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Ferrari Dino: Buying guide and review (1969-1974)

Ferrari Dino front Ferrari Dino side Ferrari Dino rear Ferrari Dino engine Ferrari Dino interior Ferrari Dino wheel Ferrari Dino steering wheel
Once upon a time, a Dino was the cheap secondhand Ferrari. You could pick one up for a few thousand pounds. These days, a good Dino is nudging £350k – or three to four times the value of the best 308GTB. Why has the Dino become so valuable? 
Well, size is everything, as they say, and the compact Dino has a jewel-like quality found in relatively few top-end sports cars. Its handling is sublime and its 2.4-litre V6 engine – derived from a Ferrari racing unit – sounds fantastic when wound out towards its near-8000rpm red line. The Dino is also a car that many of today’s wealthy middle-aged enthusiasts lusted after in their youth, so lots of people want them, but only about 2500 cars survive. Supply and demand, and all that. 
The major problem that has always haunted many prospective Dino buyers is the fact that there is so much scope for buying a very poor example. Ferrari might have done a great job of engineering a beautiful handling car – and it really was rather special – but the standards of build quality were utterly atrocious. 
Rust is a major issue as you might expect, and it’s largely because the cars had no form of anti-corrosion treatment at the factory, with many rust traps and poorly covered (or in some cases bare metal) surfaces. Read more about the corrosion hot spots below, but be prepared to do your homework if you’re genuinely interested in any Dino. 
Which one to buy?
Your bank manager generally answers this question, as the price difference between the different Dino models is considerable. The most common, cheapest and arguably best resolved is the 246GT coupe. Complete with steel body panels and four-cam iron-block 2.4-litre V6 engine, this car sold very well when it was new with around 2500 finally being produced. 
Although the coupe is the best handling of all the Dino models, the targa-topped 246GTS is probably the most desirable, especially if you’re taller than the average ‘60s Italian sports car driver. Not only do you get to hear a bit more of that gorgeous V6 engine, but it also feels significantly less claustrophobic to drive too. 
The earliest 2.0-litre 206 Dino models are today the most valuable, due to the fact only around 150 of them were ever built. Realistically, these models are for the die-hard Ferrari collector, as later models are both better to drive and easier to find in good condition.
Most survivors have been restored by now, to varying standards. Identifying the quality of workmanship is the main challenge facing a Dino buyer. The obvious solution is to buy a restoration project and have the perfect car built, but while this might sound like an easy solution, cheap Dinos simply don’t come up for sale very often. With the cost of (a good) restoration easily reaching upwards of £100,000, the numbers don’t always add up either. 
Performance and specs
Engine 2419cc, 12-valve V6
Power 192bhp @ 7600 rpm 
Torque 166lb ft @ 5500rpm
Top speed 146mph 
0-60mph 7.1 seconds 
Fuel consumption 15.4mpg 
Insurance group 20
Gearbox Five-speed manual
Dimensions and weight
Wheelbase 2340mm
Length 4235mm
Width 1703mm
Height 1143mm
Weight 1080kg
Common problems
• The Dino’s Pininfarina-styled curves are a huge part of its appeal but repairing them is a time-consuming and skilled job. Even the simplest of jobs, such as replacing rotten sills, will cost thousands. And it rarely stops there.
• Some UK-supplied cars were Dinitroled from new, but most had no rust protection at all. Even with rust protection, there is very little to prevent the Dino’s bodywork from corroding.
• Get the car up on a ramp, and have your specialist inspect every square inch, because if you are paying top money for a perfect car every precaution must be taken. 
• Dodgy panel gaps are an instant giveaway of a poorly restored car too, so watch out for this. 
• Engines are reliable, but tend to suffer from lack of use more than anything – a common problem with a car of this ilk. Thankfully the block is made from cast-iron, meaning they are fairly durable.
• It’s a very straightforward engine too, and there’s a lot of specialist knowledge around, but obviously you don’t want to have to rebuild it unless you have to, so look for blue smoke signifying bore wear. 
• Camshaft shims wear and knock out the cams if servicing is neglected. Adjustment is required every 6000 miles or so, with frequent oil changes helping to improve the engine’s longevity. 
• Distributor bob weights tend to self-destruct and take out the dizzy, too – you can buy a programmable electronic unit, which is a worthwhile sacrifice to originality.
• Gearbox parts and spares are more of a problem. It’s actually a fabulous ’box but you have to let the oil warm through and not force the ’change. A heavy-handed previous owner could have caused wear to the ‘box.
• Interiors were generally vinyl, with leather seats an option, though dashboard-tops were always trimmed in a faux suede material that faded quickly. Of course, check that all of the gauges work, and do expect the odd electronic gremlin! 
• Air-con wasn’t a UK option and the GT does get warm inside, which is one area where the open GTS scores in summer.
Model history
October 1965: Prototype Dino shown at Paris Salon. 
1968: First production Dino built as 206GT, with 2-litre V6 engine derived from racing unit named after Alfredo ‘Dino’ Ferrari, Enzo’s son, who had died of muscular dystrophy in 1956.
March 1969: First Dino 246GT built, with enlarged 2.4-litre V6. It supersedes 206GT, which ends production in April after 150 examples made, none in RHD.
October 1970: First RHD UK-spec 246GT built, chassis no. 01134.
March 1972: Targa-topped GTS version debuts at Geneva Show.
1974: GT and GTS phased out of production, February to July. About 4100 cars were made in total, of which 488 of the GT and 235 of the GTS were RHD. 
Owners clubs, forums and websites
• www.ferrariownersclub.co.uk
• independentferrariservicing.co.uk
• www.ferrariclubracing.co.uk
Summary and prices
The Dino is a connoisseur’s Ferrari. It’s not a supercar, at least by modern standards, but it is brisk enough to thrill while offering old-school steering feedback and driving pleasure. And it looks simply gorgeous.  
However, while it’s difficult enough to find an ’80s Ferrari that’s in genuinely good order, tracking down a really nice ’70s car is much harder still. Originality and history, as always, are the key. 
Totally unrestored Dinos are almost unknown, so find out what repair work has been done, and by whom. Bear in mind that an older restoration, which has had time to show up any hidden trouble, may be a safer bet than a recent job. And when you find the right car, get it rustproofed! 
It might be no surprise that the earliest and rarest alloy-bodied 205GT is currently at the top of the market, starting at £350,000 for a project to more than £650,000 for an excellent the example. Good Dino 246GTs range from £250,000-£350,000, with the targa top GTS topping out at around £400,000. 
Ferrari Dino front Ferrari Dino side Ferrari Dino rear Ferrari Dino engine Ferrari Dino interior Ferrari Dino wheel Ferrari Dino steering wheel
Last updated: 21st Mar 2016
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Ferrari Dino
312500 499995 GBP
  • Ferrari DINO 246 GTS


