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Ford Escort Mk1: Buying guide and review (1968-1975)

Ford Escort Mk1: Buying guide and review (1968-1975) Classic and Performance Car
Ford Escort Mk1 Ford Escort Mk1 Ford Escort Mk1 Ford Escort Mk1 Estate
From affordable road car to highly competitive race and rally car, the Escort Mk1 has worn many hats over the years. And in all the intervening years nothing has changed – Ford’s hugely successful Anglia replacement still offers cheap and fun motoring, with reliability and style. Some examples offer more of these elements than others (1.1-litre cars don’t go too large on the fun factor), but whichever version you buy, those revvy engines and rear-wheel drive combine to give a great mix of driver satisfaction. 
During seven years of production, more than two million Mk1 Escorts found buyers. Such success was guaranteed by low pricing and a huge range of derivatives thanks to various body styles and a wide range of engines. So it didn’t matter whether your thing was a 1.1-litre runabout or a snarling high-revving twin-cam, there was an Escort for you. 
Now, the Escort Mk1 remains eminently affordable, although some versions are more attainable than others. The RS1600, Mexico and Twin Cam were all the work of Ford’s Advanced Vehicle Operations (AVO) department, and these models are now the most sought after – although the RS2000 is also coveted. But you don’t need massive performance and go-faster stripes to enjoy Escort motoring. 

Which Escort to buy? 

The choice of Escort Mk1s may be bewildering, but that’s because there really is something for everyone. From unfeasibly cheap load carrier to tyre-smoking sportscar, there’s a version for every occasion. Even better is the fact that tuning and upgrading the cars is so straightforward, with dozens of suppliers able to sell you bits to modify any of the mechanicals. 
But you have to be careful; the most desirable Mk1s – and hence the most valuable – are the ones most likely to be faked. So before parting with your cash, join a club and make sure that all is what it purports to be. 
Set your sights on something with at least a 1.3-litre engine. Two-door cars carry a premium because they’re often converted into rally weapons, so four-door cars and estates tend to be the most accessible. But it’s the sporting Escorts that will always be the most collectable as they’re the most fun, so hunt down a cracking Mexico or RS2000, having made sure it’s the real deal. Or if your pockets are much deeper, a Twin Cam or RS1600. You’ll pay plenty for one of these, but it’s these editions which provide the most fun as well as the best investment potential. 

Performance and specs

Ford Escort RS Mexico 
Engine 1599cc, four-cylinder 
Power 86bhp @ 5500rpm
Torque 92lb ft @ 4000rpm
Top speed 99mph
0-60mph 10.7sec
Fuel consumption 33mpg
Gearbox Four-speed manual

Dimensions and weight

Wheelbase 2400mm
Length 3975mm
Width 1568mm
Height 1384mm
Kerb weight 785kg

Common problems 

• The Escort Mk1 rusts badly, but most panels are available as well-made repro items. Check the MacPherson strut top mountings, the inner wings, the scuttle and all outer panels. The transverse leaf spring hangers dissolve, along with the sills, rear wheelarches and floorpans. So does the windscreen surround and the boot floor. 
• Cooking Escorts use Ford’s Kent engine, in 1098cc or 1298cc guises, with a 1598cc edition in the Mexico; the RS2000 got a 1993cc Pinto unit. The RS1600 has a 16-valve Cosworth-developed 1599cc twin-cam BDA engine and the Twin Cam features a Lotus Cortina-derived powerplant. The BDA and Twin Cam are much harder to work on and parts are far more expensive. 
• The Kent engine suffers from worn cam followers, so listen for noisy tappets. 
• The Pinto engine has a rubber timing belt that can fail prematurely, but it’s cheap and easy to renew. 
• Escorts with a Kent engine could be fitted with a three-speed Borg Warner automatic transmission, but most cars got a four-speed manual gearbox. Of the three different manual transmissions fitted, the 1.1 and 1.3-litre cars have their own ‘box, but with closer ratios if the car was a GT or Sport. The Twin Cam, RS1600 and Mexico had a unit like that in the Cortina and Corsair (known as the 2000e gearbox) – while the RS2000 had its own transmission. 
• Autos just keep going. Listen for rumbling bearings in the first three gears of a manual gearbox; once they start making a noise they’ll soldier on for years without problems. 
• If the gearbox crunches as you’re changing ratios, it’s probably a stretched clutch cable, which eventually breaks. Replacements are very cheap. 
• Although a constant whining from the rear suggests a worn differential, if the noise is only there during cornering it’s because the wheelbearings need replacing. Changing them requires a press. 
• Knocking from the front suspension suggests the anti-roll bar bushes have worn. The steering will also be very vague, but replacing the bushes is easy and cheap. 
• Exterior trim is largely unobtainable, with used quarter bumpers and the ‘hockey stick’ trim around the rear window particularly difficult to find. Most of the external brightwork is chrome-plated Mazak, so it can’t be restored. 
• The wiring loom and switchgear (including the column stalks) can be unreliable; the contacts contacts oxidise and the plastic insulators within the rocker switches break up. 

