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Jaguar XJS: Buying guide and review (1975-1996)

Jaguar XJS: Buying guide and review (1975-1996) Classic and Performance Car
Jaguar XJ-S (Images: Justin Leighton) Jaguar XJ-S (Images: Justin Leighton) Jaguar XJ-S (Images: Justin Leighton) Jaguar XJ-S (Images: Justin Leighton) Jaguar XJ-S (Images: Justin Leighton) Jaguar XJ-S (Images: Justin Leighton)
The Jaguar XJ-S (later XJS) was a rather shocking styling departure for Jaguar Cars. Previously Jaguars had been all feline and curvaceous and the XK-S was billed as the replacement to the most spectacular Jaguar of all time, the beautiful E-type.
It was launched in 1975, much more a grand tourer than a sports car, and based on comfort-biased XJ6 underpinnings. The styling, with its squared-off edges and those peculiar buttresses aft of the rear window, can be described as commanding, maybe even svelte, but rarely as beautiful. Yet the XJ-S had the silky 5.3-litre V12 engine under its long bonnet and performance remains impressive, with 0-60mph taking 7.6 seconds (automatic) and a top speed of 143mph. 
Jaguar’s timing was also unfortunate, as the XJ-S was launched into the teeth of the oil crisis, and its ferocious thirst proved to be a liability. So in 1981 the XJ-S HE (High Efficiency) was introduced to try to reduce the fuel consumption, with mixed results. In 1983 the new 3.6-litre AJ6 six-cylinder engine became an option, along with the XJ-SC cabriolet version, with its targa-top arrangement. The full convertible version finally arrived in 1998.
A major facelift coincided with a subtle change in nomenclature to ‘XJS’ in 1992, with faired-in bumpers, horizontal tail-lights and restyled rear quarterlights that worked better (to some eyes) with those buttresses. The six-cylinder engine was stretched to 4.0 litres and the V12 to a mighty 6.0 litres: the XJS had come of age at last and, in this final guise, had evolved into a fine grande routière. During its 21 years in production, 115,413 examples were sold, making the venerable XJS one of the most popular Jaguars ever.

Which XJS to buy? 

The XJ-S’s sales success thankfully means that there is a great number of them left on the road today, while the 21-year production run saw various different revisions and models through the years to suit various tastes. 
The earliest, and some would say purest cars, were only available with the V12 engine. These early models offer great value and styling, but it’s as the car matured, it became better-built and far better to drive. The introduction of the ‘High Efficiency’ (HE) version in 1981 brought in a much more advanced engine, capable of up to 20mpg. Minor styling changes include new wheels and more chrome. 
If you plan on running the car regularly, the option of one of the six-cylinder cars, launched in 1983, is an appealing one. Performance isn’t significantly reduced, but the smaller engine provides up to 30mpg (on a very gentle run!) and reduced running costs. 
Most XJ-Ss feature an automatic gearbox, although a handful were bought with manual ‘boxes. When it went on sale in ‘83, the AJ6-engined cars were only offered with a manual, so these are the most common three-pedalled cars, but auto was made finally made available in 1988. 
The Cabriolet version went on sale in 1983 with a roll-hoop, removable targa panels and a half-length fabric top, with the full convertible following in 1988. With an electronic hood, and the option of a V12, these later convertibles are far superior. 
If it’s performance that you’re looking for, then the limited edition XJR-S model is worth seeking out. With a new bodykit designed by Peter Stevens, and new Speedline alloy wheels, it looked substantially different but the engine initially remained unchanged. Chassis tweaks and improved steering made the TWR-fettled model far more capable in the bends, and a 6.0-litre version in 1989 also gave it a 160mph top speed. Monstrous Lister road cars are perhaps the ultimate, but these are very rare, expensive and difficult to find. 
A couple of facelifts in the 1990s again brought in various improvements, including 6.0-litre V12 in 1993, and an improved six-cylinder AJ16 powerplant in 1995. Last of the line Celebration models are perhaps the best of all the XJS models to drive, and are priced accordingly. The last models were also galvanised, helping them to stand up to the UK’s salted roads considerably better than earlier models. 

