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Honda’s history shown in digital short film 'Paper'

Honda’s history shown in digital short film 'Paper' Classic and Performance Car

Clever animation looks at the history of Honda

Remember the Cogs marketing campaign? Honda’s clever marketing department has been at it again, this time promoting the history of the engine manufacturer through an irresistibly charming digital short, produced by stop motion animators PES.

We say engine manufacturer, not simply carmaker, as Honda builds all sorts of petrol-powered machinery, not to mention robots, that all feature in the video. Speedboats, lawnmowers and F1 cars are all included, while some of the company’s motoring icons also star – including the new Honda NSX.

Called ‘Paper’, the whole idea of the film is based around the fact every design, engine and concept all starts out with a single sheet of paper. Throughout the animation, sheets of paper are folded and shifted to create movement.

While it might not be quite as memorable as the 2005 ‘Impossible Dream’ campaign, if you’re a fan of quirky productions like this, it’s well worth a watch. Honda fans can also try to work out all of the various cars, bikes and other things that have been included from the company’s history.

Here’s the video:

Like all great things, this short clip took a long time to produce. Four months to be precise, all drawn by hand without any computer generated animation.

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