    Vehicle Description 1973 Dino 246 GTS. Presented in Rosso Corsa with Tan leather and Tan carpets. One of 235 UK RHD cars ever built. This striking example still retains the original tool kit, jack kit, leather wallet, original Dino manuals, Blue warranty card and Green dealership booklet. Also complimented with a huge history file of invoices, previous vehicle valuation letters, along with photographs documenting works carried out on this splendid example with history of the car dating back to 1975. Known by The Ferrari Centre since 2012, Please call our sales team for an accurate overview.

    • Year: 1973
    • Mileage: 40676 mi
    For sale
    The Ferrari Centre
    01622 759599 VIEW CONTACT NUMBER
  • 1972 Ferrari Dino 246GT


    The Dino, named in honour of Enzo Ferrari's son, was a brand for V6 engined Ferrari's and the project that Alfredo 'Dino' Ferrari worked on before he died tragically of muscular dystrophy at just 24 years old. In order to homologate Ferrari's Formula Two entry in 1966, the FIA requested that 500 production cars were produced using the same V6 unit as the race car. The Fiat Dino was born using the two-litre V6 Ferrari unit which was later used in the early 206GT versions of the Dino. Ferrari used the mid-engined configuration that was working well for them in sports car racing for the new Dino and the prototype 206S was shown at the 1966 Turin show. The car drew a positive response and Ferrari put the car into production, making it the first mid-engined production Ferrari. A 2.4-litre version on a longer wheelbase, the 246GT, replaced the Dino 206 in late 1969. The beauty of a mid-engined sports car is the handling, an improved centre of gravity lends itself to better road holding, a Ferrari Dino has great cornering ability and is an enormously fun car to drive. This matching numbers Dino 246GT was originally registered on 17 th January 1972 to the Al-Said family. The car changed ha