You could look at the XJ-S’s potential faults and accompanying rectification prices and see the model as a be-wheeled money pit. Buy a bad one and you will end up paying your ‘bargain’ price many times over. But the same can be said of any high-end car, and with this one there is simply no reason to buy a poor example.  

There are plenty of good cars out there, and a number of specialists who deal only in excellent examples. Our best advice is either to buy through such a specialist or get them to inspect a potential purchase for a fee. 

Performance and specs

Jaguar XJS HE Coupe (1986) 
Engine  5343cc all-alloy V12, SOHC per bank, two valves per cylinder
Power 299bhp @ 5500rpm
Torque 318lb ft @ 3500rpm
Transmission Three-speed GM400 automatic, rear-wheel drive
0-60mph 7.5sec
Top speed 153mph
Insurance group   -
Fuel consumption  17.0mpg
Price when new  £77,891

Dimensions and weight

Wheelbase              2591mm
Length 4872mm
Width 1791mm
Height 1265mm
Weight 1750kg

Common problems

• The galvanised Celebration models stand up much better to the rigours of weather and road salt. Even so, it is worth checking all years of XJ-S for rot around the lower seatbelt mounts and at the scuttle panel that runs in front of the windscreen. 
• If there’s rust bubbling up in front of the screen’s lower rubber, then the scuttle panel will need repairing. To do this properly, the screen has to come out. The front wings sometimes have to come off as well to cure creeping rust. 
• While those are the big-ticket corrosion jobs, don’t leave your bodywork inspection to these areas alone. Check over the entire body, dwelling a little longer at the rear arches that are potential rot-spots on the pre-galvanised cars. 
• Look out for signs of accident damage, including poor body panel alignment and mismatched paint. 
• Jaguar recommended Pirelli P600 and, later, P6000 tyres for these cars. The P6000s are still available new. 
• While parts supply is generally good, certain components, such as the front headlights, just aren’t available new. Dealers will charge up to £250 for a good used lamp, so look hard for chips in the lenses and add any damage to your mental money-off list.  
• All the XJ-S engines are pretty much bulletproof. The V12 is wonderfully unstressed and will hum along at 70mph with just 2000rpm showing on the rev counter. 
• The engine should be incredibly smooth – even one running on fewer than 12 cylinders can still sound a lot happier than the average four-pot. Happily, most misfires are caused by nothing more complicated than failing plug leads or distributor cap. 
• The AJ6 engine’s timing chain can get rattly but won’t break like a modern cambelt. Often the fix is as simple as replacing the chain tensioner. 
• Oil coolers are prone to failure on cars that have been sitting for a while, so if you come across a low-mileage barn-find keep an eye out for any oil leaks.  
• Exhaust manifolds on the AJ16 units fitted from 1993 are prone to cracking. This is caused by worn gearbox mounts that allow the engine to move against the rigidly-mounted manifold, cracking it in the process. 
• Make sure you have a good look at the radiator. Overheating can cause a lot of damage and a new rad should be fitted every nine years or so.  
• No inspection of an XJ-S can be complete without a really close look at the underside. The front subframe is a prime rot spot and its replacement, factoring in new dampers, bushes, springs and lots of labour, can exceed £4000. 
• If the jacking points have rotted out, replacement can be done from £400 a side. But it’s common for the rot to spread from the jacking points, which form part of the complex sill structure, and repairs can easily run to four figures.  
• Take a good look at the interior, as re-trimming to the seats can be costly. While the wood trim on the dashboard can be repaired, again this is not a cheap job.

