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Lotus Elan M100: Buying guide and review (1989-1996)

Lotus Elan M100 Lotus Elan M100
A front-wheel drive Lotus? Sacrilege! Whatever next; a diesel engine? That was the verdict of many Lotus traditionalists when the covers were pulled off an all-new Elan in 1989 – one propelled by a Japanese engine that fed power to the wrong set of tyres. 
While the new front-wheel drive Elan didn't win everyone over, most critics changed their tune quickly after the first test drives thanks to a one of the finest front-driving chassis ever developed. Could we expect any less from Lotus? Codenamed M100, the new Elan went about things very differently from Lotuses of old, but despite such a critically-acclaimed driving experience it wasn't a commercial success for the company. 
Thanks to its rave reviews, the M100 Elan initially sold in reasonably big numbers in the UK and Europe. This was never going to be enough for the Lotus and parent company General Motors however, and the big market to crack was the USA. Sadly, due to the relatively low volumes and high production costs, the little Elan ended up costing around the same as a full-fat Corvette in the States, which pretty much killed it stone dead. 
Soon after Isuzu decided to stop production of the 1.6-litre twin cam engine that was used in the Elan, GM decided to kill the two-seater roaster due to the uneconomical cost of engineering a new power plant into the car towards the end of 1992. Things were to change however with the purchase of Lotus by Bugatti, who decided to once again start up production. After a limited run of cars, the tooling and licence to build the Elan was sold to Kia, who also built a version for local markets.

