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Eagle Spyder GT: new ‘ultimate’ Jaguar E-type launched

Eagle Spyder GT: new ‘ultimate’ Jaguar E-type launched Classic and Performance Car

UK E-type specialist Eagle has come up with a new stunning model: the Spyder GT

Many people cite the Jaguar E-type as the most beautiful car ever produced, but that hasn’t stopped UK-based E-type specialist Eagle attempt to make it even more appealing with the launch of the Spyder GT.

Although built to each customer’s ideal specification, the Spyder GT is largely similar to the company’s previous creation, the Low Drag GT under the skin. This means a 4.7-litre version of the XK in-line six-cylinder engine, fitted with modern fuel injection and engine management to produced 346bhp. The rest of the cars underpinninings give the car the poise to match the power, and offer more modern car levels of performance and handling.

On top, the Spyder GT is finished off with a hand-beaten aluminium body, featuring a folding roof for some much-needed wet weather

Eagle made its name restoring Jaguar E-types to perfect condition, and in many cases improving and refining the mechanicals to make a more enjoyable and usable classic. More recently the company produced the Eagle Speedster, and Low Drag GT. While very much still sharing DNA with the original E-type, these extremely limited production models were designed to distil the E-type recipe into its ultimate form.

Paul Brace, Design Director at Eagle commented: ‘Development of the Spyder GT began soon after the launch of the Speedster in 2011 and, like everything we produce, we wanted to ensure that we got as close to perfection as humanly possible.

‘We're renowned for being perfectionists and our clients are too - so we took the time to develop and deliver an E-Type that stands proud alongside the Speedster and the Low Drag GT.’

Although no official prices have been revealed, we’d expect the Spyder GT to cost in excess of £500,000 like the Low Drag GT.

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