Model history 

1966: The XJ-S’s flying buttresses first appear on Malcolm Sayer’s XJ27 prototype 
1975: XJ-S coupé arrives with a 5.3-litre V12, gearboxes mostly automatics 
1981: HE (High Efficiency) V12 released, offering reduced fuel consumption 
1983: AJ6 3.6-litre inline six-cylinder introduced with five-speed manual gearbox only. Cabriolet version now available in both engine sizes 
1988: Full convertible XJ-S arrives. Automatic gearbox available on AJ6-engined cars 
1989: Jaguar becomes part of the Ford group 
1991: XJ-S loses its hyphen to become XJS and the model is facelifted, losing plastic rear side window surrounds and metal door window surrounds. Six-cylinder engine taken out to 4.0 litres. 
1993: Big, colour-coded bumpers take over from slender chrome. AJ16 four-valves-per-cylinder, 4.0-litre, six-cylinder engine replaces AJ6 
1994: XJS Celebration models with galvanised bodies, AJ16 sixes and a new 6.0-litre V12 launched to coincide with Jaguar’s 75th anniversary 
1996: Jaguar XK8 replaces the XJS after 115,413 models have been built. 

Owners clubs, forums and websites 

• www.jec.org.uk – The Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club 
• www.jaguardriver.co.uk – The Jaguar Drivers’ Club 
• www.jaguarownersclub.com – International club and forum 

Summary and prices 

The days of the rubbish £2000 XJS are nearly gone, and there has also been a definite upsurge in restoration. Early V12-engined cars can be picked up from £10,000, although great cars can command from £20,000-£30,000 for something extra special. Early manual cars can be worth an extra 40 percent.
Prices for the 3.6-litre XJ-S come in at £8000-£15,000 for a reasonable example. If you’re feeling brave, projects can still be picked up for around £2000. Top models command £20k-plus. 
The most valuable model is the XJ-S V12 Cabriolet, which can command up to £40,000 in top condition. Usable examples range from £10,000-£20,000, while projects start at £5000. Post-1991 Convertible cars with extra chassis bracing still carry a small premium.
While the galvanised bodies and higher specification of the post-1994 models are making them very popular right now, earlier cars can be significantly cheaper and still make a good buy – as long as you choose with care.
Jaguar XJ-S (Images: Justin Leighton) Jaguar XJ-S (Images: Justin Leighton) Jaguar XJ-S (Images: Justin Leighton) Jaguar XJ-S (Images: Justin Leighton) Jaguar XJ-S (Images: Justin Leighton) Jaguar XJ-S (Images: Justin Leighton)
Last updated: 27th Jul 2017
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Jaguar XJS cars for sale

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Jaguar XJS
2495 49850 GBP
  • 1989 Jaguar XJ-S

    £6,000 - £7,000 est. £6,000 - £7,000 est.
    Leominster, Herefordshire, HR6 0DE
    Auction Date: 27 Sep 2017
    • Engine size: 3.6
    Auction Date: 27 Sep 2017
    01568 611122 VIEW CONTACT NUMBER
  • Jaguar XJS Cabriolet 1992


    SOLD/VERKAUFT/VENDU/VERKOCHT Jaguar XJS Convertible 1992 only driven 16.380 miles British Racing Green. A very nice 1992 Jaguar XJS Convertible. This car has in the past 23 years only 16380 miles driven ( 26360 km). Because of this low mileage this car is in a very original condition. The engine of this car is the original 5.343 CC V12 engine with 265 HP. This Jaguar is in the color British Racing Green with a tan interior. The car has the following options; electrical windows, electric roof, heated seats, electric seat adjustment etc. A very special Jaguar XJS convertible with a low mileage.

    • Year: 1992
    For sale
  • Jaguar XJS 1988


    *** THIS CAR HAS BEEN SOLD *** Please contact us if you were interested in this car. Our inventory is constantly changing and we will have similar examples of this model becoming available soon. ----------------------------- Jaguar XJS V12 Cabriolet 1988 48.000 kms fully original This is a fully original European delivered Jaguar XJS V12 cabriolet from 1988. Car is special order silver grey delivered by the Jaguar Dealer. 48.000 kms from new, this car is in a excellent extra ordinary quality. Car has Holland title and Holland mot/tuv. Easy to register in every EU country. You do not need to pay any importtaxes. We can help with transport.