Model history

1968: The Escort two-door saloon is announced, in De Luxe, Super and GT forms. There are 1098cc or 1298cc four-cylinder engines. Soon after, a van appears and the 1.1 and 1.3-litre saloons get an automatic option.
1969: A four-door saloon reaches showrooms, along with an estate. 
1970: Engine revisions mean power increases and amended model names. The standard range now consists of standard, L, XL and GT derivatives. The RS1600 also debuts, with a Cosworth-developed 16-valve 1599cc BDA powerplant. The Mexico completes the performance Escort line up, with a 1.6-litre Kent engine. 
1971: The 1300 Sport is announced; it’s a lower-spec 1300GT. The Escort Sport also arrives, with XL interior, GT running gear and RS bodywork. The one millionth Escort is built. 
1973: Two-door 1300E arrives, using 1300 Sport mechanicals but with luxury trim. Whole range gets improved suspension design and GT model is discontinued at the end of the year. RS2000 appears, with 1993cc Pinto engine. 
1974: Four-door 1300E goes on sale with metallic paint, vinyl roof and high-spec interior. 
1975: Mk1 Escort is replaced by Mk2 version. 

Owners clubs, forums and websites

• www.avoclub.com
• www.seoc.co.uk
• www.1300eownersclub.org
• www.rsownersclub.co.uk

Summary and prices

Escort Mk1 prices have been steadily rising for some time, with the top of the range Twin Cams and RS1600s dragging up prices of the more ordinary versions. Basic models can still be picked up for around £3000 to around £10,000 for good cars. For a concours Twin Cam with undisputed history, you can expect to pay more than £40,000 today. Projects start at £10,000, with runners coming in at £15,000 and decent examples starting from £25k. 
Even more special are the RS1600s, which today command figures approaching £50,000 in perfect condition. Projects start at just below £20k, with everything else falling in between. As always, watch out for fakes. 
The happy compromise has always been the Mexico and RS2000, with sporty looks and its more robust engines, it sits in the happy medium. Top cars command up to and above £25k, with average cars sitting between £7500-£13,500. 
Ford Escort Mk1 Ford Escort Mk1 Ford Escort Mk1 Ford Escort Mk1 Estate
Last updated: 10th Oct 2016
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Ford Escort cars for sale

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Ford Escort
500 169995 GBP
  • FORD ESCORT RS Turbo Series 1

    £29,994 £29,994

    Type: Used Year: 1986 Make: FORD Model: ESCORT Trim: RS Turbo Series 1 Body: Hatchback Trans: Manual Mileage: 73371 Engine Size: 1597 Ext Color: White

    • Mileage: 73371 mi
    • Engine size: 1597
    For sale
    Ron Hodgson Specialist Cars
    01694628613 VIEW CONTACT NUMBER
  • Ford Escort