    • Year: 2016
    For sale
  • Ferrari Dino 246 GT RHD


    Mayfair 020 7125 1400 | Maldon 01621 879579 This beautiful Ferrari 246 Dino is one of only 272 UK-delivered cars completed in right hand drive and one of only 116 produced in the striking blue Azzurro Metallizzato colour. Constructed on 24 th January 1973, the Ferrari had been registered as PGX5L and delivered to its first owner, a Denise McCann of Sydney Street, London by 6 th March. It remained in London for less than a year before moving to Banbury in 1974 when it was acquired by a Mr Graham Morris who kept it for almost 4 years before selling it to a Mr Richard Colton in March 1978. The next move, in 1981, was to prove a significant one when it was acquired by Mr Martin Abbott who was to keep it for the next 23 years. During Mr Abbott’s ownership the car was carefully maintained and the meticulous mileage records, numerous invoices and other correspondence attest to the care that the car received during this time. With Mr Abbott’s advancing years the Ferrari moved, in 2004, to its most recent owner who commissioned a full body-off bare-metal professional restoration, during which time the car was returned to its highly attractive and original Azzurro Metallizzato colour scheme

    • Year: 1973
    For sale
  • Ferrari Dino 206 GT


    ‘Dino’ is a venerable name in the minds of true Ferrari connoisseurs - and rightly so. The company’s half-century history of mid-engined sports cars can be traced back to the development of one particular road-going model - and one engine, in fact - the V6 Dino. Following two separate design concepts - the first at the 1965 Paris motor show and the second at Turin in 1966 - the marque was launched with the glorious Dino 206 GT. The first Dino had a lightweight aluminum body and an alloy block 2.0-litre V6 engine, mounted transversely behind the driver. At the end of the short production run, just 152 examples of the 206 GT had been built, which makes it not just the rarest Dino, but the rarest mid-engined production Ferrari of all time. Ferrari launched the Dino 246 GT in 1969, replacing the expensive aluminium used in its predecessor with a cast iron block 2.4-litre V6 and steel body panels. Understandably, the Dino 206 GT remains the model of choice for the most discerning collectors, as the original vision of the lightweight, mid-engined Ferrari. This particular Dino 206 GT, chassis s/n 00238, was supplied new to Italy by Motor Srl Bologna in November 1968. Its original factory

    For sale
  • Ferrari Dino 308 GT4


    Every single mid-engined V8 Ferrari up to the new 488 GTB can be traced back to the 308 GT4. Bertone’s bold, angular car was the successor to Pininfarina’s svelte Ferrari Dino 246 GT, and with a transverse-mounted engine, the design allowed for a 2+2 seating layout. Ferrari’s Dino 308 GT4 is a wonderful car to drive, with a powerful and flexible 3.0-litre V8 and fully independent suspension, which allows for fast, relaxed and comfortable progress. The Ferrari was a smash hit with the motoring press at the time, with Motorsport magazine’s 1974 road test concluding: ‘This must be the car for which nearly every Dino 246GT owner has been waiting’. In Autosport magazine, John Bolster added, ‘It is delightful to drive and worthy of bearing that most famous name’. This particular Ferrari 308 GT4 is an outstanding example, finished in the rare combination of Verde Pino Metallizzato with the optional full leather interior in cream hide. The Ferrari was also ordered new with air-conditioning and a heated rear windscreen. The first owner of this 308 GT4 was the managing director of a London clothing company. He was adamant that he did not want a red Ferrari, so chose this superb green hue fro

    For sale
  • Ferrari Dino 246 GTS RHD E Series


    Mayfair 020 7125 1400 | Maldon 01621 879579 1973 Ferrari Dino 246 GTS RHD This exceptional Dino is one of just 258 produced in RHD and is an original UK delivered car. Manufactured in 1973 it was ordered by Maranello Concessionaires and shipped to its first owner, a Mr J Le Coutre of London in July where it stayed for the next few years until it was acquired by a Mr R Slack of Atlanta Georgia and exported to the United States. The car saw little use stateside and remained in storage from 1985 until 1999. At some point in this period the car was re-painted red but otherwise remained in very original condition as one would expect of a car with limited mileage and few owners. In 2000 the Dino was acquired from the deceased estate of a Mr Ted Carson, who was also from Atlanta, and by August had been shipped to Australia where it was completely dismantled and the entire vehicle bead blasted in preparation for a full body-off restoration, which was undertaken by an award winning specialist in New South Wales. Since the completion of the work the car was displayed at a number of events and won its class at the 2009 NSW Ferrari Owner’s Club concours. The car remained in Australia until 201

    • Year: 1973
    For sale
  • Ferrari Dino 246 2,4 GT

    €405,400(£361,454.64) €405,400(£361,454.64)

    Ferrari Dino 246 2,4 GT Equipment: Total restaureret Billeder af Restaurering Ferrari Certificat Ekstrem sjælden eksemplar M serie ring for info skal ses.