    • Year: 1988
    For sale
  • Jaguar XJS 1989


    *** THIS CAR HAS BEEN SOLD *** Please contact us if you were interested in this car. Our inventory is constantly changing and we will have similar examples of this model becoming available soon. ----------------------------- Jaguar XJS cabriolet black 1989 European version 129.000 km Black 1989 Jaguar XJS cabriolet in very good condition. European delivered car with original 129.000 km. Fully original car, original wheels. Very well maintained, lots of invoices of maintenance and original Jaguar booklets are available. We can, at a higher price, replace the original European headlights by the double (American) headlights. Car has Holland title and Holland mot/tuv. Easy to register in every EU country. You do not need to pay any importtaxes. We can help with transport.

    • Year: 1989
    For sale
  • Jaguar XJS 1993


    *** THIS CAR HAS BEEN SOLD *** Please contact us if you were interested in this car. Our inventory is constantly changing and we will have similar examples of this model becoming available soon. ----------------------------- Jaguar XJS Cabriolet 4.0 1993 in very good condition 1993 Jaguar XJS 4.0 ltr 6 cyl 4-seats convertible in very good condition. Both body and interior are very well maintained. This XJS of the third generation has the 3980 cc 6 in line 226 hp engine. Runs and drives marvellous. The car has a lot of luxury : leather interior, electric adjustable frontseats, electric windows, electric roof, etc. Really a beautiful 4-seats XJS in the colour Westminster Blue which drives excellent. Car has Holland title and Holland mot/tuv. Easy to register in every EU country. You do not need to pay any importtaxes. We can help with transport.

    • Year: 1993
    For sale
  • Jaguar XJS

    £34,000 £34,000

    Excellent condition having covered just 31000 miles from new. It is in a great colour combination of Arctic Blue with Cream leather. Owned by a Jaguar Driver’s Club member since 2006 this car has a good history file with every MOT from 2001. We have carried out a full inspection and the car has been through our workshops so is now ready for the new owner to drive and enjoy. Please contact us to arrange a viewing/test drive.

    • Year: 1989
    • Engine size: 5.3
    For sale
  • 1992 Jaguar XJS V12 Convertible

    £26,995 £26,995

    This stunning low mileage Jaguar XJS V12 Convertible was delivered new on the 4th August 1992 and supplied new by Doves Jaguar in Surrey. On the 26th August Doves Jaguar carried out the first service and over its first sixteen months the Jaguar covered almost 11000 miles. In December 1993 H.R Owen in Colchester serviced the XJS (10921) and they looked after the car for the next five years with services at 14000, 20162, 25500, 29963, 35183 and 42702. In February 1999 H.R Owen in Ipswich serviced the car at 47157 and since then the car has been maintained by specialists at 55871, 57846, 60245, 65850 and 66000. K66 MEW comes to us with little over 66000 miles covered from new. The car is beautifully presented with an exceptional paint finish, beautiful Magnolia leather upholstery and excellent Black power hood. Wheel arches are superb, bumpers are very smart and alloy wheels are in lovely condition. The car is incredibly sharp and has clearly been a garaged, well-kept car. The interior clearly tells the story, clearly showing this XJS has not had a hard life. It presents as though proud owners have cherished the car, and used it as a summer weekend car. The engine bay gleams with a lo

    • Year: 1992
    • Mileage: 11000 mi
    For sale
  • 1993 Jaguar XJS 4.0 Convertible

    £19,995 £19,995

    This superbly presented Jaguar XJS has covered 77000 miles from new and has arrived with us in exceptional condition. The car had been owned by one of our regular customers in Scotland for six years and 6000 faultless miles were covered over this time. The XJS had been garaged, not used over winter months and kept with a beautiful collection of classic cars. Last year the XJS came to us in part exchange for a Jaguar E-Type and we sold the car to one of our long term customer on the Isle of Man. Since last year the XJS has covered a further 1000 miles. This XJS was supplied new by Henlys (London) Ltd and the car comes with all its original handbooks, leather wallet and even the original Jaguar Daimler Total Care paperwork still inside its Coventry post stamped Jaguar envelope. The Jaguar comes with an excellent service record containing fifteen service stamps. The supplying dealer Henlys carried out the first two services, a Kent based main dealership carried out the third and then Stratstone Jaguar in London carried out the next four before Grange Jaguar in Essex took over servicing for two intervals. The remaining service records are with Jaguar specialists and the most recent bei

