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Lego recreate Ferrari F40

Lego recreate Ferrari F40 Classic and Performance Car

Lego have recreated the iconic Ferrari F40 for the next in their Creator range

Lego has chosen the Ferrari F40 as the next car to be recreated using the famous toy bricks. The 1158-piece set will be available starting 1 August, and forms part of Lego’s Creator range of build-sets, with a price of $90.
The model includes working doors, a hood that opens and closes revealing the car’s detailed interior, pop-up headlights, and a rear gate that lifts open to reveal the car’s engine. The Lego Ferrari F40 also features a removable replica twin turbo-charged, 2.9-litre
V8 engine, although sadly wont break 200mph like the original car.
Released 1987, the F40 is generally considered to be one of the greatest supercars of all time, and is the last Ferrari that Enzo Ferrari himself personally approved. During its five-year production line, the F40 was the fastest Ferrari ever produced, with a top speed of 201mph.
Unlike its Lego-alternative, the original F40 was also the most expensive Prancing Horse Ferrari had ever put on sale, with a price tag of $400,000.
Some of the other models in Lego’s Creator range include the VW Camper, a Ferrari Formula 1 car, and the original Mini Cooper. 

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