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Honda brings F1 and Moto GP crashing together with Project 2&4

Honda brings F1 and Moto GP crashing together with Project 2&4 Classic and Performance Car

Honda’s motorcycle and car boffins combine to develop latest track weapon

Honda has endured a slant few years with regards to exciting new cars. While Jazzs and HR-Vs fail to get many people’s engines revving quite like the NSX and the RA272 Formula One car of old, it’s always been known that when Honda puts it mind to it, the results are often stunning.

Enter the Honda Project 2&4. Combining the heads of Honda’s two-wheel and four-wheel motorsport gurus, the marque have developed a 212bhp, 405kg kit-car, dripping with technology from Honda’s MotoGP and F1 programmes.

Power comes in the form of the same V4 used in the RC213V MotoGP bike, as ridden by reigning world champion Marc Marquez, which produces a colossal 212bhp from such a tiny unit, which sings its tune at 13,000rpm, and delivers 118Nm of torque through a six-speed dual-clutch transmission.

On the styling front, the Project 2&4 takes cues from the motorbike world, with tiny fenders, exposed mechanics and a single very-exposed seat taking most of the headlines. Honda have also paid homage to the RA272, with the cars exposed tailpipes rearing their head once again in 2015, as does the cars very-Japanese white and red paint scheme.

The design itself comes thanks to a Global Design Project contest in which 80 designers fom around the world were approached to design the beasts cloak.

The car will be revealed at the Frankfurt motor show, alongside the rest of Honda’s bright new future, including the new NSX and the 2016 Civic Type-R.

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