    • Year: 1993
    • Mileage: 77000 mi
    For sale
  • JAGUAR XJS HE 1981

    £9,995 £9,995

    Rare opportunity to own a low mileage 2 Owner Jaguar XJS in great condition, found in garage stored in a carcoon for ten years, which benefits from Main Dealer Service History, lots of old MOT's and will be supplied with 12 months MOT. This car is HPI clear. No doubt you already know these are appreciating at a good rate and are tipped to be the next E Type classic, Part exchange welcome. Most vehicles have additional pictures, a video and specification information on our website www.nuneatoncarsales.co.uk Our showroom in Hinckley is open 7 days a week. The majority of our vehicles qualify for the same day delivery, finance can usually be arranged within a hour or you can apply online by visiting the vehicle directly on our website www.nuneatoncarsales.co.uk, then go to the finance section at the bottom of the page.

    • Mileage: 77651 mi
    • Engine size: 5.343
    For sale
  • Jaguar XJS Celebration Convertible

    £26,995 £26,995

    About this Jaguar XJS Celebration Convertible The Jaguar XJ-S (later XJS), a luxury grand tourer, was produced by the British manufacturer Jaguar from 1976 to 1996. The XJ-S superseded the E-Type (also known as XK-E) in September 1975, and was based on the XJ saloon. It had been developed as the XK-F, though it was very different in character from its predecessor. Although it never had quite the same sporting image, the XJ-S was a competent grand tourer, and more aerodynamic than the E-Type. In 1995, the final specification changes were made and the car was referred to as the Celebration model to celebrate the 60th year of the Jaguar company. Celebration cars feature diamond turned wheels, Jaguar embossed seats and a wooden steering wheel. By then 115,413 had been produced during a 21-year production life. The model was replaced by the XK8. We at Arun are in the unusual position of being able to offer two very similar examples of the Celebration Convertible, the last of the line and therefore the most valuable and collectible. Both finished in Turquoise with Ivory leather and with 61,000 and 78,000 miles and in superb condition. Please ring our Sales Staff on 01798 874477 to discus

    • Mileage: 61000 mi
    For sale
  • JAGUAR XJS - 1994

    £7,995 £7,995

    Finished in Blue Metalic with contrasting Cream leather interior. In immaculate condition inside and out. Do not let the mileage put you off this classic as it comes with the most exemplary Full Jaguar Service History to date, original bill of sale, certificate of ownership, all original handbooks and receipts covering all work carried out from day one. Runs and drives like a dream, will be sold with a new MOT and the very appropriate private number plate. Now ready for new owner to take over the reins and have lots of classic motoring fun!! Please note that the very appropriate reg M600 XJS is included in the price.

    • Mileage: 189000 mi
    • Engine size: 4
    For sale
  • 1979 Jaguar XJS V12 Coupe Pre HE

    £29,995 £29,995

    This is a true collectors piece; low mileage, original specification, history from new and stunning condition throughout. This totally correct car has covered 71,000 miles from new, comes with an exceptional history from new to include the original service book, handbooks, original dealer window sticker, Mann Egerton order form from 1982 and within the past 2000 miles has had £27,000 worth of expenditure, around £2000 in 2012 and £25,000 between 2015 and 2017. This highly desirable Pre HE XJS V12 was manufactured on the 4th May 1979, supplied new in Cotswold Yellow with Black trim and automatic transmission and was sold new by Mann Egerton, Nottingham. Today the car is in totally original specification and drives and presents superbly throughout. The Jaguar was first serviced by the supplying dealer Mann Egerton on the 10 th September 1979 at 1575 miles and again later that year in December at 5121 miles. In March 1980 a Derbyshire based Company, Davian Service Station, Longden & Gascoigne serviced at 8700 miles and it was back with Mann Egerton in Nottingham later in 1980 at 11840 miles. The next three services were carried out at Longden & Gascoigne and the supplying dealer servi