Which one to buy?
A total of 3855 Series 1 Elans were built before General Motors finally pulled the plug in 1992. Although these were reasonable sales figures as far as Lotus was concerned, GM was not happy and stopped all development of potential future models, stopping all production of the car at the same time. Of these series 1 cars, you have a choice between the 130bhp naturally aspirated Elan, or the more lively 162bhp Turbo SE model – capable of a sub-7.0second 0-62mph time. 
It’s the series 1 cars that are the cheapest and easiest to find, and the later Bugatti-built S2 models (1994 onwards) carry a premium due to the much lower numbers produced. A total of just 800 were produced, and although the Turbo’s max power was slightly down at 155bhp, the car was mildly updated with nicer wheels and a few minor styling tweaks making it a desirable option. 
A slightly more exotic choice, and something that very rarely turns up in the UK, is the Kia Elan. When Lotus stopped building the Elan in 1996, the tooling for the car was sold to Korean the manufacturer, which started building the Elan for local markets. Different rear lights, and Kia’s own 1.8-litre engine differentiate the model from the Lotus models.
Performance and specs
Engine 1588cc, turbocharged in-line four
Power 165bhp @ 6600rpm
Torque 148lb ft @ 4200rpm
Transmission Five-speed manual
0-60mph 6.7sec
Top speed 137mph 
Insurance group 16
Dimensions and weight
Wheelbase 2250mm
Length 3802mm
Width 1735mm
Height 1229mm
Weight 997kg
Common problems 
• The 1.6-litre engine will just keep going as long as it’s properly serviced. One owner has even covered around a quarter of a million miles without the motor needing a rebuild. As with any engine – and especially a turbocharged one – the secret is regular oil changes. A refresh every 5000 miles is ideal, and even better if a fully synthetic lubricant is used. 
• Many owners have chosen to upgrade their engine by having the ECU remapped, to take power up to anywhere between 175bhp and 210bhp or so, with no ill-effects. You should watch out for badly installed manual boost controllers and dump valves though, as they can cause running problems and the potential for dangerous boost spikes if not carried out professionally. 
• There’s just one weak spot with the Isuzu unit, the Cam Angle Sensor, which fails and causes the fuel-injection system to malfunction. Sometimes the engine warning light illuminates when this happens, but not always. 
• Because it’s so strong, there’s little chance of the five-speed manual transmission causing problems, even if the engine has been chipped to give more power. Although the box itself is tough, the gear linkage is not, with failures all too common. The ball link on the end of the cable will break away, leading to difficulty in getting some of the gears. 
• Hard-driven cars may be suffering from a clutch that’s past its best, but you simply need to feel for slipping as you accelerate hard through the gears. A biting point near the top of the pedal also gives an indication of a worn clutch. 
• The Elan’s suspension is as tough as the rest of the car, with springs and dampers generally not causing any problems. However, the latter can leak, but a swift visual check will soon establish whether replacements are due or not. 
• Some cars will show signs of corrosion on the rear suspension wishbones, and because this tends to occur on the top face, it’s difficult to spot as the vehicle sits so low. If the previous owner has fitted uprated-galvanised wishbones, this is good news as they will most likely last the life of the Elan. 
• There’s a multitude of suspension bushes that can perish, but unless the car has been driven really hard, it’s unlikely. If any new bits are needed they’re available off the shelf. Of more concern potentially is suspension that’s out of alignment; this is guaranteed to lead to wayward handling and uneven tyre wear. 
• The chassis was galvanised when new, and which so far has shown no inclination to corrode. 
• It’s a similar story for the glassfibre body pannels and shell, which has so far proved itself to be remarkably durable, meaning full restoration is almost unheard of. Check the underside of the front bumper, as there is a low-hanging rubber strip that is prone to damage. Although replacement is relatively straight forward, a larger impact might have caused damage to the bumper, which is much more serious to fix.
• Unfortunately, the electrics are more likely to cause problems; things aren’t helped by that plastic bodyshell causing poor earths though. 
• Motors for the windows and headlamps can also play up. Most replacement spares and parts aren’t especially expensive, but even seemingly small issues can take a long time to fix. The window regulators are a simple DIY job, if you have plenty of time and a modicum of mechanical skill. All of the parts needed are still available to buy new fro Lotus too.
• The interior can also give problems, while it also doesn’t take much to start looking tatty. The Vauxhall switchgear seems cheap and the materials used throughout the construction of the dashboard and seats weren’t really in keeping with the car’s price. Cheap 
• Look out for a damaged roof. They’re strong, so should only need replacing if vandals have struck. However, the folding roofs never effectively sealed the cabin from the elements so don’t expect any roof to be totally watertight. 
Model History 
1989: The front-wheel-drive Elan is unveiled in two forms; standard or turbocharged S/E. The former has matt black wing mirrors; the latter carries an SE badge on the bootlid. 
1992: The perspex number plate cover is removed for the last cars, with Elan production ceasing soon after. 
1993: Bugatti buys Lotus. 
1994: The Elan is put back into production, to use up remaining stocks of engines and gearboxes. The power-steering is recalibrated, there’s a new dash and the suspension is stiffened up. There’s also a price hike to £24,500 – which would then increase to beyond £26,000. 
1996: The final Elan is built, after 800 Series 2 editions are made. 
1997: Kia puts the Elan back into production, with a 150bhp 1.8-litre engine. This car is never sold in Europe. 
1999: The final front-wheel-drive Elan is built. 
Owners clubs, forums and websites 
• www.clublotus.co.uk
• www.lotusdriversclub.org
• www.seloc.org
• www.lotus-on-track.com
Summary and prices
The front-wheel-drive Elan was so over-engineered that Lotus never really stood a chance of making any money on it. Indeed, just to break even the firm would have needed to sell twice as many cars each year as it actually did. The whole episode was partly responsible for General Motors getting rid of Lotus in 1993 and the restart of production under Bugatti. Such over-engineering is great news if you fancy dipping your toe in the Lotus waters, but don’t want something older and potentially more fragile. 
You can now pick up a high-mileage Elan (with around 100,000 miles on the clock) for £5000-6000. It’s surprising how many of these cars are around; the front-wheel-drive model is so usable that many owners rack up high annual distances. There aren’t many normally-aspirated examples about, but if you do find one you can expect to pay a little less than for an equivalent turbocharged (SE) edition. Most cars for sale will be priced at £8000-£11,000; the latter figure will net a 50,000-mile example from a specialist. Really exceptional Elans can fetch more though.
Lotus Elan M100 Lotus Elan M100
Last updated: 10th Apr 2016
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Lotus Elan
4615 60350 GBP
  • Lot 753

    Lotus Elan

    £15,000 - £18,000 est. £15,000 - £18,000 est.
    Auction Date: 18 Jun 2016
    • Mileage: 86390 mi
    • Engine size: 1.6
    Auction Date: 18 Jun 2016
    Classic Car Auctions
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  • 1969 Lotus Elan +2 Competition