    £19,995 £19,995

    FOR SALE A genuine Mk1 Ford Escort 1300E 2dr with a fast & furious modern twist. EQUIPMENT Black vinyl roof, chrome beading, halogen auxiliary lamps, flared front wheel arches, door mounted mirror, luggage compartment light, anti-burst door locks, six dial dash, ammeter, tachometer, oil pressure gauge, heated rear window. Factory Options: Push button radio, metallic paint, inertia reel seat belts, Ford fire extinguisher. Modifications in brief: Genuine Ford Mexico quarter bumpers and Twin Cam rear bumper, 2.0 ZETEC Silver-Top engine with throttle body fuel injection, Peter Lloyd Rallying twin silencer exhaust, Emerald programmable ECU with Innovate wideband lambda sensor controller – laptop and software included, RS2000 alloy bellhousing, Type 9 gearbox (5 speed) with quiet quick shift gear lever, RS2000 prop shaft, RS2000 3:54 rear differential, Bilstein suspension all around, high ratio steering rack (quick rack) with Group 4 steering joint and genuine Ford green track rod ends, remote central locking. EXTERIOR The 1300E was eventually available in 14 body colours, this Series Two car is immensely rare having been specified in metallic Special Order Oynx Green, (Code 54), confirmed by both the original sales invoice and body plate. The car wore the factory paint until 2007 when all glass, doors and trim was removed and a repaint commissioned. A fabulous gloss shine remains some 10 years later revealing the quality of workmanship. Connoisseurs of the model will note the unique side repeaters on the front wings along with the 1300E badges, Lucas LR8 driving lamps, door mounted mirror and satin black rear panel. Rare features such as the optional factory aerial with the base stamped Ford logo and colour-coded factory petrol cap remain fitted. Expensive and genuine Mexico front quarter bumpers and an early Twin Cam rear bumper without the number plate lamp notch have been re-chromed by Midland Plating in Northampton and add a sporting look to match the power within! INTERIOR Fabric upholstery finished in Light Tan, (Code K1) matches the real wood panelling of the fascia, instrument binnacle and doors, all in remarkable condition. Minor wear to the driver bolster does not detract from the impressive originality of this range-topping luxury Escort. Deep-cut wall-to-wall pile carpeting is clean and unworn and the black cardboard kick panels are in excellent condition. All gauges function, the optional push button radio has power and even the two-speed heater fan works on both settings! The padded black dash top is immaculate and houses a round Kienzle clock. A small clue to the fun that lies ahead is an ultra rare Ford three spoke steering wheel with the "crossed racing flags" centre cap, itself a prized jewel. The boot floor is untouched and even has the factory brush painted ‘A’ meaning the car was painted in acrylic. A true wolf in sheep’s clothing. ENGINE & TRANSMISSION A power plant that is guaranteed to delight and excite! This beautiful Ford Escort 1300E has a Silver Top 2.0 litre Ford Zetec engine with a period BDA style cam cover. The Emerald ECU controlling the fuel injection system is a stunning piece of equipment giving instant power delivery but it is still civilised and unsuspecting when you have a more relaxed drive on the agenda. The cooling system is an original Twin Cam Big Header brass tank radiator custom rebuilt to fit without any cuts in the body shells slam panel It is fitted with a genuine Pacet cooling fan which cuts in when required automatically. The Peter Lloyd sports steel exhaust emits a crisp bark that is intoxicating and addictive, especially when combined with the induction noise from the GSXR throttle bodies! The car has had all the fluids changed and a cam belt this year. A Type 9 five-speed gearbox with quick shift helps utilise the performance fully. The standard four-speed gear knob has been retained on the selector. WHEELS, TYRES & BRAKES Spoke-style deep dish 5.5 x 13in Mexico steel wheels which have the same centre design as the original factory fitted wheels are shod in quality Yokohama A539 185/60 R13 tyres. Capri 2.8 vented front discs with EBC Greenstuff front pads and drums up rear require a firm application. HISTORY FILE This Ford Escort 1300E was built in April 1974 and registered by Ford Main Dealers, Gilberts Garage in Crowborough Sussex on the 2nd May 1974. The new vehicle invoice reveals the first owner, Mrs Wilmshurst, paid a grand total of £1550.11 including £3.53 for 7 gallons of Prem! The original stamped service book highlights the car returning to the same Main Dealer until 1984. A newspaper advert submitted on the 6th February 1987 by Bridge Garage reveals the car for sale for £1,299 and was subsequently sold to the third owner, Mr A.R Brooker, on the 11th February 1987 for £1,299. At this time the car had covered 36,703 miles. Mr Booker joined the Ford Escort 1300E Owners Club and was an avid blue oval enthusiast. The current keeper since February 2005, Mr Charles Evans, has created a fabulous Jekyl and Hyde machine with factory original looks but with a fast & furious modern twist! Historic invoices with previous old MOT certificates help track the 57,196 miles covered and countless newer invoices will convince the next lucky custodian how very special this oldskool retro Ford is. MOT June 2018, Tax Exempt, HPI Clear. To see a video of this car please copy the link below: https://youtu.be/YEYVqUN989Q To see a complete set of photographs of this car please copy the link below: https://flic.kr/s/aHsm7395sX 'Like us' or 'Follow us' for exciting new cars coming soon at KGF Classic Cars: https://www.facebook.com/KGFClassiccar https://twitter.com/KGFClassicCars

