shows, all these little changes add up to make a big difference:

McLaren 675LT Classifieds

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