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Honda Type R Quiz: Can you identify them all?

Honda Type R Quiz: Can you identify them all? Classic and Performance Car

Think you know Type R? See how well you score on this week's Honda-themed quiz.

Can it really be 25 years? Honda’s Type R brand has emerged from relative JDM obscurity to revered international icon status in an impressively short amount of time, but after pumping out a line of driver focused performance machines, it’s hardly a surprise.
Honda is a company built on its motorsport and engineering expertise after all, and even before Type R, and VTEC, produced some of the greatest racing engines of all time. Type R distilled years of racing knowledge to its purest form, feeding it into a series of high-revving performance road cars – appealing to every driver’s inner touring car ambitions.
While the advent of Gran Turismo, and the local introduction of the DC2 Integra were two major factors in Type R’s rise to fame in Europe in the late 1990s, the first hardcore Honda to wear the red R actually came along during 1992, in the form of the Japanese market NSX-R.
In the grand scheme of things, Type-R hasn't been around that long. The impact that cars like Civic Type R have had on the performance car scene however, is huge.
Built in tiny numbers, this hardcore NSX had been the focus of a serious weight loss regime – cutting 120kg from the already lean aluminium sportscar. This included thinner rear engine cover glass, airbag delete, a titanium gearknob and absolutely no sound deadening. The engine was left largely unchanged – getting an open exhaust and some minor internal tweaks – while the gearing was shortened to make better use of its high rev range. Suspension was stiffened significantly, with some extra body strengthening, taking grip and handling to new levels.

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