    Upon its launch in 1967, the Lotus Elan +2 fitted very snugly between British sports car manufacturers such as Marcos, TVR and major manufacturers such as Triumph and MG. The Elan +2 was a development and evolution from the original Elan of 1962 and saw a totally new closed coupé body designed to accommodate a couple of children or useful storage for shopping. The two Elans; the original still being produced alongside the +2, had many interchangeable parts except for the body; this was a benefit to the +2 as the mechanical parts had proven very reliable. The Lotus Elan +2, as with the original, was also sold in kit form but to get away from the heritage of kit cars, Lotus introduced an improved Elan a year later which was only available to buy factory built. The improvements were a more luxurious interior and fog lamps fitted under the front bumpers, designated the Lotus Elan +2S. The next major change was in 1971 when a big valve engine was offered resulting in the Lotus Elan +2 130S with another option of a very attractive metal-flake roof paintwork. This is probably the best race prepared Lotus Elan on the market. Literally tens of thousands of pounds have been spent with specia

    • Year: 2016
    For sale
  • Lotus Elan S2 Turbo Limited Edition No. 037, 1994 with Air-Conditioning.

    £11,995 £11,995

    Lotus Elan S2 Turbo Limited Edition No. 037, 1994 with Air-Conditioning. 3 owners from new and two owners for 14 years. A truly outstanding example in the iconic and most popular Elan colour of Norfolk Mustard with contrasting half cloth raven interior. Very rare to be supplied with factory fitted air-conditioning. Comes with a wealth of documented service history and Certificate of Provenance from Lotus Cars Limited. The paintwork is in spectacular condition, including in the engine bay area. The hood is “as new” and unmarked. We have just had all four wheels refurbished. Sony CD stereo system with all manuals. Fitted with AA Tracker. Continuous service history from new, having been maintained by Paul Matty Sportscars, Graypaul, Nick Whale Sports Cars and Ryland in the early years. Just 59k miles. This is a truly superb example and will be freshly serviced with a full MOT. We have not seen a better example of an S2 for many years.

    • Year: 1994
    For sale
  • Lotus Elan+2S130/5, 1973. Fantastic example in original Cirrus White

    £23,995 £23,995

    Lotus Elan+2S130/5, 1973. Fantastic example in original Cirrus White as confirmed by the Lotus archivist and rare not to have the silver roof when new. This is matching number car with a Certificate of Provenance confirming that the original engine was fitted at the factory. This is one of the best 5 Speed big valve Plus Twos we have ever driven. The gearbox is particularly sweet with a lovely smooth and precise action. The engine is very willing indeed and delivers the power smoothly from low down in the rev range. This example comes with the benefit of a galvanised Lotus chassis with pin-point handling and masses of service history. The 80k miles on the odometer are backed up by MOT certificates going back to 1980 and the mileage latterly has only been a few hundred a year. Lovely chrome and nicely patinated paintwork which is in super condition. The car has many original features and the trim is in particularly fine condition commensurate with the relatively low mileage. Superb engine bay. Road tax fee exempt. Comes fully serviced and a 12 months MOT.

    • Year: 1973
    For sale
  • Lotus Elan S4/SE DHC, 1970. Last two owners for 30 years!

    £34,995 £34,995

    Lotus Elan S4/SE DHC, 1970. Last two owners for 30 years! During tenure of the previous owner the Elan has had a replacement galvanised Lotus chassis and a fully rebuilt engine by the well-known Miles Wilkins of Fibreglass Services. Miles has written the book on rebuilding the iconic Lotus Twin-Cam engine. Bills for over £12,000 from Fibreglass services for the full chassis and engine rebuild etc. etc.. Lots of MOT certificates going back to 1983 and they seem to point out that the Elan has done about 48,000 in total. The Elan was resprayed two years ago in original Lotus Yellow and has a stunning glass-like finish. The car drives extremely well with a good strong engine and excellent chassis. Fully serviced and MOT’d.

    • Year: 1970
    For sale
  • Lotus Elan

    €39,500(£30,592.75) €39,500(£30,592.75)

    Beautiful Lotus Elan Sprint roadster in perfectly restored condition in the great color combination of red over white. The Lotus Elan was first introduced in 1962 and was available as roadster and coupe. The model served as the successor to the Elite who did not have such a good reputation for reliability. The legacy of Colin Chapman, director of Lotus, was to build cars with the least possible weight and maximize power. This formula would live long in the future Lotus models and still used in Lotus these days. The Elan completely meets this requirement with a weight of 680kg and a powerful 1.558cc Lotus modified four-cylinder Ford engine. This Lotus-Ford engine would later be used in many racing cars. The special feature of the Elan was the combination of the steel chassis and fiberglass body. The Elan would remain in production until 1975. It is said that there are about 1200 Elans worldwide remained. Therefore, the model has achieved the status of a popular classic. This Elan Sprint is on Dutch EU registration and in perfect condition.

