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Lancia Delta Integrale: Buying guide and review (1988-1993)

Lancia Delta Integrale 8v Lancia Delta Integrale 8v interior Lancia Delta Integrale 8v engine Lancia Delta Integrale Evo 1 Lancia Delta Integrale Evo 1 Lancia Delta Integrale Evo 1 Lancia Delta Integrale Evo 2 Lancia Delta Integrale Evo 2 Lancia Delta Integrale Evo 2 interior Lancia Delta Integrale Evo 2 engine
The Group A Lancia Delta Integrale could have been the marketing team’s worst nightmare: slower than its rallying predecessor, and based on a seven-year-old shopping car that was close to pensionable. But the people behind its creation had been responsible for such icons as the Stratos, 037 and Delta S4, all amazing rallying machines and delectable road cars. And so the road-going Delta Integrale matched its chunky, square-edged styling with a fistful of competition-bred brio, and did it all for a bargain price compared with its closest rival, the Audi Quattro. 
Between 1987 and 1992, the Integrale utterly dominated its branch of motor sport, winning 46 rallies and six constructors’ championships outright. And to keep the rally car at the sharp end of the results table, the road car went through a number of iterations, each more potent than the last. Even though Lancia closed down its official works operation at the end of the 1991 season, privateer teams continued to campaign the Integrale successfully for years.
To begin with however, the Delta was never designed to be a competitive rally machine. Launched in 1979, the original Delta was Lancia’s first stab at producing a small conventional hatchback model under the control of parent company Fiat. With the help of Giugiaro, the Delta offered a relatively spacious interior with compact and efficient use of space. Small 1.4 and 1.5-litre engines initially powered the Delta, and not even a glimmer of a thought was given to the possibility of a performance variant. 
There were signs that something interesting might be brewing at the 1982 Turin motor show, with the unveiling of the prototype Delta Turbo 4x4. Although signs were promising, an all-wheel drive Delta wouldn’t actually be seen until 1986, with the launch of the HF Turbo 4x4. This is what then developed into the Integrale we all know and love today. 
As a road car, the Integrale was a truly joyful experience. Although it was only offered in left-hand drive form throughout its life, it was quite a success in the UK – especially in the early days. As with the rally stages, its big rivalry came in the form of the Audi quattro. Although the German competitor was significantly more expensive to buy, the Delta was smaller, quicker and much lighter on its feet. 
The Integrale is a true drivers’ machine then, and delivers a huge amount of feel and feedback that makes them irresistible. Much cheaper and more reliable rallying thrills can be had in the form of the Subaru Impreza today, but there is something about the way that the Integrale drives that makes it just a sought after today. Prices have continued to rise due to the Integrale’s collectability too, with Evolution models (especially in special edition form) making huge sums at auction.
Which one to buy?
Earliest 8 valve Integrales are still the most affordable, although they are also significantly rarer than 16v an Evo models. As they are the oldest of the Integrale family, they are also often in poor shape, although as discussed further down they are actually among the most resistant to rust. 
Later 16v Integrale models featured lowered suspension, and a more rear-biased four-wheel drive set-up. Perhaps confusingly, some European-market cars (Germany and Switzerland) were sold in 8-valve ‘Kat’ form, using a lower-powered more environmentally friendly engine in the 16v’s body.
Evolution models, both 1 and 2, are significantly more sought after, and the wider arches adjustable spoiler and bigger wheels all add up to a much more aggressive looking package. There are many various special edition models (see below for more details), and these generally carry a fairly hefty premium over standard cars. While each model generally features a number of unique features, they generally use stock engine and aren’t great value unless you are after the ultimate collectible. 
The other question is of course standard or modified. Perfect and completely standard cars are generally the most sought after, but if you fancy a little bit more performance and few tweaks, buying a car with (professionally fitted and set-up) upgrades already fitted is often the most cost-effective option. 
As no right-hand drive cars were built from the factory, conversions are fairly common. The only problem (aside from potential quality issues around home-built examples) is that the conversion uses the steering rack from lesser Delta models, losing the Integrale’s fantastically feelsome and quick steering.
While not as special, the earlier Delta HF Turbos and HF 4x4 are also a lot of fun, although the chances of finding one of these is even more difficult than early Integrales. Not many remain, although the option of original factory right-hand drive is appealing to some.
Performance and specs
Lancia Delta Integrale 16v Evo 2
Engine 1995cc, 16-valve DOHC in-line four, turbocharged 
Power 207bhp @ 5750rpm 
Torque 220lb ft @ 3500rpm
Top speed 134 mph 
0-60mph 6.0secs 
Fuel consumption 19.1mpg 
Gearbox Five-speed manual
Dimensions and weight
Wheelbase 2480mm
Length 3900mm
Width 1770mm
Height 1365mm
Kerb weight 1300kg
Common problems
• The rear crossmember on the Evo 2 models was strengthened by double-skinning. The problem is that water gets in, meaning the later crossmembers corroded more than the early ones. People are making replacement panels now, which makes things a little bit better.

