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Lister announces new road-legal Knobbly roadster

Lister announces new road-legal Knobbly roadster Classic and Performance Car

Road-going Knobbly is the latest continuation model from the Lister Motor Company

Lister has announced the latest run of continuation Knobbly models, and this time it plans to sell a revised version as a road-legal car. Still produced on the same jigs as the 1950s racing car, the modified continuation car will stay true to the original formula – being powered by either a 4.2-litre or dry sump 3.8-litre straight-six Jaguar engine.
According to the company, this will be the first ever original specification continuation car to be fully eligible for IVA type approval. Because Lister’s production numbers are so low, it qualifies for low-volume approval – unlike the continuation models produced by larger companies, such as Jaguar. 
Unlike a lot of recreation or replica cars, the Lister Knobbly continuation is built to the exact specifications of the original models, with three original engineers brought out of retirement to oversee construction. 
To make the Knobbly suitable for the road, and the IVA test, Lister has subtly modified the original design to implement mirrors, indicators and number plates. The windscreen has been replaced with a wind deflector, and inside there’s a leather-trimmed dashboard, ratchet handbrake and push-button switches. 

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Heading out on the public highway means that Lister has had to improve safety for occupants. This means a roll over bar, collapsable steering column, while for the sake of pedestrians the Knobbly has been given a flush fuel filler and had the wheel spinners removed.
The road-legal model follows on from Lister’s first two batches of Knobbly racers, the last ten of which featured magnesium bodywork, and were built to the same specification as the 1958 works cars. It was also named in honour of Stirling Moss, who drove the original to a win at Silverstone in 1958.
Powered by a straight-six Jaguar engine built by Crosthwaite & Gardiner, the units – close in specification to the D-type engines used in period – are built up around original Jaguar blocks with all-new remanufactured parts. With 330bhp on tap, the 787kg Lister will hit 60mph in 4.3secs and go on to 181mph.
Production will be limited to ten units, priced from £225,000 in 4.2-litre form. Lister can also be offer the more serious 3.8-litre dry sump engine, although the price will jump to £295,000. Build is scheduled to begin later in the year, with the first deliveries expected to take place by June 2018.

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