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Frazer Nash
260000 625000 GBP
  • 1954 frazer Nash Le Mans Replica


    This ex. Bill Roberts Le Mans Replica, chassis number 421/200/210, was originally bodied as a fixed head coupe by Dr. Barnet Stungo in 1964. He used it as his everyday car up until his death in 1976 when the car was purchased by well known Frazer Nash expert and Club stalwart Bill Roberts. He converted the body to Mk. II Le Mans Replica style, using an original body from a car that he was restoring as a template, and went on to compete in the car all over Europe for the next 30 years or so. In 2012 the car was sold to its last owner who immediately commissioned Blakeney Motorsport to carry out a cost no object rebuild and all of the related invoices are on file illustrating the vast amounts spent to prepare the car to the highest standards. It subsequently had only one outing, in the Peter Collins Trophy at the Goodwood Members meeting, where Patrick Blakeney Edwards drove the car to 7th overall and was by far the quickest Frazer Nash.

    • Year: 1954
    For sale
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  • 1939 FRAZER NASH BMW 328


    This 1939 chassis 85427 was one of eight 328s ordered by BMW’s English importer, H.J. Aldington, in June 1939 and one of the last 328s manufactured between 1937-1939. Six of the eight cars were ordered as rolling chassis to be bodied in England. The slab-sided bodywork was commissioned from Leacroft of Egham, Surrey by Royal Air Force Flight Lieutenant J. Richard Stoop. “Dickie” Stoop raced the car to a 6th in class, 12th place overall finish at the 24 Hours of Spa -Francorchampsin 1949 with Peter Wilson as his co-driver. This appears to be Stoop’s only race in his custom-bodies Frazier-Nash BMW. What the car did after 1952 is unknown until 1988, when it was purchased at auction in London by the Rosso Bianco Collection and “preserved.” It had been restored sometime before 2006 and sold by Bonhams that year.

    • Year: 1939
    For sale
  • Frazer Nash Boulogne

    €260,000(£224,848) €260,000(£224,848)

    Short History. Chassis 1118 Original Registration number PH 3870 (still registered as such today) According to Denis Jenkinson’s book ‘Frazer Nash: from Chain Drive to Turbocharger’, chassis no. 1118 was released from the Works in May 1927 as an Anzani-powered Boulogne. The car was supplied by AFN to first owner Robert Lawrence ‘Bobby’ Bowes, racer and aviator, later Lancaster pilot and 144’ Rhodesia ‘ Squadron Leader. A quote from the Frazer Nash Club historian, Robin Hildyard states that ‘apart from the side rails’ which were heavily drilled and lightened, and would never have stood continued use, Car #1118 is believed to be made from what remains of Capt. Clive Gallop’s 1925 Boulogne Grand Prix winning car Ch#1048 after it was retired from racing. It was a well-known practice of the Works to use whatever parts they had at hand when they needed selling a new car in a hurry or preparing a particular car for racing. Bowes was more or less a Works-driver, so it is quite possible that he had the ‘privilege’ of receiving a two year old racing car made into a brand new “customer” car. The car is reported as a 1929 Ards Tourist Trophy Works entry, crewed by Bowes and Plunket-Greene: it was a DNF due to overheating. The Meadows engine is believed to have been transplanted at the time. The mounting holes for the Anzani are clearly visible on the chassis. Also, the radiator surround is of a very early cast-aluminum type and very rarely found on other than the works cars. Plunket-Greene was the son of a famous Irish baritone and married G.B. Shaw’s daughter. Their son Alexander married Mary Quant, so an interesting conversation piece. The car was re-bodied by the factory in 1928 as a very pretty special light weight saloon , one of the only three FN saloons known (one built on a new chassis ‘Owlet’, and the remaining two converted on existing cars). David Thirlby has detailed these facts in his book on the Marque. 1118 suffered body damage during WW2: it was partly damaged in a bombing while in a shed at the airfield. The roof of the shed fell on the car and its saloon body was subsequently scrapped. The car was dismantled for reparation but this did not happen until well after the war had finished. A very well-known car with the Club and fully recognized by it, 1118 was extensively raced with great success by Bill Roberts, for many years Captain of the Frazer Nash Car Club. The car was then raced by Steve Stanton, again with great success and it was used for Raids, notably the 1998 Raid to Bolzano of the FNCC, where it performed faultlessly. The car was bought in 2003 by its current owner: the engine was completely rebuilt by Steve Stanton at Stanton Motorsports and everything else overhauled. All the original parts are there. The engine was refreshed by Steve in 2014 after a few hillclimbs and other events in Europe, in particular the 2010 Alpenfahrt and Vernasca 2011 and 2012: the car has been maintained regardless of cost and it is in top condition with marvellous patina. It is portrayed in this year Frazer Nash Car Club Calendar. It comes with FIVA-passport and VSCC-Buff form. Specification. Early Meadows engine, 94 BHP, twin 1 ½” SUs, distributor conversion, electric fuel pump. Now tuned for torque, more BHPs are to be found if required for circuit racing although you would need to be a bit crazy to want more power than this in such a light car. New oil pump and water pump fitted. Oil catch tank. Alu rad-blind for cold weather use. Original bevel box with dipstick modification, 1.5” rear axle, short 4th gear now fitted for hillclimbing, cruising 4th gear included in the spares package. Blakeney Motorsport rear axle strengthening brace now fitted, so the axle has now three instead of only two bearings. New rear hubs and bearings. Reverse lock. New clutch, Borg&Beck type. Original steering box. Rod brakes (extremely powerful). Hartford shockabsorbers just renewed. Springs cleaned , re-set and re-fitted. All suspension parts inspected and renewed where necessary. Spare Parts - Six tyres, Dunlop and Blockleys: assorted tubes - 3 standard rims - original plywood floorboards: New aluminium ones were made for racing but someone may prefer the look of wood on a 1927 car - several lengths of chain, old and new : when changing a chain, new and old chain must be mixed to avoid excessive stretching - special chain-grease (chains must be boiled in molten grease every year) - Touring - tonneau cover with big pocket for spare wheel - original and very big fuel tank - original Lucas h/lamps, stays and fittings - original Lucas front side lamps - original number plates - 4th gear split-sprocket, high ratio! - assorted small bits and bobs, including 'wrong' bellmouth intakes for the SUs Competition cycle wings now fitted, original swept wings included in the sale with fittings. Small safety tank (30lt) and original tank with fittings included in the spares package. Aluminium under tray with Quick release Small headlamps fitted, original Lucas brass lamps with fittings and wire harness included in the spares package. All original instruments and working, rev counter cable recently replaced : original red leatherette seats , squabs just re-stuffed. Original tonneau-cover + Raid-tonneau cover with large zipped additional pocket. Race – approved rear red lamp. Kill switch and fire extinguisher. http://www.historic-competitionservices.eu/nl/1927-frazer-nash-boulogne