    • Year: 1979
    • Mileage: 71000 mi
    For sale
  • Jaguar XJS

    £15,950 £15,950


    • Mileage: 47000 mi
    • Engine size: 5343
    For sale

    £21,995 £21,995

    Here we present a rare attractive car in very good condition, Metallic Solent Blue with Navy Electric hood complimented with a stunning Beige Full leather interior, Metallic Blue, all 4 tyres have 7mm tread ;This car comes with;Alloy wheels, Speed / Cruise Control, Tonneau Cover, Head Lamp Power Wash and Wipers, Electric door mirrors, Electric windows, Leather seats, Power steering, Remote central locking, Computer, Air conditioning, Heated seats, Spare Wheel withNew Tyre, Tool Box, Two Keys ;********This car has had a Comprehensive Vehicle inspection , minimum of 6 months Comprehensive Warranty we can also provide competitive and flexible finance options. first see vehicle will not hesitate to buy. Part/Exchange welcome. For any further information please call Gary 01763-260818,, GBP 21,995 ;;;Flashback to 1974 - sales of the once popular E Type are declining rapidly despite the introduction of the;all new V12 engine three years earlier, and as the last E Type rolls off the production line in Coventry,;Jaguar engineers are hard at work working on a replacement. Finally, in September 1975, the new jaguar;sports car is presented to the world at the Frankfurt auto show and... surprise! Even though its;mechanical roots can be found in the series 3 E-type with the silky smooth V12 and Jaguar's superior rear;independent suspension, everything else has more or less been thrown out of the windowAs Jaguar buyers demanded more features and luxury, the XJS was equipped with power windows, power;locks, climate control, improved noise and heat insulation and full instrumentation. It also had to deal;with increased safety regulations with 5mph impact resistant bumpers, thicker doors, relocated fuel;;

    • Mileage: 56000 mi
    • Engine size: 5.343
    For sale
  • Jaguar XJS V12 Convertible - 6.0 Litre |

    £49,850 £49,850

    Specification MAKE Jaguar MODEL XJS V12 Convertible - 6.0 Litre COLOUR British Racing Green with Doeskin Hide Seating YEAR 1990 MILEAGE 1600 DESCRIPTION We are delighted to be able to offer for sale what must be one of the finest examples of the Jaguar XJS V12 Convertible to come to the market in recent times. Presented in BRG - British Racing Green with Doeskin Leather Seating and a Black Hood. This XJS has been the subject of an extensive restoration by a committed Jaguar enthusiast, Mr Brain Ball, which was undertaken some years ago and then became a show piece in a car showroom located on the Isle of White. During the course of its restoration, it has a brand new 6.0 Litre V12 engine, mated to a 4 Speed Automatic Gearbox installed, New body panels, new suspension, rear axle, new hood, new interior, wheels and tyres. The engine was built by Brian Hall, who specialise and build engines for Eagle and CCM. It uses a Lucas Ignition System. The can has covered approximately 1,000 miles since the works were completed and the current owner has spent £5,000.00 in the last 18 months having it serviced and re-commissioned. This unique build has to be viewed to be appreciated and this can

    • Mileage: 1000 mi
    For sale
  • Jaguar XJS C V12 TWR Edition

    £14,995 £14,995

    About this Jaguar XJS C V12 TWR Edition Tom Walkinshaw Racing (TWR) were closely associated with Jaguar, a relationship which started in 1982 with the successful entry of the Jaguar XJ-S into the European Touring Car Championship, chalking up a number of wins that year. The relationship continued and by 1988, TWR-Jaguar had taken its first Le Mans victory in a V12-powered XJR-9. Further success followed with a Le Mans win in 1990. This very good Jaguar XJS-C V12 was first registered in April 1987 and presented in Arctic Blue with Saville Grey Leather. It would appear that the first owner recorded around 60,000 miles during the first eight years of the car's life. Thereafter, three subsequent private owners are recorded. The most recent keper acquired the car in 2001 with approximately 70,000 miles recorded. There are sixteen Jaguar Main Dealer stamps in the service book the majority of these with Appleyard Rippon. This car is one of 710 home market automatic cars, less than half of these cars are believed to remain either on the road or SORN; as a TWR Edition this will be one of a very small number of cars that remain on the road today. With TWR options of Speedline Sports Wheels (