• Some Integrales are rusty, and some aren’t. The secret to maintaining a rot-free Delta is to keep it garaged regardless of the weather. If you don’t condensation builds up in the box sections, setting it off rusting from inside. 

• While a fully-stamped service book is great, you should buy a car with more emphasis on the condition than service history. 

• You can do anything mechanically, but if you don’t have a good body to start with, you’re in trouble. Check for holes around the windscreen – if there are bubbles, it needs proper renovation by removing the screeen. 

• The back of the roof also needs looking at – the tailgate has a piece of rubber that stops water running in when the hatch is opened. It rubs, removes the paint, and causes corrosion. Most cars have had some paintwork done now in that area. 

• You need to look in the wheelarches, especially around the rear. There can be lots of corrosion hidden from view. The panel behind the rear bumper can be bad, and the slam panel beneath the tailgate can corrode. The edges of the floor around the jacking points and the sills are often not nice, and the front corners of the chassis rails can be rust hot-spots. 

• As well as general rot, you hear about the bodyshell cracking. The later cars seem to be worse, and the section near the top of the A-post where it meets the roof rail can soon reveal cracks. Another area is in the footwell – here they just crack instead of rusting. This can also happen around the handbrake area as well. Fitting ultra-hard springs and dampers won’t do the car any favours, putting additional stresses through the shell. 

• Standard engines that have never been tuned are bulletproof. There were many cases of cambelt failures a long time ago – early 16-valves used the 8-valve cambelts, and they could break at just 12,000 miles. All the cars are on modified belts now, and the service interval for this is 60,000 miles according to Lancia, although specialists recommend 30,000-mile intervals.

• Due to the ease of upping the boost pressure to free up a bit more power, tuned Integrales are not uncommon. In most cases, if done correctly to safe levels, there isn’t much to worry about but caution is always advised when buying. 

• Generally the earlier 8 valve engine is stronger, and is actually a safer bet when tuning, although these are now among the rarest Integrales.

• The transmission is strong too. If you have 400-500bhp, you can break anything, but most cars use standard transmissions with no issues. It’s all down to the driver – and every car has had several owners now. 
Model history

