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1100 259500 GBP
  • Fiat 124 Spider

    £23,490 £23,490

    Variant name:Convertible Lusso Plus ,Derivative:Lusso Plus ,Variant: 1.4 Multiair Lusso Plus 2dr Fiat 124 Spider 1.4 Multiair Lusso Plus 2dr

    • Year: 2017
    • Engine size: 1.4
    For sale
    Desira Group PLC-Fiat London
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  • FIAT 500

    €14,000(£12,311.60) €14,000(£12,311.60)

    A GREAT EXAMPLE OF AN ORIGINAL 500 IN FANTASTIC CONDITION Brand Fiat Type 500 Color Yellow Interior Black Year of build 1972 Price € 14.000,- 1972 FIAT 500 Bring a smile to whoever comes into contact with it One of the most endearing cars of all time Its a pleasurable car to drive This beautiful Fiat 500 has been traded in as a package, these cars were part of an impressive collection of a very good customer of us. We traded these cars as a part-exchange on an Aston Martin. If you are interested in one of this cars or in the entire collection, we look forward to hear from you. Today its impossible to drive a classic Fiat 500 without attracting admiring glances, especially in this striking yellow example with matching interior detail. To meet the demands of the post-war market which called for economy cars, in 1949 a front engine Fiat 500 was released. Despite its diminutive size, the 500 proved to be an enormously practical and popular vehicle throughout Europe. Production of the 500 ended in 1975, although its replacement, the Fiat 126, was launched two years earlier. The 126 was never as popular as its predecessor in Italy, but was enormously popular in the former Eastern Bloc co

    • Year: 1972
    For sale


    SOLD TO SWITZERLAND Brand Fiat Type 600 Vignale Color Light Blue Interior Light Blue-Beige Year of build 1956 Price Sold to Switzerland 1956 FIAT VIGNALE COUPÉ This very nice Fiat has been sold to a customer in Switzerland. If you are willing to buy or sell a rare/unique automobile. MORE INFORMATION For more information or an appointment, please call Rutger Houtkamp+31625098150 or send an e-mail to Rutger@Houtkamp.nl . Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone during evenings or in the weekend. The Houtkamp Collection is centrally located near Amsterdam and only 10 minutes from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. Please contact us directly or fill in the form to receive more information on this specific car Your Name (required) Your Email (required) Your phone number Subject Your Message The information provided on this website has been compiled by The Houtkamp Collection with the utmost care. The information contained within this advert is provided ‘as-is’, without warranties as to its accuracy whether expressed or implied and is intended for informational purposes only. The Houtkamp Collection is not liable for any errors or mistakes.

    • Year: 1956
    For sale
  • 1953 Fiat 1100 Allemano Cabriolet

    $259,500(£204,641.70) $259,500(£204,641.70)