    • Engine size: 1.5
    For sale
  • Frazer Nash Le Mans Replica

    €625,000(£540,500) €625,000(£540,500)

    Just to prove how wonderfully versatile this magnificent car really is, a few weeks ago we drove it from Belgium to Silverstone in the UK on the Thursday, Practiced it on the Friday, Raced it on the Saturday and drove it back on the Sunday, A round trip of over 1200km plus a practice and race, no problems!! What more could you ask for? Goodwood, Mille Miglia and Tour Auto eligible. Historic Sports car racing and road racing at it's best. Fully Documented history file of very large size including original pictures and files on the very original works body still fitted today Registered by the Frazer Nash register, FN209 was constructed in 1954 as a standard 200-series parallel tube chassis, complete with the usual leaf-spring front suspension, Austin rear axle, adjustable rear torsion bars, steel-rimmed centre-lock wire wheels and cast iron brake drums. (mk1 spec) It was fitted with Bristol engine number BS4/412, which was located well back in the chassis as per the Sebring models FN201 and FN207. The engine was subsequently removed by the factory and the rest of the rolling chassis stripped of it's other components and the bare chassis stored at the factory until the late 1960s, AFN passed it over (along with all other remaining post war spares) to the famous lady racing driver Betty Haig, Grand niece of Field-Marshal the Earl Haig, K.G., G.C.B., O.M, she was also a leading member of the Frazer Nash Club. Betty Haig assembled all the remaining parts for FN209 and kept them in storage ready for rebuilding. In 1975, FN209 and all of it's remaining parts were sold to Simon Phillips via Cleobury Garages, Philips then had it rebuilt into it's present Mk2 guise and installed the correct BS4 engine with six-port cylinder head and triple twin-choke carburettors that was supplied by FN to Betty Haig with all the other original parts from FN209, The car was also fitted with the de Dion rear axle and inboard rear brakes to MkII specification at this time. The lightweight body was the one originally built for Jack Walton's ‘Works’ Le Mans Replica FN157, When completed it was registered 'OUG 2' (the first number plate worn by Walton's car, FN157 was 'OUG 3'). Phillips later campaigned the car with success during the 1976/1977 seasons before offering it for sale. The purchaser was Tim Walton (the son of Jack, and first owner of OUG 3) who proceeded to compete with the car during 1981. That same year, Walton was able to purchase the original and complete MKII body previously worn by James Lowe's chassis FN183. This was then transferred to FN209, following which Walton returned to the tracks and competed in, among other events, the 1987 Mille Miglia and 1988 Coppa d'Italia before offering the car for sale in 1992. Michael Johnson was the next keeper who also contested the Mille Miglia, as well as the FIVA World Rally and Pyrenees Rally, before selling to Howard Dyer via Gregor Fisken in 1997. The present owner bought the car from Dryer in March 2011, just three months after extensive revision work had been carried out by Blakeney Motorsport - the work comprising an extensive mix of servicing, repairs and general recommissioning. The car then went back to Blakeney Motorsport with it’s new owner for a further £50,000 worth of fettling, The car is in really excellent condition and is "on the button" This car drives like the wind! You really do not need a faster and better handling road / rally car than this one. One drive and you will be addicted!! As am I. (I’m sure the Devil built this car to lure people into sin, for I would almost surely sell my soul for this one) Comes with new 2016 FIA HTP papers for racing and FIA papers for historic rallying, and is of course eligible for the Mille Miglia and Tour Auto amongst many more of the top World rallies. http://www.historic-competitionservices.eu/nl/frazer-nash-le-mans-rep--200

    • Year: 1954
    • Engine size: 2
    For sale
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