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Maserati Mistral
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  • Maserati Mistral 4000 Spyder 1967 white


    The Maserati Mistral was a wonderful 2-seat gran turismo produced between the years of 1963 and 1970. It was the successor to the 3500 GT, the styling was done by Frua, while the car was bodied by Maggiora in Turin. Limited in its production the coupés saw a total number of 828 examples, while the elusive Spyder just had 125 examples made. The name of the car derives from the cold northerly wind of southern France, it was also the first in a series of classic Maseratis to be give the name of a wind. The Mistral is the last model from the Casa del Tridente (“House of the Trident”) to have the company's renowned twin-spark, double overhead cam straight six engine. Fitted to the Maserati 250F Grand Prix cars, it won 8 Grand Prix between 1954 and 1960 and one F1 World Championship in 1957, being driven by Juan Manuel Fangio. The engine featured hemispherical combustion chambers fed by a Lucas indirect fuel injection system, a new development for Italian car manufacturers. Maserati subsequently moved on to V8 engines for their later production cars to keep up with the demand for ever more powerful machines. Three engine were fitted to the Mistral, displacing 3500, 3700 and 4000 cc and d

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