    Fiat’s mid-sized 1100/103, dubbed Nuova 1100, debuted in 1953 as a thoroughly modern replacement for the 1100E, which itself had roots dating back to the pre-war Balilla. The Nuova 1100 was built on a new monocoque platform with a fully enveloped “ponton” body style. The Fiat was an attractive car in its own right, but Italians being Italians, many coachbuilders felt there was room for improvement and quickly began reinterpreting the design. Coachbuilding in much of the world was rapidly disappearing in the early 1950s, but in Italy it was enjoying a remarkable renaissance. As such, most of the major Italian coachbuilders introduced their own versions of the Fiat Nuova 1100 at the 1953 Salone di Torino, and Carrozzeria Allemano was among them, armed with both a cabriolet and coupe designed by the great Giovanni Michelotti. Michelotti’s design was the subject of much appreciation at the show, with Auto Italiana writing “Finally the two magnificent ... versions of an original and beautiful 2-seater based on Fiat’s ‘New 1100’ with a very personalized front and lines styled by Michelotti.” In a review of the most important styling themes seen at the show, the Michelotti Nuova 1100 Allemano models were repeatedly featured and highlighted due to their distinctive design. One reporter also noted that they were priced at “a very tempting 1,800,000 Lire” or about $2,880 USD. The design was certainly elegant, very clean and unfussy in the signature style preferred by Michelotti and his carrozzeria boss Serafino Allemano. Perhaps the most notable feature of the body is the distinctive split grille that tapers to an aggressive point in the center. Some seven years before the Ferrari 156 F1 car and the 1962 Ferrari 250 GT SWB Bertone coupe that was inspired by it, Michelotti had drawn his own ‘shark nose’ for this handsome little Fiat. These special Allemano Fiats were produced in a very small series through 1953 before being succeeded by a different Michelotti design in 1954. Research done to date has found a scant two coupes and four cabriolets originally produced, with only one coupe and two cabriolets known to exist today. This example, chassis number 019195, was built in the fall of 1953 and received its Statement of Conformity on December 31, 1953. The first owner, Augusto Scalese, paid a stout 2,511,000L (or $4,016, about the same as a Cadillac Series 62!) and the car was registered on September 5, 1954 with the registration number NA 86282, a plate which it still wears to this day. The Allemano cabriolet remained in Scalese’s extended family for the next 5 decades, passed down through the hands of his son-in-law Fabio DeClescensio and daughter Lucia Marta until November 2010, when she sold the car to Paolo Marcheghiani of Bari, Italy from whom the most recent owner purchased the car. Prior to restoration it was discovered that some slight modifications to the bodywork were made in the late 1950s to meet the ‘nuova codice stradale’, the most important component of which dictated rear lights with separate amber lenses. As was common in the time, 1959 production Fiat 1100 rear light units were used. In order to accommodate the larger lights, the rear fender line was modified and once fitted, a new bumper was made and fitted. A light restoration in the early 1980s saw the Fiat finished in an ivory color with a black canvas top and red vinyl interior. The original wheel covers were also replaced at this time, and for unknown reasons, a number of pieces of original badging were left off the car. Since then, a thoroughly researched and meticulously executed restoration has brought this historic design back to its original and correct form, specifically through re-creating the rear fender line and the correct tail lights as designed by Michelotti in 1953. The side fender and trunk lid badging as seen on the car when delivered were re-created and returned to be fitted in the exact place as shown by the holes uncovered in the original panels when the car was stripped for restoration. The original style wheel covers were painstakingly re-created from new to finish the appearance. During the restoration preparation, the original color of the body, Azzurro metallizzato, was found and a remaining fragment of the correct original Bordeaux vinyl trim has been matched for the upholstery, returning this fabulous design back to the condition it was when Augusto Scalese first took delivery of his very special Fiat. Today, the Fiat Allemano presents in striking condition, with the impeccable restoration remaining in beautiful order. Even before the restoration was completed, this very special automobile was invited to be shown at the 2016 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in a special class of custom-bodied Fiats. From the 1100 c.c. engine to the luxuriously trimmed cabin to the detailed boot, it presents in jewel-like condition throughout. A rare and inspired design of Michelotti, this Nuova 1100 Allemano Cabriolet has international appeal and historical importance, and would be a welcome sight on virtually any concours field or tour in the world.    

    For sale
  • Fiat 1500

    €9,900(£8,706.06) €9,900(£8,706.06)

    Fiat 1500 C 1966 The car we propose is part of the last year of production, before being replaced by the Fiat 125 which will inherit the chassis and rear suspension. It was ordered by an entrepreneur dedicated to the hire and sale of agricultural vehicles, in particular for combine harvesters in Langhirano, in Parmense land, traditionally dedicated to the production of raw hams of the highest quality. Having a Fiat 1500 C in 1966 was a status symbol that ranked you in the middle class with all the honors and charges due to a cubic capacity that was the European "average", but for Italy it was already a symbol of "wealth" at least For our blind politicians. It was the family car where the central "back arm" was controversial among children. At the sudden death in 1972 the owner was acquired by another buyer younger than 15 years older than the first, who kept her for thirty years. The abandoned fall was discovered by a passionate who, in remembrance of the car he had his father, made him completely restored between 2007 and 2011. The restoration was done with care and diligence so as to obtain 'Approval of the ASI Gold Plate and then the approval of the Italian Fiat Registry. Today it appears in all its purity with excellent functionality, silence and yet some aristocracy. It is because at that time these cars were still seen by drivers with the classic hat and count or countess on the back seat. We do not tell you what the restoration cost, because it is enough to see and test the car to understand that we are purring a unique car in its condition for this model. We just want to tell you that the cost of the restoration was much, much higher than the price, but relate to the exemplary conditions of this car 51 years ago, proposed.at