    • Mileage: 75000 mi
    For sale
  • Jaguar XJS ON SALE NOW

    £19,995 £19,995

    ONE former keeper Jaguar XJS convertible presented in White comes with a full history and the following specification; Saville grey leather, heated seats, cruise control, electric windows, electric mirrors, Navy electric hood, Toad alarm system and 15" Latice wheels. This example comes with a comprehensive history and original tool kit. Part exchange welcome, competitive finance available. Viewings welcome by appointment only. Body: Convertible Transmission: Automatic Mileage: 93,000 Fuel Type: Petrol Registered: 1990 (G) Doors: 2 Engine Size: 5.3 Finished in: White

    • Year: 1990
    • Mileage: 93000 mi
    For sale
  • 1986 Jaguar XJS V12 Cabriolet TWR

    £29,995 £29,995

    We are delighted to offer this true collectors piece onto the market. C493 NGK is a very rare Jaguar XJS V12 Cabriolet TWR. This low mileage example was registered new to TWR Jaguar Limited and is believed to be their demonstrator car, giving this XJS real provenance. The car was registered to TWR and was owned by them for six months. TWR carried out the first service at 1231 miles on the 2nd July 1986 and 31 years later the car has covered just 57,000 miles from new with documented service history and a file of MOT's dating back to when the car was just three years old. Adding further provenance to the car, in August 2016 Jaguar World Magazine published a five page feature on the car, a copy of which is with the car. The feature confirms TWR created just a handful of TWR Cabriolets and they report this could be the best. In 1984 TWR announced that it was going to offer aftermarket enhancements to the XJS and the range included a new GRP body kit, new front and rear bumpers, side fairness and rear spoiler. The design improved the cars drag by 12.7%, reduced front lift by 6% and rear lift by 88%. New 16 inch Speedline alloys where added and a new range of colours, including two tone

    • Year: 1986
    • Mileage: 1231 mi
    For sale


    Description This is an excellent example of a very rare variant of the iconic Jaguar XJS. In 1992, Jaguar closed the department tasked with manufacturing the ultra luxurious, hand-made Daimler DS420. This left their craftsman facing redundancy unless their skills were used elsewhere – hence ‘Insignia’ was born. This was a bespoke service, allowing prospective buyers to specify an XJ40 or an XJS in various unique colours that were created for the Insignia Collection. You could also specify the trim, wood, wheels etc. – an opportunity to create a vehicle tailored specifically to you. This particular car is one of the best around, having been specced with the majority of the options that were available. Although Jaguar were planning to produce around 200 XJS Insignias, in fact, only 57 were ever produced. Of those, only 7 of the four litre straight six coupes were RHD. This car is one of them, and 1 of 1 in this particular colourway – it is truly unique. A 1993 model, presented in Jaguar Lavender metallic with Lotus white leather interior, and having covered only 48,000 miles – remarkably low for its age – the car is in stunning condition. Without question, one of the most rust free,

    • Year: 1993
    For sale


    Description This car is a late 1990, pre-facelift V12 XJS Cabriolet, presented in gunmetal mica with magnolia hide trim. The vehicle was originally supplied by Appleyard Jaguar of Edinburgh, has had 4 former keepers and has covered only 71,000 miles, with good history. It has its original mohair hood, and is currently in our workshop undergoing light work to raise the car to a fantastic standard. All 5 wheels have been refurbished, with new tyres fitted. The suspension and brakes have been refreshed, along with a full service carried out. Despite the car being largely free of rust, the paintwork was looking tired, so it seemed only right to treat it to a full respray in our top quality paint booth, in the car’s original colour. We’ve also refurbished various seat components. The car will also be supplied with its attractive ‘H17 XJS’ registration plate.