    • Year: 1971
    For sale
  • Lotus Elan

    $56,750(£39,185.88) $56,750(£39,185.88)

    Elan S4 roadster, black in immaculate, restored condition. Very original but with subtle performance upgrades. Located in Sydney. Please note that the price below is in Australian dollars. If interested please email me and I'll reply with a complete detailed description. r.carter8@bigpond.com

    • Year: 1969
    • Mileage: 2910 mi
    • Engine size: 1.6
    For sale
    Richard Carter
  • 1969 Lotus Elan +2

    £13,000 £13,000

    - Extensively restored during the 1980s and large history file - Engine, gearbox, body, paint, electrics and interior rated as 'very good' - 57,200 miles (unwarranted), Black upholstery, MOT'd till April 2017 Vendor Condition Ratings: Bodywork: 'Very Good' Engine: 'Very Good' Electrical Equipment: 'Very Good' Paintwork: 'Very Good' Transmission: 'Very Good' Interior Trim: 'Very Good'

    • Year: 1969
    For sale
  • 1972 Lotus Elan 2S 130/5 Ex-Ronnie Peterson


    Ronnie Peterson.It is virtually impossible to describe the affect this young, good looking, quiet and shy but seriously talented Formula 1 driver has had upon, not only the aficionados of the sport, but the public in general, creating a huge ripple of affection that is still felt today by the huge fan base that still exists. Nicknamed Super Swede, Ronnie Peterson rose from karting to Formula 3 to become European Formula 2 Champion in 1972 and came closest to winning the Formula 1 World Championship in 1973 and 1978. Peterson's first Grand Prix was in 1970 at Monaco driving for the Colin Crabb privateer team, Antique Automobiles Racing Team then progressing to drive for the March Team in 1971. In 1973, Ronnie signed for the John Player Team Lotus, partnering Emerson Fittipaldi, a team led by the ever-charismatic Colin Chapman with Peterson achieving his first win in a Lotus 72 at the 1973 French Grand Prix held at the Paul Ricard circuit. Three further wins that year led Peterson to third in the Championship. By 1975, the Lotus 72 was showing its age resulting with Peterson signing for Shadow; however, Chapman convinced him to stay at Lotus, promising faster development of the Lotus

    • Year: 2016
    For sale
  • Lotus Elan+2S, 1970 – Excellent example in original Carnival Red

    £19,995 £19,995

    Lotus Elan+2S, 1970. Excellent example in original Carnival Red. Really good history and invoices for engine work and replacement Lotus chassis and much other work. Original interior which is in good condition and commensurate with the low mileage of 61,000 with plenty of MOT certificates going back over 30 years. Re-trimmed sliding sunroof. Re-chromed front and rear bumpers. Comes fully serviced and with a 12 months MOT.

    • Year: 1970
    For sale
  • Lotus Elan S3/SE DHC, 1967. An amazing surviving unrestored/never been resprayed Elan

    £29,995 £29,995

    Lotus Elan S3/SE DHC, 1967. An amazing surviving unrestored/never been resprayed Elan featured in two magazine articles, one in a four page “Classic Drive” article in Practical Classics in November 2012 and a two page spread in Octane magazine in June 2012. There are so many original features on this car, that is a collector’s dream. Original Lotus Sales Invoice (Order Form) showing the new price of £1,462 and 10 shillings! Masses of paperwork and original documentation including original factory Warranty. Amazing owner’s diary/pocket book listing every mile and journey meticulously logged and the intriguing places the car visited (many in the Kent area). Service invoices going back to the Sixties and a wonderful historic record. Two original Service Voucher books and original Owner’s Handbook and Test Certificate from 1967. Superb original leather-bound steering wheel that are virtually unobtainable and worth a small fortune alone. Original horn-push, gear-knob, instruments etc. etc. The car has a replacement Lotus chassis and the engine has been overhauled in it’s lifetime. An absolute dream to drive in such original form. My first baby Elan (S3/SE DHC) was virtually identical to