1986: Delta HF Turbo 4WD is introduced, with Thema’s 2-litre twin-cam ‘four’ and Garrett T2.5 water-cooled turbo. 165bhp on tap, along with 210lb ft of torque. Torque split is biased 56:44 front:rear while top speed is 130mph. 0-60mph in 6.6 seconds; 5298 built. 
1988: Integrale arrives, with boxy wheelarches housing bigger wheels and brakes. T3 turbo is bigger, as is the intercooler, so there are now bonnet louvres for extra cooling. With 185bhp and 224lb ft of torque, it’ll do 135mph and 0-60mph in 6.2 seconds. 9841 made. 
1989: Now 16 valves and car sits closer to ground. ABS is optional and torque split is now 47:53 front:rear. Power is 200bhp, top speed 137mph and 0-60mph in 5.7 seconds. 12,860 produced. 
1991: Evo 1 launched, with even bigger ’arches and wider track. There are also stronger brakes with ABS, and rear wing is adjustable. 210bhp but performance is same as previous 16-valve model. 
1992: Special series of 400 with white wheel rims, Martini Racing colours along sides, black bonnet grilles and a black rear spoiler. Inside are Recaro seats, black Alcantara upholstery with red stitching, and red seat belts. Each car has a numbered silver plate on its centre console. Later that year comes another series of 310 special editions, in white with a Martini Racing strip along sides. They have Alcantara Recaro seats with red stitching, and HF logo on head restraints. 
1993: Final derivative goes on sale: Evoluzione 2. Wheels are now 16in, tyres are wider and air-con is standard. Turbo is smaller to reduce lag while power rises to 215bhp. Number of Special Edition cars made to celebrate Integrale’s success: Giallo, Blue Lagos, Pearl White, Dealer Edition and Final Edition.
Lancia Delta Integrale special editions
There were many different special edition versions of the Integrale Evo throughout its life. Here’s a list of them all. 
Club Italia – Based on the Evo 1, just 15 were built for members of Club Italia. Although all cars differ in slight detail, the cam covers are painted in Blue and yellow – like the famous Fanalone Fulvias
Hi Fi – Built for members of Lancia’s HiFi Club, existing to serve people who had bought a minimum of seven new Lancia models. 25 built
Dealers Collection – Painted in a shade of Candy Red, a GM colour, unique options incude a push-button start and passenger foot brace. 179 were built, each with a numbered plaque
Martini 5 – Evo 1-based special, built to celebrate the Integrale’s fifth consecutive World Rally Championship. It’s marked out by white paint, Martini stripes, and Black Alcantara with red stitching and red seatbelts. 400 built
Gialla Ginestra – These yellow Evo 2 models featured air conditioning and a black Alcantara interior. 515 built
Lancia Club – A mix of blue and red cars built for members of the Lancia Club. Just 8 built
Verde York - Special dark green paint and beige leather interior. 580 Evo 1 models built, with an extra 22 Evo 2 models produced in 1994
Bianca Perlata – Painted Pearl white, with a thin grey coachline. 370 built
Blu Lagos – A special new colour along with a thin yellow stripe along the flank. 205 produced
Martini 6 – Special edition Martini-striped edition car to commemorate the car’s sixth (and final) World Rally Championship win. 310 built
Final Edition – This run of red cars with a stripe running down the centre of the car was among the final batch of cars to leave the factory. Upgrades include a rear strut brace. 250 built in total
Owners clubs, forums and websites
- www.lanciasport.com
- www.lanciamotorclub.co.uk
- www.hfintegrale.co.uk
- www.walkers-garage.co.uk
- www.deltaintegrale.com
Summary and prices
The market currently values totally standard, original, immaculate cars the highest, with limited editions selling from £40,000, right up to £70,000 for the really special ones. Not so many use them for competition these days. While any Evo you’d be happy to own will cost from £15,000, even £30,000 for a good Evo 2, usable 8-valves start at £6000 – not many people want those; workaday 16-valves start around £8000. Obviously there are bad examples out there, and the old ones can be manky – especially with corrosion – but nothing that can’t be sorted with time, patience and money. 
Worried about the running costs? If you buy a good car, they all just have four spark plugs, brakes and parts like any other cars, and replacements and spares aren’t expensive. They only cost a lot if you buy badly. Deltas are no worse than any other cars. They’re getting old, and they’re not as bad as people say, so grab a sound example and enjoy!
Lancia Delta Integrale 8v Lancia Delta Integrale 8v interior Lancia Delta Integrale 8v engine Lancia Delta Integrale Evo 1 Lancia Delta Integrale Evo 1 Lancia Delta Integrale Evo 1 Lancia Delta Integrale Evo 2 Lancia Delta Integrale Evo 2 Lancia Delta Integrale Evo 2 interior Lancia Delta Integrale Evo 2 engine
Last updated: 22nd Apr 2016
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  • 1989 Lancia Delta Integrale


