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New series of Wheeler Dealers heads to Discovery Channel

New series of Wheeler Dealers heads to Discovery Channel Classic and Performance Car

Mike Brewer and Edd China return to The Discovery Channel for the 13th series of the popular restoration show

Eight classic cars, umpteen hours of television and two interesting characters to share them with - yes, it’s Wheeler Dealers, TV’s best-known restoration entertainment show. 
The programme - which is now in its 13th series - is hosted by Mike Brewer and mechanic Edd China. To-gether, the pair source a variety of European and American cars to restore and sell. 
The duo’s HQ is in California. Mike navigates the surrounding states in search of cars with money-making potential, bringing them back to Edd for him to work his mechanical magic to restore the cars into profit-making machines.
In the new series, the boys get eco-friendly with the original Econobox, a 1977 Honda CVCC, and they rescue a neglected and extremely rusty 1965 Land Rover Series 2a. And if that wasn’t enough, they also transform the definitive military-grade Humvee into the ultimate camping ac-cessory and inject the 1988 Ford Mustang 5.0 with much-needed zest.
Mike said: ‘After restoring over 100 cars, me and Edd are still finding fantastic classics to restore and if there was a theme for this series, it would be ‘having fun.’ With cars from the 1960s, 70s and 80s, Edd will be getting more involved in choosing the type of car we are looking for each week while I’ll be taking my turn getting my hands dirty in the workshop.’
The pair road test all machines on completion and then Mike tries to sell it for the highest profit pos-sible. From huge restoration tasks like engine rebuilds to fixing minor detail, the Wheeler Dealers leave no part of an old car unturned. That’s probably why they’re still doing well after thirteen series on television. 
The new series of Wheeler Dealers started on Monday 30 May over on the Discovery Channel, with a new episode airing each week. The episodes will also be available to watch via various online streaming services, such as Now TV.

Words: Rachael Clegg

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