    • Year: 1967
    For sale
  • LOTUS ELAN SE Turbo 1990

    £6,995 £6,995

    1990 Lotus Elan SE Turbo. Calypso Red with Black and Red leather upholstery. Huge history file with a stamped up service book and lots of bills, invoices and old MoT's back to the first in 1993. The cam belt was replaced 7,000 miles ago along with a new water pump. Having been with its last owner for 5 years it has been used sparingly covering very few miles during his ownership. Totally unmolested and original. The oil pressure is very good and the car drives without fault. Everything works as it should with the central locking and electric windows still operating correctly. The original OZ alloy wheels and tyres are in good order. The hood is free from damage with no leaks and a clear rear screen. The Elan is fitted with an alarm and immobiliser. Viewing is highly recommended. Absolutely any inspection is welcome. All major debit and credit cards accepted. Please contact us for any further information. Delivery can be arranged.

    • Mileage: 119000 mi
    • Engine size: 1.6
    For sale
  • Lotus Elan Sprint DHC 1971

    £44,950 £44,950

    We are delighted to offer for sale this beautiful Elan Sprint finished in Lotus yellow over white. She has a new Spider chassis and has had thousands of pounds spent. She has recently been re commissioned and serviced in our Maldon workshop, is in immaculate condition and ready to be driven away for the Spring sunshine.

    For sale
  • Lotus Elan S2 Turbo, 1994. Limited Edition No. 243.

    £9,995 £9,995

    Lotus Elan S2 Turbo, 1994. Limited Edition No. 243. Beautiful example and a chance to own one of these very desirable M100 Elans. The S2 in particular is very sought after and values are currently rising. In the most popular selling colour of Pacific Blue metallic with matching dark blue leather and blue hood. Freshly MOT’d and serviced and has a thick history file and original Sales Brochure and Owner’s Handbook with 9 stamps in the service schedule from SGT of Taplow the supplying Lotus Main Dealers in Maidenhead at the time in November 1994. Then 8 service stamps by Lotus Main Agents Bell & Colviill the long established dealership in Surrey. Fitted with a stainless steel exhaust and Sony CD player. A great car to drive with the nicely weighted power steering and Nardi steering wheel. Electric windows, electrically heated mirrors. Good value at £9,995.

    • Year: 1994
    For sale
  • Lotus Elan Turbo

    £7,995 £7,995

    About this Lotus Elan Turbo First registered in the UK in 1990 this car was exported by its then owner to Singapore in 2001 and then repatriated back to the UK in 2009 and would appear to have been kept SORN until August 2012. This is the quick and exciting turbocharged model Rated at 0-60 in 6.5 seconds when new. In its traditional Lotus colour scheme this clean 162bhp Elan is now an iconic car in its own right – along with the MG RV8, perhaps the last true British-made sports car and certainly a fitting modern example of the Colin Chapman legacy. With soft-top in good order and riding on very clean alloy road wheels it drives very well and handles like a dream. With good examples of early Elans getting harder to track down, this example has a large file of invoices showing much money spent on maintenance at home and abroad and it shapes up as an excellent opportunity to experience top-down, turbocharged motoring for a modest outlay.

    • Mileage: 54000 mi
    For sale
  • 1969 LOTUS ELAN 2

    £19,175 £19,175

    --Cirrus White and Black Interior, 104,950 original miles, 4-speed manual transmission, Chassis #50/1781, Special Edition Engine 119753. The Lotus Elan Plus 2 as envisioned by Colin Chapman (Founder of Lotus Cars) was to have the following basic design concept… “it must combine the very best features of the Elan Coupe with reliability and yet be able to carry two adults and two children on a long holiday-in comfort” and that’s just what they created! The Elan 1558cc Twin-Can engine produces 118bhp at 6250 rpm and combined with its light weight make for an extremely exhilarating sports car. This Elan Plus 2 spent the first 40 years of its life in California with only 3 owners. The current owner has stored the Elan in climate controlled secure storage for much of the last 6 years. According to ownership history and discussions, the Elan received a repaint in the 70’s. Today the paint is fair and a respray would be welcomed. Body panels are straight, chrome is good, headlight covers work and fit properly and all glass is good. Interior is very original and in nice condition, the center console was recovered and dash is nice, but shows some age cracking. As pictured, the headliner is g

    • Year: 1969
    • Mileage: 104950 mi
    For sale
  • Lotus Elan

    £4,995 £4,995

    Lotus Elan 1.6 SE TURBO! Drives well, nice condition throughout, lots of history, Cat D 15 years ago, priced to sell!! Cheapest on the net