    • Year: 1974
    • Mileage: 57196 mi
    • Engine size: 2
    For sale
  • Ford Escort

    £3,150 £3,150

    Service history This is a really exceptional Mk3 Escort 1.3 GL 5-door in Caribbean Blue. It was purchased new in April 1982 for the sum of £5104.19 by its original owner who then kept it for the following 33 years, finally selling it to its only other keeper in July 2015. It has been MOT'd every year from 1985 (its first test) with the exception of 2012/13/14 when it was off the road due to the original owner having given up driving. All these MOTs together with those for 2015/16/17 are present in the history file and so provide positive confirmation of the car's remarkable mileage of 29000. The current MOT runs until 23rd July 2018 and has no advisories.The history file also includes the original sales invoice which shows that the car had Ziebart rust protection applied before delivery,and a very good job it has done too! To the best of my knowledge the car is entirely in its original paint, albeit with a number of touch-ins which have been rather less than expertly applied over the years, and is still corrosion free. The interior of the car is in equally good condition with no rips or tears in the upholstery or carpets, no cracks in the dash and a perfect headlining. It would not appear to have been smoked in. Mechanically the car is superb. It starts easily and runs smoothly and quietly with no smoke or untoward noises. The clutch and four speed transmission work exactly as they should and are also smooth and quiet. All the electrics work efficiently although the brake pad wear ligh

    • Mileage: 29000 mi
    • Engine size: 1296
    For sale
  • Ford Escort Rally Car

    £23,850 £23,850

    This Ford Escort Rally car with Group 4 shell comes from Northern Ireland. The car has been with its last owner for ten years and comes with an official MSA Competition log book. It has taken part in many Enniskillen Motor Club tarmac sprints and is ready for service and use.

    • Year: 1978
    For sale
  • Ford escort xr3i

    £3,500 £3,500

    Ford escort xr3i 1988 in red. Family owned from new. 170,000 miles, engine still very good. Lovely car inside and out. Body work very good condition. Extensive service history. Off road since 2016. Needs to go to someone who will love and use this gem. £3,500. 02083953272 Morden surrey. First to see will buy.