    • Year: 1970
    For sale
  • Ferrari Dino 246 GTS LHD E Series


    Mayfair 020 7125 1400 | Maldon 01621 879579 Ferrari Dino 246 GTS E Series. Black/Black hide, matching numbers, subject to a total professional restoration in 2011. Ferrari Classiche, electric windows, Perspex headlamp covers. Stored since completion of restoration. A stunning example of this iconic 70’s sports car. Please contact us for more details.

    • Year: 1973
    For sale
  • 1969 Ferrari 246GT Dino

    $467,500(£382,087.75) $467,500(£382,087.75)

    This 1969 Ferrari 246GT L Type Chassis number 00508 was the 50th of only 354 "L" model Dino GT's completed from March of 1969 though September of 1970. The "L" model utilized the same unique early prototype-like interior of the 206GT with fixed seat head-rests mounted to the back bulkhead and a full length glove box door and a passenger foot-well bar. The main changes from the all alloy bodied 206GT to the 246GT "L" model was the lengthening of the wheel-base as well as the adoption of a 2.4 rather than the 2.0-liter engine. This particular example wears an older restoration and has 80,623 documented original kilometers. The engine, transaxle, and body are all original to the vehicle. The engine also has excellent compression on all cylinders. There is no smoke or ill-noises coming from the engine and the vehicle is both rust and accident free. Detailed ownership and service records as well as the original Italian "Libretto" or road-registration documents are still with the vehicle as are the original owners's manual and various other "glove compartment" items that are most always missing. History available upon request. For only $467,500.

    • Year: 1969
    For sale
  • 1972 Ferrari 246GT Dino

    $312,500(£255,406.25) $312,500(£255,406.25)

    This 1972 Ferrari 246GT Coupe. Red with Tan interior. Car was owned by the same Gentleman since 1979. Excellent paperwork. Very desirable Euro model sold new in Italy. It has been sitting for the last 20 years in storage. Excellent original car needing cosmetics. For only $312,500

    • Year: 1972
    For sale
  • 1968 FERRARI Dino 206 GT


    At the 1965 Paris Salon, Pininfarina exhibited a mid-engined prototype Berlinetta speciale known as the "Dino 206 S". After three more prototypes presented, production finally started in 1968 and ran until spring 1969 with 153 examples produced. Later in 1969, Ferrari started to produce the Dino 246 GT (and then the 246 GTS), until 1974, with more than 3912 cars made.  Our car, a Ferrari Dino 206GT, chassis 00186, is the 44th of the 153 cars made by the factory. The car was first registered in Milano - Italy, on 28 October 1968. The car always stayed in Italy, with different owners, incluing 32 years (from 1982 - 2014) with the same gentleman, Mr. Salvatore d’Angelo. He sold the car in 2014 to an Italian car enthusiast. At some point during his ownership, he removed the original engine from the car, replacing it with an identical Fiat-Dino 2.0l engine.  Today, the car is running very well, the ’Rosso Dino’ paint is absolutely wonderful and the original engine is included with the car.  The Dino 206GT is for sale with its Italian papers, FIA papers, passaporto tecnico and Massini report.  Â

