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Humber Humberette
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  • Humber Humberette

    £17,950 £17,950

    In 1914 the buyer of this VCC dated Humberette cyclecar opted to pay an additional £15 over its £120 list price so that they could have the water cooled version of the 998 cc vee twin engine instead of the standard air cooled unit – possibly on grounds of quietness! Whatever the reason it is very good and pushes the car along at a very acceptable rate of knots! This particular example is in lovely well used original condition with the only variances from new being an Amal carburettor rather than what I believe would have been a Smiths five jet and coil ignition in place of the magneto. It also has well based wheel rims fitted with low pressure tyres where you might expect to find beaded edge tyres. They probably give a slightly softer and more comfortable ride and I expect they could be quite useful if you were looking for extra grip on a slippery section of any trial you may take part in. The engine starts readily on the handle and as I said earlier pulls the car along very nicely. The three speed and reverse gearbox is easy to use, the steering is positive with no discernible wandering and the brakes are as good as you might expect to find in an Edwardian cyclecar so all in all i

    • Year: 1914
    For sale
    £17,950 £17,950
    Gavin McGuire
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