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    • Year: 1989
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  • Lancia Delta 2.0 Integrale [LHD] EVO 2

    £49,995 £49,995

    EVO 2, BIANCO WHITE, Warranted Mileage, EUROPEAN SPECIFICATION, Beige Alcantra Recaro Interior, High Back Seats,Four wheel-drive, Left-hand drive, upgraded suspension, Professionally fitted Macintosh hifi system, Air conditioning, Central locking, 16'' Alloy wheels, CD Player, Electric windows, Radio. Original Spare Wheel, Original Tool Kit, Complete with bookpacks, 5 seats, Collectors Item Lancia Delta Features Left Hand Drive Power Steering Air Conditioning Alcantara Leather Electric Front Windows Sports Seats

    • Mileage: 25800 mi
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  • Lancia Delta Integrale 16V '90

    £20,554 £20,554

    Specifications Bodywork Length: cm (in): 390 (153) Width: cm (in): 169 (66.4) Height: cm (in): 136 (53.7) Wheelbase: cm (in): 248 (97.6) Weight: kg (lb): 1250 (2756) Mechanics . Displacement: inline 4 1995 cc (122 cu in), turbo, front-mounted Valve gear: 16 Fuel system: T3 Garrett turbo, Weber injection Gearbox: 5-speed manual Driven wheels: all-wheel drive Maximum power: 208 hp at 5750 rpm Maximum torque: 298 Nm at 3500 t/m Maximum speed: 216 km/h (134 mph) >>>>> Oldtimerfarm specializes in consignment sales of vintage and collection cars and we are proud to present you this car. Oldtimerfarm is located in Belgium, 9880 Aalter, Steenweg op Deinze 51C, where this car is in our showroom. We are open from Tuesday to Saturday 10-17h (also without appointment). We are closed on Sundays and Mondays. Mondays on appointment only. Make sure you scroll down to look at the extensive photo report (100 pictures). Of course, a more detailed description can be obtained by telephone. Contact us: Antoine (sales): 0032 476 83 2817 (NL, DE, EN) ak@oldtimerfarm.be Xavier (sales): 0032 472 40 1338 (NL, FR, DE, EN, IT) info@oldtimerfarm.be Olivier (after sales): 0032 473 11 7300 (NL, FR, DE, EN) olivie

    • Year: 1990
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  • Lancia Delta HF INTEGRALE TURBO 16V 4WD Martini

    £19,995 £19,995

    About this Lancia Delta HF INTEGRALE TURBO 16V 4WD Martini The Lancia Delta is a small family car produced by Italian automobile manufacturer Lancia in three generations. The first generation produced between 1979 and 1994, the second generation from 1993 to 1999, and the third generation from 2008 to 2014. The Delta was first shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1979. It dominated the World Rally Championship during the late 1980s and early 1990s however the homologation requirements of Group A regulations meant marketing road-going versions of these competition cars, hence the Turbocharged Lancia Delta HF Integrale 4WD as here. Despite the fact that the 8v Integrale had dominated the 1988 World Rally Championship, Lancia knew that further development and more power were required to keep the car competitive with its newer rivals. Accordingly the 16v Integrale appeared a short time later and made a winning debut on the 1989 San Remo Rally. This beautifully presented 16v Integrale has only been registered to Meridian Modena in the UK although was originally delivered by Official Lancia dealer, Portelet Garage to Mr Labresse in Jersey on 22nd February. Included with the vehicle is th

    • Mileage: 71232 mi
    For sale
  • Lancia Delta

    £11,500 £11,500

    1984 lancia delta martini hf turbo genuine martini turbo 1600cc lhd ,limited edition 1 of 150 made ,recent mot with no advisories,imported from france recently uk registed some french service history and invoices showing 49000 miles ,stops and starts as it should ,recent 4 new dunlop tyres ,rear disc and pads ,brake hoses ,rear exhaust ,limited edition full martini interior will p/x for mk1 capri, cortina mk2 ,alfa romeo gt junior or lancia fulvia cash either way

