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2017 London City Concours – New event promises the finest cars

2017 London City Concours – New event promises the finest cars Classic and Performance Car

Major new UK concours will take place at the Honourable Artillery Company headquarters in the City of London

London has a new motoring event, The City Concours, created to provide not just entertainment but also hospitality opportunities for companies in the financial centre of the UK.
Taking place on Thursday 8 and Friday 9 June it will be held within the grounds of the Honourable Artillery Company headquarters, a remarkable five-acre open space surrounded by historic buildings in the heart of the Square Mile, just minutes from such London landmarks as the Barbican and the Gherkin skyscraper.
The inaugural event will feature 80 of the world’s most exciting cars, from Le Mans racers via American muscle cars to alternative-power vehicles, modern bespoke creations and supercars from the 1950s to the present.
Alongside these will be manufacturer, dealer and specialist stands, showcasing another 80 vehicles, as well as a watch pavillion, artisan areas, art collections, a Taittinger Champagne bar and fine food stalls. 
The City Concours is organised by Thorough Events, the company behind the Concours of Elegance events at Royal venues around the UK, and the Gulf Concours at Dubai’s Burj Al Arab, in association with Octane, evo and The Week

Which cars will be at the City Concours?

While the full list of cars is still currently being decided, the organisers have revealed all of the categories. These are: The Swinging Sixties, Legends of Le Mans, Speed, F1 Hall of Fame, Evolution of the Supercar, American Muscle, Alternative Power and Modern Bespoke.
Classics will feature prominently, as you might expect, however this concours will also feature a number of newer machines such as the Touring Superleggera Disco Volante Spyder. This will fit into the Modern Bespoke category, which has been added to feature low volume coachbuilt specials. 
The Legends of Le Mans category will host some of the greatest racers to ever take to the Mulsanne Straight, starting with ‘RSF 303’, the most original and successful Jaguar D-Type in existence. 
Andrew Evans, City Concours Director, said: ‘We’ve got some of the world’s most knowledgeable experts sourcing incredible cars for the City Concours, and I think that really shows here. The D-Type and Disco Volante are a perfect representation of the event; rare, beautiful, and each with a story behind them.’

Tickets and prices

Tickets to the City Concours are available now from www.cityconcours.co.uk, starting at £35 per person. Hospitality, including breakfast and lunch packages, is also available. 

Jaguar Classifieds

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