    For sale
  • Jaguar XJS 5,3 Cabriolet

    €25,700(£23,482.09) €25,700(£23,482.09)

    Jaguar XJS 5,3 Cabriolet Equipment: Super fin stand El Kalesche flot farve kombination Prisen er ekskl reg afgift ca 120.000 kr ring for info

    • Year: 1990
    For sale
  • Jaguar XJS V12 Convertible

    £19,995 £19,995

    With a mere 39k miles to its name the 5.3-litre V12 idles up to temperature nicely and performs very well on test. The densely packed engine bay remains clean and tidy, and is certainly consistent with the car's low mileage. A well-documented maintenance history further verifies the limited usage.

    • Year: 1989
    • Mileage: 39952 mi
    For sale
  • Jaguar XJS V12 1988

    £2,495 £2,495

    Jaguar XJS V12 Clic, in need of light cosmetics, drives well, 91k miles, no mot, been standing 4 years years although did have an MOT test in 2012 and only failed on 1 tyre, ideal project please call 07905907824

    • Mileage: 91000 mi
    • Engine size: 5343
    For sale
  • 1990 Jaguar XJS V12 Coupe


    This Jaguar is in great condition, and is a true time capsule of originality that drives like a dream. It comes dressed in its original, brilliant Signal Red, and sporting a Black leather interior. Mechanically sound, it was always maintained by local Jaguar specialists. The V-12 Engine is very powerful, silky smooth, and very quiet. This beauty comes equipped with: Power steering and brakes, power tinted windows and door locks; Walnut trim inlaid with contrasting matching wood inserts; Leather upholstery, Air-conditioning, Fog lights, Factory AM/FM Radio with tape player, driver airbag, security system, traction control, rear defogger, intermittent wipers, cruise control, and sits upon chrome Sport spoke wheels. Documentation includes: the original Mulroney window sticker, original driver's handbook with passport to service guide, sound system instruction with radio code plus radio supplement tape, security system guide, vehicle care guide, a Jaguar merchandise catalog, a list of parts for XJS cars, as well as assorted service and maintenance receipts. This Jaguar is ready for the road or to be shown, and would make a great daily driver, or a great addition to your collection.

    • Year: 1990
    • Mileage: 49915 mi
    For sale
  • Jaguar XJS 5.3 V12


    1979 Jaguar XJS V12 Pre-HE 34,700 miles from new Finished in Cotswold yellow with beige leather interior Optioned with air conditioning, electric sunroof, electric windows, polished Kent alloy wheels, power steering. Supplied new on 24th August 1979 this car has remarkably only had 2 owners from new, the last of which owned the car for over 23 years. Since arriving here at Avantgarde we have spent a considerable amount of money ensuring the car is on the button and ready to be enjoyed by the next owner. During the latter years of the last owners tenure very few miles were driven, hence we have had the car thoroughly serviced by highly regarded Classic Jaguar Specialist Chris Forbes/CFS Motors. This included replacing various suspension bushes & shock absorbers, a replacement steering rack, brake callipers, brake hoses, etc, etc. We have also had the air conditioning system checked over and re-comissioned and it now blows ice cold. Cosmetically we have had the original Kent alloy wheels re-furbished in the correct diamond-cut finish and fitted with new tyres. A very rare opportunity to purchase an ultra-low mileage, Pre-HE XJS!

    • Mileage: 34700 mi
    For sale
  • 1995 Jaguar XJS 4.0 2+2 CONV.


    (SOLD) This beautiful, unmolested vehicle is superb, original condition and would be a great addition to any Jaguar enthusiast collection. It was meticulously maintained, garage kept and is a solid, California car with only 2 owners. The paint and interior is all original and in excellent condition. This car has matching numbers, original Jaguar radio with AM/FM, Cassette and a 6 CD ex-changer in the trunk. Brakes and suspension have been checked and functioning correctly. Engine and mechanical are also in excellent working order and could serve well as a daily driver, or continue to be a show car.

    • Year: 1995
    • Mileage: 29986 mi
    For sale
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