    • Year: 1966
    • Mileage: 4000 mi
    • Engine size: 1.5
    For sale
    Carlo Carugati
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  • Fiat Topolino 500C Cabriolet 1950


    Fiat Topolino 500C 1950 in very good and beautiful condition Between 1936 and 1955 Fiat built the 500 Topolino, at the introduction in 1937 the smallest car in the world. There were 3 different models delivered till 1955. Model A and B with the same body and in 1949 model C with the new body. The car came as sedan/cabriolet or 3 door wagon or van. Belvedere was the model with the sunroof. This is a 1950 Belvedere 500C. The car has the original 569CC, 16 HP engine. In combination with the manual gearbox, this is a ergonomic car. Optical and technical in very good condition. The cloth interior is in a good condition also. The car is a good investment too. Car has european title and mot/tuv. Easy to register in every EU country. You do not need to pay any importtaxes. We can help with transport.

    • Year: 1950
    For sale
  • Fiat 500 Topolino


    - First registered by Manchester County Council on April 13th 1937 - Treated to much past restoration work and part of a private collection since 2008 - Understood to retain its original engine and to be potentially Mille Miglia eligible

    • Year: 1937
    For sale
  • 1959 Fiat 600 Viotti Coupe

    $39,500(£31,149.70) $39,500(£31,149.70)

    The Fiat 600 was first introduced in 1955 as an Italian answer to the hugely successful VW Beetle and as a follow up to Fiat’s own beloved Topolino. The 600 was designed by the brilliant engineer Dante Giacosa, whose extensive portfolio includes the Fiat Topolino, 508, Cisitalia D46 and Cisitalia 202. With the Fiat 600, he chose a rear-engine/rear-drive layout inspired by the Beetle, though unlike the VW, Fiat fitted an inline-four-cylinder engine with water cooling. The 633 cc unit was mated to a four-speed transaxle, while suspension was by transverse leaf spring up front and independent semi-trailing arms in the rear. Four wheel hydraulic drum brakes were more than adequate to slow the car from its top speed of 59 mph (later, 767 cc versions reached a thundering 68 mph). The Seicento was a huge success for Fiat, setting sales records for the company, selling over a million examples in six years. The platform proved very versatile, with tuners such as Abarth, and various coachbuilders producing a wide variety of sporting and luxury bodies to fit the humble underpinnings. One such coachbuilder, Viotti, had a long-standing relationship with Fiat by the time the 600 was released. Carrozzeria Viotti SpA had been contracted by Fiat to build a large number of special bodies for the Balilla. Between 1933 and 1939, several thousand 508A, 508B and 508C chassis were equipped with high quality Viotti bodies. The great Pietro Frua joined as chief stylist from 1957, and, among estate cars and convertibles, the firm produced a handful of 600 Sport coupes with stylish two-seat coupe bodywork as well as deluxe trim 600s such as our featured car. However, like great many coachbuilders of the period, regular production orders gradually slowed and Viotti closed in 1964. This delightful 1959 Fiat 600 Coupe is an extremely rare and wonderfully presented example of just a handful to be upgraded by Carrozzeria Viotti. The Viotti touches lend a degree of elegance to the otherwise basic 600, and the two-tone gray and red color scheme pairs wonderfully with the styling. This car was found in Italy in 2004, imported to the United States shortly thereafter, and treated to an extensive refurbishment in 2005. It was also recently in the care of the renowned Dominick European Car Repair of White Plains, New York and it is said to be a fine driving example. The body is largely a standard 600, presenting in very good order with clean straight panels and good gaps. The gray main body paint is very good quality, highlighted by a red roof, red body-side flash and red wheel centers. Much of the exterior trim is courtesy of Viotti; with the red body flash trimmed in bright alloy, finishing with very cool detail around the side marker. “Fiat 600 Viotti” badges adorn the front fenders and a lovely, intricate faux grille signifies this as a very special model. Chrome bumpers, alloy headlight bezels and marker light plinths are in excellent condition, with only the lower sill trims showing a few minor dings. Plexiglas wind deflectors adorn the doors, presumably a Viotti addition as well. The original wheels are painted in the same two-tone as the body, and adorned with lovely chrome FIAT hub caps. Period correct Pirelli crossplys are in good order and give this little 600 just the right stance. The stylish cabin was reworked by Viotti with flashy upholstery patterns and a more deluxe, upscale feel to the otherwise basic accommodations. The seats are trimmed in a unique red and white patterned material that is complemented by solid red door cards and quarter panels which present in good order. The floors are lined with mottled red and black rubber mats as original, the colors repeating on the rear parcel shelf. The dash is classic Fiat 600, minimalist yet stylish in its starkness. The original gauge cluster sits behind an original steering wheel, with the only deviation from standard being a large brass St. Christopher medallion. Original switchgear is all in very good working order. Fiat’s 633 c.c. inline four puts out approximately 30 horsepower in standard trim but of course, what this cheeky little Fiat lacks in grunt it makes up for in copious amounts of charm. The lightweight alloy engine is very clean and impressively presented with excellent wiring, labels, plumbing, and high quality finishes on the components. Previous owners have resisted the urge to fit speed parts, thus retaining the original charm. Similarly, the front trunk is tidy and properly detailed with fluted rubber mat, an original style washer bag and a correct spare wheel with leather retaining strap. Overall, this is a very well restored example, combining a quality restoration with the rarity and uniquely attractive Viotti enhancements. We’re sure you’ll be as taken by the charms this delightful, unique and stylish little Fiat 600 as we have been.

