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  • Isdera Imperator 108i Gullwing


    ISDERA IMPERATOR Produced in tiny numbers during a production span of less than 9 years, ending in 1993, here is a truly exclusive supercar for the connoisseur. In summer 1991, the car was delivered to an authorized ISDERA-dealer in Japan. The car was ordered as a left hand drive, but the exhausts ended at the right side. Only 13 series 2 were ever made, two of them were sold in Japan.  The striking gullwing coachwork on a tubular steel chassis is powered by the highly regarded Mercedes-Benz M119 5-Litre V8. The combination of super-lightweight construction and outrageous power, results in astounding performance. From the pilots chair one gains the impression that the quoted figures of 5 seconds to 60 mph and 176mph top speed are somewhat conservative! The reality is performance which feels nothing short of scorching by today’s standards and must have seemed unbelievable in comparison to its contemporaries.At take off, the push-in-the-back sensation, combined with the blurred scenery suddenly rushing past the side-glass, literally takes the breath away. The noise too is jet-like! Born out of the Mercedes-Benz CW311 design experiment of the late 1970’s. Eberhard Schulz, who formerly worked as an engineer for Mercedes-Benz, headed the company that designed the original concept and formed Isdera as his own brand to build supercars.The traditional Silver Arrows paint color chosen for our car, cleverly emphasizes the highlights on the subtle body design with the black hide interior providing a sophisticated contrast. With little more than 500 Km recorded, yet offered in road going order, here is an exceptional opportunity for the discerning collector to bring gravitas to even the most exclusive line up.

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