    • Year: pre 1900
    • Mileage: 50000 mi
    • Engine size: 1.6
    For sale
    Dave Tyson
  • Lancia Delta

    £89,950 £89,950

    Boss Motor Company are extremely proud to present this very rare Giallo Ginestra limited edition Lancia Delta Integrale Evo II. Finished in Giallo Yellow with Black Alcatara stitched in giallo throughout.The Lancia Delta Integrale represents the pinnacle of a golden era of World Rally and between 1987 and 1992 the car won 6 consecutive World Rally Championships. As a result of this outstanding competition heritage, it is no surprise that recent interest in these vehicles has gathered momentum.1 of 220 limited edition Evo II's and 1 of 50 German Allocated Cars. This excellent example has covered only 25277km or 15706miles from new. It is supplied with a comprehensive service history and has spent the large majority its life in dry climates.

    • Mileage: 15706 mi
    For sale
  • Lancia Delta

    £49,995 £49,995

    Power Steering, Air Conditioning, Alcantara Leather, Electric Front Windows, Sports Seats EVO 2, BIANCO WHITE, Warranted Mileage, EUROPEAN SPECIFICATION, Beige Alcantra Recaro Interior, High Back Seats,Four wheel-drive, Left-hand drive, upgraded suspension, Professionally fitted Macintosh hifi system, Air conditioning, Central locking, 16'' Alloy wheels, CD Player, Electric windows, Radio. Original Spare Wheel, Original Tool Kit, Complete with bookpacks, 5 seats, Collectors Item

    • Mileage: 25800 mi
    • Engine size: 1995
    For sale
  • Lancia Delta

    £39,995 £39,995

    Power Steering, Air Conditioning, Alcantara Leather, Electric Front Windows, Sports Seats EVO 2, MONZA RED, Warranted Mileage, Timing Belt and Water Pump Replaced, EUROPEAN SPECIFICATION, Beige Alcantra Recaro Interior, High Back Seats, Four wheel-drive, Left-hand drive, upgraded suspension, Air conditioning, Central locking, 16'' Alloy wheels, CD Player, Electric windows, Radio. Original Spare Wheel, Original Tool Kit, 5 seats, Viewing By Appointment Only,. Power Steering, Air Conditioning.

    • Mileage: 43000 mi
    • Engine size: 1995
    For sale
  • Lancia Delta

    £37,995 £37,995

    Power Steering, Air Conditioning, Alcantara Leather, Electric Front Windows, Sports Seats EVO 2, LORD BLUE, Upgraded Suspension, Warranted Mileage, Full Service History, Timing Belt Replaced, clear Plastic protection on interior door cards Beige Alcantra Recaro Interior, High Back Seats, Four wheel-drive, Left-hand drive, Air conditioning, Central locking, 16'' Alloy wheels, CD Player, Electric windows, Radio. Original Spare Wheel, Original Tool Kit, 5 seats, Viewing By Appointment Only

    • Mileage: 50000 mi
    • Engine size: 1995
    For sale
  • Lancia Delta

    £45,000 £45,000

    Electric Windows, Sports Seats, Rear Spoiler, Climate Control, Harness, 4x4 Lancia Delta HF Integrale EVO 2 1994 Limited Edition 2L Turbo 5 Speed Manual Number 55/220 LHD first registered in Italy February 1994 finished in Giallo Ginestra with Charcoal Alcantara Recaro Seats with Yellow Contrast Stitching, SABELT Red Race Harnesses, Gizzmo MS-IBC Multi-Scramble Boost Controller, 16 Inch Alloys in Grey with Red Brake Callipers, Black Leather Momo Corse Steering Wheel, Carbon Interior Trim Around the Gearstick, Momo Stainless Steel Pedals, Electric Windows, Climate Control, Suedecloth Headlining, Spare Wheel, Front Fog Lamps, Rear Wiper Blade, Rear Screen Demist, Rear Spoiler, Sigma Remote Central Locking and Immobiliser, Large History File with Recent Service at Auto Integrale on 14/10/15 with Cam Belt Change, Replaced Belts and Tensioners, Replaced Front Brake Pipe, New Droplinks, Uprated Upper Sump Gasket and Filters. Finance available on request - subject to status and terms. Ask about our Company Directors packages. Fully Valeted; UK Wide Delivery Available; Part Exchange Welcome. Follow us on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