    For sale
  • 1999 Fiat Coupe 20v Turbo 11 months MOT

    £1,650 £1,650

    EXTRA DETAILS FROM PREVIOUS OWNER IN PICS Need it gone as I'm leaving Ready to go..... Just came out garage Do not be fooled by the fiat badge this is a very fast car boosts hard in every gear and will take you to 110mph in 3rd gear. I have done work on the car and have put a years mot on it.... No advisories.   With 4 recent refurbished alloy wheels, although front near side has a scuff on it, plus 4 recently new tyres.Engine has cone performance air filter, G tec remapped chip, dump valve fitted ect, recent oil change (10-60) with filter.The car pulls very strong in all gear from stand still, but will do around 30 mpg if driven in normal conditions by the driver.All engine mods done before my ownership, recon top end, recon turbo, pipes etc, loads of ped paperwork (bills). I have had a new clutch put in, replaced all four brake lines, replaced wheel bearings and replaced alternator......cost me 1050 including the MOT so this is a bargain!!   car has also had a full engine rebuild and recon turbo by the previous owner. These are very hard to find only 8 for sale in the UK and all over 3k.....i flew to Newquay to purchase this and drove it back.... Great oil pressure 3 bars all the time..... All electrics work which is rare..... Body in good condition for its age but bonnet not in the best condition..... Comes with log books with history.... 1 year mot, all 3 keys including red master key and master card with is rare. Brembo brakes If you want a very quick car that is fun to drive this is it...... First to try will buy!!

    • Engine size: 1998
    For sale
  • 1971 Fiat 124 Spider

    $17,900(£14,115.94) $17,900(£14,115.94)

    The Classic Car Gallery is proud to offer this stunning 1970 Fiat 124 Spider. It is self evident, that this car was the recipient of a Full restoration in approximately 2013, and may be the Finest 124 spider on the market today. Cars in this price range are rarely restored to this level, as clearly the cost of this type of restoration is many times the value of the finished car. Whoever buys this car will be paying a fraction of the actual restoration cost!! The car has original floors and body panels and has clearly had a full glass/engine/drivetrain out respray. The Yellow paint is excellent, with great shine and luster; this is some of the best paintwork we have seen. The door jams and the engine compartment are finished to the highest quality. The engine is believed to be original, and has clearly been rebuilt as has the 5 speed transmission. The engine compartment is well detailed, as is the engine and all of the mechanical systems under the hood. The custom exhaust system is fresh and excellent and she makes a great sound. This excellence extends to the interior as the seats, dash and trim have all been covered in the highest quality vinyl (as per the original). The dash has