    • Mileage: 170000 mi
    • Engine size: 1597
    For sale
  • Ford Escort

    £12,995 £12,995

    *SIMILAR QUALITY CARS ALWAYS REQUIRED* SOLD Thinking of selling? Our proven commission sale or SOR (Sale or Return) program is a great way to utilise and access our professional services and facilities while still maximising the return from your vehicle with minimal hassle, stress and time, If you’d like to take advantage of this then please get in touch for further information. Alternatively If you’d like to move your vehicle on quickly and efficiently with minimal delay then we can make an offer on an outright purchase basis with payment and collection arranged soon after. A collectable very early Ford Escort XR3 in prime condition. EQUIPMENT Aerodynamic spoilers front and rear, wheel arch air deflectors, colour keyed bumpers, colour keyed remote door mirrors, front and rear overriders, black finish window surrounds, tailgate wash wipe, side window demisters, perforated headlining, coat hooks, vanity mirror on passenger sun visor, cigar lighter, rear ashtrays, front door stowage bins, 3-speed heater fan, coin box, Ford P21 push button radio, trip recorder, tachometer, roof mounted digital clock, two spoke soft feel steering wheel. Factory options; Opening rear quarters, central locking, sunroof, tinted glass. EXTERIOR Finished in the original colour of Strato Silver Metallic, (Code V6), the paintwork is superb with a bright uniform finish and the factory panels remain fitted with stampings visible. Unique features denote a very early XR3 such as the single washer jet, washer bottle bracket design and satin black painted sill, and whilst debate rages as to exactly how many cars had these features, what is certain is that only very early cars did. Furthermore, the correct higher ride height prior to the introduction of the XR3i has been maintained. The trim sections, glass, lights and badges are in excellent order and supplying original dealer number plates remain fitted. A tiny paint blemish around the wing mounted aerial, a small split to the driver’s door top rubber and slight discolouration to the sunroof glass are visible upon close inspection. A superb example of this legendary contender in the 1980’s hot hatch war, unmolested and just as Ford intended. INTERIOR The original Special Laser fabric trim in Red/Grey, (Code TF), along with the small two spoke steering wheel again relate to the early XR3 cars and have remained in fantastic preserved condition. The bright colours to the seat fabric are free from fading and damage and the inner foam structures are firm and shapely. The anthracite headlining is unmarked, as are the door cards, and the carpeting is clean with only minimal wear. Incredibly the dash has only a few minuscule cracks around the vents, barely visible and is free from the common distortion. All the controls work correctly including the electronic warning system which monitors brake pad wear, coolant levels, low fuel, oil and windscreen washer level. Even the Ford P21 push button radio operates! A really well preserved, unspoilt 1980’s icon. ENGINE & TRANSMISSION Fitted with Fords 1.6 Compound Value angle Hemispherical chamber (CVH) engine mated to a twin venture weber carburettor, this car sprints along with 96bhp at 6000rpm giving a 0-60 of 9.2 seconds and a top speed of 113mph. The unmolested engine bay is very clean and displays clearly prominent factory plates and original stickers. Ford aficionados will be pleased to see a Motorcraft battery and correct service items such as Motorcraft oil filter, starter motor and hoses. The correct 4-speed manual transmission fitted to pre February 1982 cars is light and precise. WHEELS, TYRES & BRAKES Five cloverleaf deep sculptured light cast alloy wheels are in fantastic order and fitted with Pirelli P6000 185/60 R14 tyres showing masses of tread. The boot area houses the spare wheel alongside the factory supplied jack and brace, and the original parcel shelf is straight and uncut with correct rubber hangers. The servo assisted brakes with 9.4” ventilated discs up front stop the car well. HISTORY FILE Built at the Ford Saarlouis Plant, Germany in February 1981 and registered new on the 3rd March 1981 on a ‘W’ plate suffix, this very early XR3 was supplied new by Ford Main Dealers Doe Motors Limited of Essex. Just three keepers from new have cherished this example the last being the owner of the very first Escort Cosworth to roll of the production line and also in possession of the Escort Cosworth owned by the designer himself, Stephen Harper. The original dealer branded document wallet houses all the handbooks, guides, sales leaflet, guarantee cards and accessories brochure. Furthermore, a neatly presented history folder contains receipts and invoices for service and repair work dating back to the 1980’s to present and includes a recent documented cambelt change. There are previous MOT certificates and two sets of original keys that work the ignition both door and tailgate. This outstanding XR3 will appeal to a serious collector or enthusiast wanting an incredibly well preserved, unmolested example of an iconic and fast appreciating classic car that has played a huge part in the history of sporting Fords. MOT March 2018, HPI Clear. To see a video of this car please copy the link below: https://youtu.be/dcyq4vci3UU To see a complete set of photographs of this car please copy the link below: https://flic.kr/s/aHskUZij9R 'Like us' or 'Follow us' for exciting new cars coming soon at KGF Classic Cars: https://www.facebook.com/KGFClassiccars https://twitter.com/KGFClassicCars

    • Year: 1981
    • Mileage: 89379 mi
    • Engine size: 1.6
    For sale
  • Ford Escort

    £169,995 £169,995

    This represents a unique opportunity to buy a collection of rally Escorts through the ages and to varying stages of tune. All immaculately prepared by specialists Motoscope of Northallerton, on the button and ready to rally: Ford Escort RS 1600 Mk 1 Originally a factory press demonstrator, subsequently converted to a very successful historic race car before being meticulously rebuilt to FIA Group 2 tarmac rally specification with a 2.0 litre Alan Sherwood BDA, Brian Wileman ZF box, ZF LSD and fully floating Atlas. Detailed records of mileage on all significant components. Second in the 2012 Tour Britannia, and eligible for many prestigious events worldwide, including Tour Auto. Complete with new HTP papers and ready to rally (or race with minor modifications). Ford Escort RS Mk 2 Built to works Group 4 specification, with no expense spared. Current HVIF and stage rally logbook. Immaculate and ready to use, having competed on two tarmac rallies since full overhaul. Specification includes Gartrac body shell, Sherwood 2 litre alloy block BDG on carbs (but can be converted to injection), Brian Wileman ZF gearbox, fully floating Atlas axle, and professional competition wiring loom. Detailed records of mileage on all significant components. Currently in tarmac specification, but gravel suspension, guards etc are also available. Ford Escort RS 2000 Mk 2 Built to works Group 1 specification using original Ford Motorsport bodyshell in 1980, and placed in long term storage shortly after. Fully rebuilt during 2011 and has covered 3000 miles since including 16 HRCR Clubman Championship Rallies gaining several top 3 results and numerous class wins. Current HVIF and stage rally logbook. Specification includes 2 litre Pinto by Dave Brookes on twin downdraught 44 IDF carbs, period correct 'Rocket' gearbox and narrow Atlas axle. These proven and competitive cars are available to buy as a collection or individually. Please enquire for further details.

