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277.9mph Koenigsegg Agera RS takes production car top speed record

277.9mph Koenigsegg Agera RS takes production car top speed record Classic and Performance Car

Koenigsegg has taken an Agera RS to Nevada, where it managed a top speed record of 277.9mph – a new world record

Just one month after shattering the Chiron’s 0-400-0kmh record by 5 seconds, Koenigsegg have set the new world record for the fastest production car, clocking a 277.9mph two-way average top speed in the Agera RS.
An arrow-straight, 11-mile stretch of Nevada highway was closed for two days between 7am and 3pm to allow the US customer-owned, one-of-25 car to reach its full potential, though the record speed was set on the first day.
Niklas Lilja, Swedish Touring Car  Championship racer and Koenigsegg factory test driver, achieved the stunning figure after one sighting run, with the car reaching an unbelievable 284.6mph one-way speed.
Allowing the Agera RS to reach such a ludicrous speed is a 5.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 produced in-house by Koenigsegg, pumping out 1380bhp and 1280 Nm of torque. With the Agera RS’s weight topping 1395kg, Koenigsegg’s One:1 hypercar actually boasts a higher power-to-weight ratio. That car’s aerodynamic features, including a huge rear wing, creating too much drag to be suitable for a record setting top-speed run though.

The biggest cause for concern during the run was the off-the-shelf Michelin Cup 2 tyres, which have never been tested at such high speeds. It was commented that the tyres still looked brand new after the runs, but Michelin are currently working on a more capable tyre, which will be used by Bugatti to test the true top speed of the Chiron, which is currently limited to 261mph. When un-restricted, Bugatti claims 310mph potential.
The new record succeeds the, albeit unverified by Guinness, 270.49mph record previously set by Hennessey’s venom GT in 2014, and the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport’s 267.86 mph verified run in 2010. 
While there is no standardised legislation surrounding production car top-speed records, the runs by the Agera RS were recorded and verified by Racelogic, and Koenigsegg, along with the rest of us, must wait for official confirmation before the record becomes official. How long before the record starts with a 3? 
Words: Robert James

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