    • Year: 1971
    For sale
  • Fiat Abarth

    £10,495 £10,495

    Service history Driver, Passenger And Front Side Air Bags,16In Alloy Wheels,Power-Assisted Steering,Climate Control,Traction Control System,Rear Parking Aid,5 speed manual gearbox,Remote Central Door Locking,Front Electric Windows,Rear Windows Tinted Glass,Driver Air Bag Knee,Front Fog Lights,Bluetooth Interface Telephone Equipment,Electric/Heated Door Mirrors,Rake Adjustable Steering Column/Wheel,Six Speakers,Immobiliser,Electronic Brake Force Distribution,Driver Seat Height Adjustment,Front/Rear Head Restraints,Steering Wheel Leather,Front Seats Sports,Anti-Lock Brakes,Hill Holder,Radio/CD/MP3,Tyre Repair Kit,Leather interior Multicolour Black Hood., Call us today about the finance options on this vehicle. Part exchanges welcome.

    • Mileage: 16744 mi
    • Engine size: 1368
    For sale
  • Fiat Dino Coupe

    £89,995 £89,995

    Today this Dino has covered an indicated 21,300 Miles from new and presents and drives exceptionally as a result of its recent work. Accompanied by its spare key, an extensive history file documenting both old maintenance and most recent engine work, and original spare wheel. Presented with full UK registration this Fiat Dino is ready to be used and enjoyed immediately with viewings available at our showrooms just outside London and must be one of the finest examples available.

    For sale
  • Fiat Barchetta Maggiora 2002 Black with Full service history & New MOT

    £3,995 £3,995

    Fiat Barchetta Maggiora black/Brown with Red Roof & Red Leather interior probably the only one in the UK with this specificationThe car is under cover in my & has spent most of its life out of the rainThe car was originally supplied by DTR sports in London with original sales invoice present. It has Full DTR sports service history & comprehensive Documentation. Barchetta owners club card Full Red Chesterfield style Leather interior very rare Red Roof It has the top of the range 1750 cc 16 valve Red top engine ( not the ordinary barchetta engine ) Full book pack All 3 sets of original keys to include RED key very important space saver spare wheel & complete Tool Kit Stereo radio All Tax discs since 2002 All Mot certificates Drives Perfect Very eye catching shape & body work Recent service Cam belt/Water pump done New Radiator Millage is just over 75k miles Full Stainless steel exhaust system fitted by DTR sports of London who originally imported Barchetta,s making the 16 valve engine sound lovely It has the original wind breaker in perfect condition The car will have new MOT upon sale The Price is £3995, Any viewing/inspection welcome in Partridge Green Horsham, Please call/text me on 07392519303 to arrange

    • Mileage: 75000 mi
    • Engine size: 1750
    For sale
  • Fiat Barchetta

    £4,750 £4,750

    This is a really nice early Barchetta in very good condition, ready to use and enjoy straight away. It's one of my own personal cars ,owned and used very sparingly since early 2015. I have a fondness for sporting Fiats and have always thought that the 90's Barchetta is one of the prettiest small roadsters, but I'm not keen on using left hand drive cars in the UK. As the Barchetta was only ever made in LHD form, and only a very small number have ever been converted, there are only a handful of RHD cars around. So when I saw this one I jumped at it and have thoroughly enjoyed it over the last couple of years.The car has an MOT until 12th April 2018 with no advisories and has just had the timing belt, tensioners and water pump replaced. The bodywork is sound, the paintwork presents very well as can be seen in the photos, and the interior is in good order.This is a lovely car to own, great fun to drive, and always attracts favourable attention wherever it goes.

    • Mileage: 90000 mi
    • Engine size: 1747
    For sale
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