    For sale
  • Ford Escort

    £59,995 £59,995

    Variant name:Twin Cam ,Derivative:Twin Cam ,Variant: Twin Cam After having been dry-stored in a barn for 29 years, this car was originally purchased in 2009 as a restoration project for use as a track day car however, as the restoration progressed the precision to detail become more apparent and the car was meticulously rebuilt to such a superb standard, far exceeding any original expectations. From 2009-2010 this car had a full ground up restoration which included a complete bare metal respray by Brewsters Motors in the traditional Ermine White you see today, paying close attention to detail with the door handles and headlamp surrounds being re-chromed and the fitting of 'new old stock' front quarter bumpers. The interior was fully revived with new carpets, new door cards, new headlining, new windscreen, a Springalex steering wheel, immaculate period Contour bucket seats and a re-trim to the original rear seats to match the pristine fronts. The owner even managed to find two new rear ashtrays to complete the finishing touches. The engine had an unleaded head conversion and was fitted with Elan Sprint inlet valves and FIA-spec exhaust valves. The now fully-lightened and balanced engine was rebuilt by Mountune and features +40 QED cast pistons, ARP bolts, Piper L14 camshafts and a full Janspeed exhaust system. Covering just over 600 miles since the renovation, this car comes complete with a lovely invoice file detailing all components of the restoration including a large digital photograph file with over 170 photos.

    • Year: 1970
    • Mileage: 607 mi
    • Engine size: 1.6
    For sale
  • Stolen

    £500 £500

    From Twickenham Middlesex Registion number Ford Escort 1.3L ULN 924X 5 door in beige colour. There is a reward for information into it's recovery of £500.00 email: brianthurtell@yahoo.co.uk or : 07507438058

    • Mileage: 94500 mi
    • Engine size: 1300
    For sale
  • Ford Escort

    £79,995 £79,995

    Very successful RS1600 race/rally car ... This iconic car was originally a factory press demonstrator. It was converted to a very successful historic race car before being meticulously rebuilt to FIA Group 2 tarmac rally specification with a 2.0 litre Alan Sherwood BDA, Brian Wileman ZF box, ZF LSD and fully floating Atlas. Shell authenticated by the RS1600 Registrar. Maintained and run to the highest standards by Motorscope, with all major components lifed. Second in the 2012 Tour Britannia, and eligible for many prestigious events worldwide, including Tour Auto. Complete with new HTP papers and ready to rally (or race with minor modifications) Immaculate, competitive and unique.

    For sale
  • Ford Escort

    £114,995 £114,995

    This is a rare opportunity to purchase an ex-works Escort which has had a full nut and rebuild by leading specialists Motoscope and is now presented in absolutely pristine rally ready condition. RWC 456K was a works RS1600 driven in period by Makinen, Mikkola and Cowan. It also won the Ypres 12hr in the hands of Staepelaere and Aerts. The history of the car is very well documented and is accompanied by a collection of period photographs. Less than 50 road miles have been covered since the completion of Motoscope’s comprehensive rebuild. The build quality and specification is outstanding, and combines FIA homologated components with high tech instrumentation and camera systems: •FIA specification 2.0 litre Alan Sherwood BDA, producing 250 BHP •Direct top ZF box •ZF LSD with 4.6 CWP •AP twin plate clutch •Steel sump pan •Alloy radiator •FIA bag tank •Tony Law exhaust with ceramic coated manifold •Works spec semi floating Atlas with alloy hubs •Watts linkage and short four link system •AP forest 4 pot front callipers, AP 4 pot twin callipers on rear •Gartrac billet front struts •Steel bubble arched shell •Alloy door skins •Alloy bonnet and boot lid •Toyo R888s on Minilites •Motorsport loom •6 Piaa spot lights •Full Racelogic camera system •Stack instrumentation •Peltor intercom •Twin tripmaster system •Lifeline plumbed in and hand held extinguishers •Full safety equipment Everything on the car is brand new or rebuilt, and the shell has been immaculately repainted by Normandale Refinishing. The spares package includes steel bonnet and boot lids, 7 sets of brand new Minilites and 6 unused Dunlop tyres.

    For sale
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