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Adrien Brody stars in Fiat 500 60th anniversary film

Adrien Brody stars in Fiat 500 60th anniversary film Classic and Performance Car

Fiat has produced a short film to celebrate the Fiat 500’s 60th anniversary, starring Adrien Brody

The Fiat 500 is 60 years old this month, and to celebrate Fiat has released a short film, titled See you in the Future. The marque’s gift to all Italians, the film features Oscar-winner Adrien Brody, along with the new Fiat 500 Anniversary special edition.
Airing on all the main Italian TV channels, the 4.36 minute film was produced by creative maestro Leo Burnett and director Ago Panini.
Set in 1960s Milan – the world’s headquarters for style and Italian design – the film features all the stylistic cues of that era: glamorous dresses, printed textiles, mid century furniture and men’s braces. Indeed, the viewer is taken straight back to Dolce Vita era Italy. 

One of these zeitgeists is the record player, which plays Come prima, to which Adrien Brody dozes off. After a fade to black, the protagonist leaves the house and walks past his period Fiat 500, running his eyes lovingly over its iconic silhouette. 
However, once through the front door, he feels that something is not quite right: the ‘60s have turned into the present day. This contrast is the leitmotif of the film, and it also features in the meeting with the female protagonist; she is wearing a vintage dress, but drives a Fiat 500 Anniversary. 
The sight of her car – so loyal to its original version – bewitches Brody, while the girl takes the key from the 500 Anniversary and invites him to get in. The couple enjoy a day in Milan together, in a mix of past and present, with a few time-travel misunderstandings thrown in. 

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