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Ford celebrates 40 years of the Fiesta: Dagenham convoy

Ford celebrates 40 years of the Fiesta: Dagenham convoy Classic and Performance Car

The Ford Fiesta is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, and the company held a special event to mark the event.

This week marks the 40th anniversary of Ford’s first Mk1 Fiesta rolling off the Valencia production line, and to celebrate the company organised a special event. This saw a convoy of more than 40 different Fiestas drive from Dagenham to Brighton.

The Fiesta was launched at a time that saw people looking to downsize, taking the supermini sector by storm. It quickly the became one of Ford’s biggest successes, and as of 2014 became the UK’s biggest selling car of all time – overtaking the Ford Escort. That figure has surpassed 4.3million this year, with the Fiesta being the best selling car every month for the last seven years.

To celebrate the special occasion, a selection of 40 Fiestas from the 1976 Mk1, Mk1-3 XR2, Mk2 Popular and Mk1 Van, right through to the latest ST200, took part in a large Ford convoy from the Ford Engine Plant in Dagenham to Brighton Race Course. This was part of the 2016 Ford Summer Festival, a celebration of all Ford models.

A number of special cars were also pulled out of the Ford Heritage collection, including the the Mk4 1.4 Fiesta Ghia – the 10 millionth Ford vehicle produced at Dagenham – as well as the Mk6 WRC car.

Ford of Britain chairman and managing director, Andy Barratt, said: ‘The opportunity to have these wonderful heritage vehicles lined up next to our latest Fiestas, such as the ST200, is very rare and was fully appreciated by the Ford fans that made the 69-mile journey down to the festival.’

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