    • Mileage: 52800 mi
    • Engine size: 1995
    For sale
  • LANCIA DELTA 1600 1989

    £9,999 £9,999

    lancia delta ;gtie 1600 ;2wd ;roll cage ;rally / track car ;lots of bits done to it ;bigger turbo ,chipped ,dump valve ,etc ;compromotive 16" rally wheels ;evo bonnet bumper lights spoiler ;wide body hf arches ;just repainted ;koni suspension poly bushes and modified arms ;rust free ;stainless exhaust ;recent cam belt water pump rad plugs dizzy cap and service ;lots of other bit please call for more info ;SORRY BUT WE DO NOT OFFER FINANCE

    • Mileage: 103000 mi
    • Engine size: 1.6
    For sale
  • Lancia Delta


    Martini 5 , No: 388 of 400. Car was acquired from a wealthy persons garage. Car was stored. Did not run at first but I changed a pressure sensor and it runs. Car is not in the condition of cars maintained in Europe or Us but carr was not used a lot. I think it needs minor details. Car located in Jeddah Saudi Arabia. Chassis No: ZLA831AB0 * 005686

    • Year: 1992
    • Mileage: 4700 mi
    For sale
    Mubarak Alsharif
  • LANCIA DELTA Intergrale Evo 1 1992

    £38,995 £38,995

    This is an amazing example of a Lancia Delta Intergrale Evo 1 finished in Winner Red Metallic with full Grey Velour/Alcantara trim. The car has covered 88735KM/55000 miles in its life with 4 previous owners and has been Spa Belgium Winner in its time with trophy and certificate included in the sale of the vehicle.;;The car is mostly standard but has been fitted in its life wife a few choice additions including:;- 16" Evo 2 Alloy wheels with Pirelli tyres;- OMP Short Shift gear stick and internal trim;- Slightly lowered suspension;- Tarox 40 Groove front discs and pads;- Stainless steel brake flexi hoses;- Full stainless steel exhaust system;- Clifford anti theft immobiliser system;- Single CD player;;Included in the sale is a full documented history detailing the full life of the car including original invoices, MOT's and service invoices, as well as all spare keys, full owners handbook and of course the aforementioned Certificate and Trophy. For all further enquiries relating to the car and to arrange a viewing please do not hesitate to contact us.

    • Mileage: 55000 mi
    • Engine size: 1.995
    For sale
  • Lancia Delta

    £79,995 £79,995

    The Lancia Delta was first revealed in 1979 at the Frankfurt Motor Show and has become an icon for dominating the Rallying world in the late 80s and early 90s. In 1991, Lancia introduced the 'Evoluzione' variants of the Integrale, which were to be the final homologation cars built for the Rally Team, racing under the Martini banner. Changes on the Evo cars included a wider front and rear track, leading to bigger arches as well as uprated diffs, suspension and importantly engine, with car now pushing out over 200bhp. It was these Evo I and Evo II Integrales that really boosted the appeal of the previous 16V Deltas; making them one of the most sought after cars both back in the 90s and still today. The example that we are offering is one of the most iconic road-going Integrales produced; a Martini 5 with just under 42,500 KM showing. Numbered 111 of just 400 examples, the Martini 5 was a special run of cars built to celebrate the 5th consecutive World Rally Championship for the Lancia team. The car is finished in the now iconic Martini livery and sits in very good overall condition, with the Alcantara interior complementing the well preserved body and mechanics of the car. The Martini 5 is one of the most recognisable Integrales ever produced, a model thats appreciation is only set to rise. Not only a fantastic car to drive and enjoy, but also a real chance to invest in Rallying history.

    • Mileage: 26750 mi
    For sale
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