    • Mileage: 94000 mi
    • Engine size: 1588
    For sale
  • Lotus Elan S4 Sports


    Lotus Elan S4 1600CC finished in Pistachio Green and Cream with Elan Decals manufactured in 1969, Full Engine Rebuild by Tiger Racing in 2012 and Covered only 1200 Miles Since, Setup and Dyno''d by BD Engineering in 2013 running approx 130BHP, Gearbox Rebuild by Tiger Racing in 2012 with Stainless Steel Manifold and Sports Exhaust Fitted, Spyder Integral Roll Bar Footwell Protection, Tony Thompson Racing Front and Rear Adjustable Suspension, Bushes and Springs, Solid Drive Shafts, Brake Calipers and Pads, Solid Race Mounts with New UJs, New Air Horns, New Walnut Dash and Gauges, New High Flow Enlarged Radiator and Fan, Conversion to Evans Coolant, New Brake and Clutch Master Cylinders, Custom Made Minilite Wheels, Recovered Seats and Centre Console, Headlamps Converted to Halogen, New Carpets, Custom Mota Lita Steering Wheel, Huge History File and Featured on an Album Cover. Finance available on request subject to status. Part Exchange welcome.

    • Year: 1969
    For sale
  • Lotus Elan S4 Sports


    Lotus Elan S4 1600CC finished in Lotus Yellow registered March 1971, Featured on the cover of Club Lotus News January 2008, Major Restoration work by Mick Miller Classic Lotus Restoration Suffolk in 2003, Engine Overhauled by Rapier Services Lotus Specialists in 2004 with New Carburettors and Con Rods, MOT until 06/09/14, Huge Detailed History File. Finance available on request subject to status. Part Exchange welcome.

    • Year: 1971
    For sale
  • Lotus Elan SE Convertible


    Lotus Elan SE Convertible 1.6 Turbo 165 bhp 5 Speed Manual Registered March 1992 Finished in Metallic Pacific Blue with Black Roof, 15" OZ Alloys, Kumho Tyres, Electric Windows, Electric Mirrors, Sony Stereo, CD Player, AUX Input. Large file including lots of history and invoices from Lotus Specialists. Extensive Service carried out 11/06/12 at 13,765 miles including Timing Belt, spark plugs, P.A.S Fluid, Gearbox Oil, Alternator Belt, Gearbox Oil and more. Gearshift cable replaced in 2007. Vehicle was stored and maintained by TigaStor from September 1992 until October 2006. Three owners from new, first owner kept from 1992 until 2007 and the second from 2007 until 2013. Finance Available on Request – subject to status and terms. Ask about our Company Directors Packages. Fully Valeted; UK Wide Delivery Available; Part Exchange Welcome. Follow us on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

    • Year: 1992
    For sale
  • : Lotus Elan S2 / 26R EUR 85000

    £60,350 £60,350

    Description: We are pleased to offer for sale this gorgeous and very quick RHD Lotus Elan S2 which was bought by the current owner in 2000 and was subsequently completely build-up to the latest 26R specification. Upon completion, the car has been raced very successfully at both the national and international level up to 2012. The owner then switched to racing a 2 litre prototype which is why the Elan is now up for sale. The engine has been built by John Smirtwait delivering 190 bhp and only has 10 hours of running since its last rebuild. The other specs are as follows: Strengthened chassis Magnesium gearbox and differential casing (with LSD) Magnesium center lock wheels Alu bell-housing New magnesium uprights with original alu calipers Close ratio magnesium gearbox Fuel cell 60 litres (valid until 2016) with separate catch-tank and pumps KONI adjustable shocks all round Renewed electrics Large core alu radiator 1” front anti-roll bar+ 3/4” fr. a-r bar TTR half-shafts Lexan side and rear screens The car comes with extensive spares which include a spare set of wheels and spare diff. with LSD 4.1-ratio. Given that this Elan racer sat idle for a few years, the following would need to b

    • Year: 1965
    For sale
    +32 (0) 475 422790 VIEW CONTACT NUMBER
  • 1967 Lotus Elan S3 Coupe