    For sale
  • Ferrari Dino 206SP


    Ferrari Dino 206SP Presenting the finest 206SP Dino replica with prominent racing history. Constructed to the absolute highest and most exacting standards by Bob Wilson and completed in 2001. Specification: 4 valve Dino single plug dry sump engine developing 250 hp @ 8000 rpm. Exceptional Shape Craft aluminium body. The 5 speed transaxle, uprights, Girling brakes, steering rack and pinion, instruments, lights, Koni suspension and 13 inch magnesium wheels are all original 206 SP Dino components. Provenance: 2001 Testing and development, Willie Green and David Piper 2001 Rockingham Historic Meeting: David Piper. 2001: Goodwood Revival, Whitsun Trophy, David Piper. 2001: Historic GP Chimay, Brynn Williams. 2002: Goodwood Revival: M. Berberich – Martini. 2003: Ollon Villars Historic Hill Climb: Brynn Williams 2004: International Historics, Killarny SA, David Piper. 2004 Aintree Historic Festival, B Williams. 2005 International Historics, Zwartzkopf SA, David Piper. 2005: International Historic, Philip Island AUS. Nick Adams. 2005: Vernasca Silver Flag, Italy. B Williams. 2006: Historic GP, Tunis. M. McGlone and demonstration by Nino Vaccarella. 2007: Masters Series, Brands Hatch. Nick

    For sale
  • Ferrari Dino 246 GT - 1 Owner from New

    £499,995 £499,995

    An Original 1 Owner from New UK Right Hand Drive in ‘Concours’ Condition from 1972. In it’s original & Rare ‘Bianco White’ and finished with Black Seats & Red Carpets. Has Matching Engine/Gearbox & Body Numbers as confirmed by Ferrari and not to be compared with other vehicles due to having the following untouched original components - Seats, Carpets, ‘Mouse Hair’ Dashboard, Headlining, Door Cards, Tool Kit (inc Jack, Chock & Bags) & Radiomobile 8-Track Stereo; Recently undergone light restoration - by renowned Ferrari specialists Foskers - to bring back to totally original cosmetic condition including an engine de-coke & full set of XWX Michelin Tyres.

    • Year: 1972
    • Mileage: 34000 mi
    For sale
  • Ferrari Dino 246 GT


    1972 FERRARI DINO 246 GT RHD   As Ferrari’s first production car to boast a V-6 engine and rear-mid engine placement, it can be argued that the Dino was the most important Ferrari ever produced to never sport a Ferrari badge (save for the prancing horse on its data tag). Nevertheless, there’s no doubt that this little Ferrari was near and dear to Enzo’s heart, as it was in part a tribute to his late son, Alfredo, or “Dino,” as he was known to his family. Educated as an engineer and with a passion for racing, Dino suggested to his father that Ferrari should consider utilizing V-6 engines in their racing cars. Sadly, Dino never lived to see his idea come to fruition, but there is no doubt that he would have been proud of the 246 Dino. The car offered here is an exceptional example, having seen considerable expenditure over a prolonged period, with much supporting documentation in the accompanying file. Beautifully presented in quintessential Ferrari red over a tan interior. Inspection, at the earliest possible opportunity, is highly recommended. Rarely do cars of this obvious quality come to the market and this one will surely be snapped up by the first knowledgeable enquirer.

    For sale
  • Ferrari Dino 246 GT


    1972 FERRARI DINO 246GT LEFT HAND DRIVE   Many consider the Dino to be one of Ferrari’s greatest cars, not only for its looks but also for the wonderful driving experience it provides. The Dino helped Ferrari realize that rear-mid-engined cars were here to stay, and it spawned a wonderful series of cars that continues through today as Ferrari’s most popular line of sports cars. Beautifully restored, this Dino GT truly needs nothing and is ready to be enjoyed as Dino intended. Briefly, the technical specification is as follows; 195 hp, 2,418 cc DOHC V-6 engine with three Weber 40 DCN F/7 carburetors, five-speed manual transaxle, front and rear unequal-length A-arm suspension with coil springs and anti-roll bars, and four-wheel disc brakes. Wheelbase: 92.1 in. Our car, which is an E-series 246 GT Dino, was originally delivered to the United States. A recent recipient of a full restoration, the car presents beautifully in quintessential Ferrari red over a beige interior with Daytona-style seats and black contrasting inserts. The odometer currently shows 76,950 miles, which are believed to be original. Offered with a set of manuals, jack, and tool kit and accompanied by an extensive file that appears to chronicle a large portion of its life, containing service and restoration receipts, along with numerous photographs. Many consider the Dino to be one of Ferrari’s greatest cars, not only for its looks but also for the wonderful driving experience it provides. The Dino helped Ferrari realize that rear-mid-engined cars were here to stay, and it spawned a wonderful series of cars that continues through today as Ferrari’s most popular line of sports cars. Beautifully restored, this Dino GT truly needs nothing and is ready to be enjoyed.  

    For sale
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