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Bridgestone begins testing new Jaguar XJ220 tyres: VIDEO

Bridgestone begins testing new Jaguar XJ220 tyres: VIDEO Classic and Performance Car

A new tyre is being developed for the Jaguar XJ220 by Bridgestone ahead of the car’s 25th anniversary celebrations this year. Here's a video of the  and the the tyres are currently undergoing final testing. 

Keeping classic supercars on the road is often a surprisingly difficult task, but one that has just got ever so slightly easier for owners of the 217mph Jaguar XJ220. Tyre manufacturer Bridgestone announced at the end of 2016 that it was working with specialist Don Law Racing to produce a newly-developed tyre for the record breaking supercar.

These new tyres are currently being tested at Bridgestone's test facility near Rome in Italy, which can be seen in the teaser video below. Being worn by XJ220 chassis no.004 – one of the original development cars – the tyres are being extensively tested by some members of the original development test team, including the original chief development engineer and test driver. 
Bridgestone originally developed the special 255/45ZR17 and 345/35ZR18 for the XJ220, designed to cope with the extreme forces at over 200mph, but these tyres went out of production some years ago, leaving owners in an increasingly difficult position when it came to tyres.  
Thanks to the efforts of specialist Don Law – who first approached Bridgestone Europe after a chance meeting – a new tyre should now be available in time for 25th anniversary celebrations later this year. The new tyres will meet the original demanding specification for the extreme supercar, while bringing in the significant advancements in tyre technology that have come in since the originals were developed.

Don Law Racing is the best known UK specialist when it comes to the XJ220, and will work with a team including the original chief development engineer, test driver, and also the famed chassis number 004 pre-production model.
‘It’s very important to keep such iconic vehicles running today and supporting people like Don Law and his team of expert technicians. Technology has moved on significantly in the last 25 years and we believe we will be able to produce a tyre that will keep the smile on the face of the enthusiast drivers of the XJ220’ says Christophe de Valroger, Vice President Consumer OE at Bridgestone’s Europe.

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