    £32,175 £32,175

    1967 Lotus Elan S3 coupe s/n 3616647 Light Blue with Black Interior The Lotus Elan was launched in October 1962 at the British International Motor Show at Earls Court, just as the sixties started swinging. Jaguar had launched the E-Type the previous year, while AC had the Cobra and Ferrari the GTO. These were big, powerful, and expensive machines. The Elan was very different, and typically Lotus – ultra modern, lightweight, nimble and tremendous fun. From arch enthusiast Jay Leno to Gordon Murray, designer of the McLaren F1, the accolades bestowed upon the gritty Elan typically call it “the greatest handling car of all time” or something equally grandiose in nature. We couldn’t agree more. In the same year that Lotus revolutionized racing car design with the monocoque 25, they also packed the Elan with technically innovative features like the first backbone tube chassis of any road car as well as a fiberglass body, four-wheel independent suspension, weight of 1500 lbs (670kg) and the new Lotus Twin Cam engine, produced by significantly modifying a Ford 116E block. The new unit yielded over 100 horsepower and provided endless entertainment for the featherweight Elan package. Right a

    • Year: 1967
    For sale

    £34,950 £34,950

    Burnt Sand with black interior. Currently undergoing restoration by ourselves, this Lotus Elan S4 FHC was first registered in June of 1968 and has had only four owners since. Having undergone a total bare body restoration at a cost of over £16,000 this Elan drives superbly and is ready for this years anniversary of 50 years of the Elan. *Viewing by appointment only*

    • Year: 1968
    • Mileage: 88000 mi
    For sale
  • 1967 Lotus Elan S3 Coupe Special Equipment

    £27,950 £27,950

    Chassis Number 3616949 Original UK Right Hand Drive Car which was exported to Greece in 2009 and has recently been reimported In 2012 it was driven from Greece to the Le Mans Classic and from there it went to Paul Matty for a full checkover and service including new brakes,new clutch and all new suspension . It was fitted with Aldon Electronic ignition plus the top end of the engine was rebuilt by Lotus specialist Lakeside Engineering with new water pump,valves ,seats etc also a new alternator and recored radiator Fitted with knock on wheels with Vredestein Classic Tyres Classic Motorola Radio with iPod and phone connectivity Correct original tool roll Large History file with all Invoices etc Original Owners handbook Original Plate LBA 14E now given to the vehicle by DVLA and correct Historic Vehicle V5 issued This car is in outstanding condition and drives faultlessly

    • Year: 1967
    For sale
  • Lotus Elan Italian Design Concept Car '86

    £4,615 £4,615

    Prototype Italdesign produced One in the world >>>>> Oldtimerfarm specializes in consignment sales of vintage and collection cars and we are proud to present you this car. Oldtimerfarm is located in Belgium, 9880 Aalter, Steenweg op Deinze 51C, where this car is in our showroom. We are open from Tuesday to Saturday 10-17h (also without appointment). We are closed on Sundays and Mondays. Mondays on appointment only. Make sure you scroll down to look at the extensive photo report (100 pictures). Of course, a more detailed description can be obtained by telephone. Contact us: Antoine (sales): 0032 476 83 2817 (NL, DE, EN) ak@oldtimerfarm.be Xavier (sales): 0032 472 40 1338 (NL, FR, DE, EN, IT) info@oldtimerfarm.be Olivier (after sales): 0032 473 11 7300 (NL, FR, DE, EN) olivier@oldtimerfarm.be Oldtimerfarm from Aalter would also like to sell your classic car or car collection. For more information, please contact Xavier. Exhibitions where you can find us: 29-01/05/2016 Opendeurdagen @OLDTIMERFARM 09-11/09/2016 Opendeurdagen @OLDTIMERFARM

    • Year: 1986
    For sale
  • Lotus Elan Sprint 1972 Fhc

    £32,450 £32,450

    , This car is in the rare colour of Tawny / White one of only 25 Sprints made by the factory in this colour between September – December 1972. It had like most cars a Lotus factory replacement chassis some 8-10 years ago, it has a very original interior and a correct Big Valve engine fitted with Dellorto carburetors as standard. Four new tires are fitted and the wheels are in good condition. In the history file is a Certificate of vehicle Provenance supplied by the Lotus factory confirming the cars original colour and details. It also comes with a letter by Andy Graham giving the cars history from new via the Lotus archives at Group Lotus PLC in 2014. This rare colour today is now very popular and hard to find a fixed head as many have been turned in to drop heads MOT’d until May 2016 *Viewing By Appointment Only*

    • Year: 1972
    For sale
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