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Ferrari 575M: Buying guide and review (2002-2006)

Ferrari 575M: Buying guide and review (2002-2006) Classic and Performance Car
Ferrari 575M Ferrari 575M Ferrari 575M Ferrari 575M Ferrari 575M Ferrari 575M Ferrari 575M Ferrari 575M
When the 550 Maranello was released in 1996, the 456 was already on sale. That left Ferrari with two front-engined V12 monsters on its books, but there was far less overlap than you’d think; the 456 is a 2+2 grand tourer while the 550M is an out and out supercar – despite its layout. The 550 marked a return to a front-engined configuration after more than two decades of mid-engined two-seater flagships; first the Boxer, then the Testarossa/512TR/F512M.
With a bonnet that goes on forever and those gorgeous Coke bottle curves, the 550M and 575M are cars that you ache to own because of their lines alone. But they’re not just pretty faces; they’re tantalising to drive, with their balance, power and delicious steering. The all-alloy V12 just keeps revving, while variable-volume intake and exhaust systems ensure there’s no shortage of torque. So with gorgeous looks, fabulous build quality and stratospheric performance these are cars that satisfy on every level. No wonder values are on the rise.
Which one to buy?
The usual rule applies at this end of the market; only buy a car that comes with a full service history, with the work done by a recognised specialist. Also make sure there’s plenty of evidence of cash having been lavished on any potential purchase; these cars cost plenty to maintain, so anything run on a shoestring will be a liability. Analyse the service book carefully; check that the chassis number in the book is the same as the one on the car and that the details of the supplying dealer are presented on the first page.
In terms of which car to go for, don’t assume the 575M is a better bet than the 550M. The earlier car is better to drive thanks to unwelcome suspension adjustments Ferrari made which is why if you’re buying one of the later cars you must home in on one fitted with the optional Fiorano handling pack – at least if you’re aiming to drive your 575M with any gusto. This pack stiffens the suspension and has a thicker anti-roll bar, sharpening up the handling significantly.
Performance and specs
Ferrari 575M
Engine 5748cc, 12-cylinder
Power 508bhp @ 7250rpm
Torque 434lb ft @ 5250rpm
Top speed 202mph
0-62mph 4.2 seconds
Fuel consumption 15mpg
Gearbox Six-speed manual/semi-auto
Insurance group 20
Dimensions and weight
Wheelbase 2500mm
Length 4550mm
Width 1935mm
Height 1277
Kerb weight 1690kg
Common problems

• Corrosion shouldn’t be an issue on any 550 or 575 but crash damage may well be. This is why an expert inspection is worthwhile, although just analysing the tightness and evenness of the panel gaps is a good start. Also check for any rippling in the boot floor and inner wings.

• The V12 that powers all 550s and 575s is a tremendous unit but it needs plenty of maintenance and is far from infallible. The cam belts need to be replaced every three years, although this can be stretched for cars that don’t do many miles. It’s not an expensive job though, so a car that’s had them done every three years or so regardless is likely to have been cherished.

• Oil leaks are common and they need swift attention. The most common issue is with the cam cover gaskets which leak oil, while the coolant hoses in the middle of the V tend to perish from the heat, then they split. More durable silicone replacements are available and a replacement set isn’t too costly, but replacing them all can easily take a day because of poor access.

• The radiator neck can crack through constant heating and cooling, and if not caught in time it’ll lead to the engine overheating. Radiators corrode then leak, once again leading to overheating; a replacement radiator costs plenty. Predictably, the cost of fixing a cooked engine is extremely high.

• Any vibration at idle which disappears when the engine is revved is likely to be worn engine mountings. This is more likely on a 550 as 575 mounts are stronger, so fit these as a matter of course.

• If there’s any sign of misfiring it’s probably because the HT leads are on their way out. Don’t dismiss this too lightly; a fresh set costs a lot more than you might think – not least of all because there are 12 cylinders.

• The manual gearbox is strong but some early (pre-1998) cars can suffer from tricky engagement of first, third and fifth. It’s because of iffy baulk rings so you really need to ensure a rebuild isn’t due because – predictably – these don’t come cheap.

• Clutches harden with age, while release bearings can seize up through a lack of use, leading to a very heavy pedal. A new three-piece clutch kit is expensive to fit...

• Steering racks are leak-prone; fail to fix it in time and you could be landed with a hefty bill. The power steering reservoir also tends to leak onto the top and bottom inner wishbone bushes, causing them to perish. Watch for broken springs too, leading to the car sitting low on one corner.

• The adjustable dampers are very expensive so check for leaks; also ensure they work properly. They tend to get left in the same mode all of the time, then when this is altered something fails.

• Watch out for windscreen cracks; a new screen is expensive and it takes at least six hours to fit. Also check the door and window seals for perishing as new ones are costly.
Model history
1996: The 550 Maranello replaces the Testarossa-derived F512M.
2000: A 550 Barchetta is introduced; 448 are made, of which 45 are right-hand drive.
2002: The 575M supersedes the 550M. There’s now a 5.7-litre V12, and adaptive dampers for better body control without sacrificing the ride. The interior is refreshed and Ferrari’s F1 semi-automatic transmission is now available; the first time with a road-going V12 model.
2005: The open-topped Superamerica appears (just 559 are made) and there’s now a Fiorano handling pack available for the 575M, which can be fitted retrospectively.
Owners clubs, forums and websites
Summary and prices
Ferrari 575 prices have been rising particularly quickly over the recent years. You can pick up early example in good shape from around £75,000, with prices rising towards £100,000 for later cars with lower miles. If you’re looking for one of the really desirable models, a manual car with the HGTE package, you will have to shell out upwards of £200,000 today, due to soaring demand. 
Words: Richard Dredge // Images: evo Magazine
Ferrari 575M Ferrari 575M Ferrari 575M Ferrari 575M Ferrari 575M Ferrari 575M Ferrari 575M Ferrari 575M
Last updated: 13th Jan 2016
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Ferrari 575
84995 395000 GBP
  • Ferrari 575M

    £88,000 £88,000

    Red Brake Calipers Beautiful example of a 2003 model Ferrari 575 Maranello presented in classic Rosso Corsa, Nero leather interior with red stitching and Daytona style seats. Call Autofficina on 020 8391 0002 for more information.

    • Mileage: 21091 mi
    For sale
    £88,000 £88,000
  • Ferrari 575

    £84,995 £84,995

    2003 Ferrari 575M Maranello F1 Right-hand drive 575M supplied to New Zealand in 2003 fitted with the F1 gearbox. Finished in Argento Silver with a dark blue hide interior, it is accompanied by its original leather wallet and service book. This car has just come out of a fantastic collection and has received significant expenditure since its purchase in 2015 Complete glass out repaint Wheels refurbished Complete service Refresh of all the interior switchgear New clutch Cambelts UK registered and MOT'd Presenting flawlessly with zero expense required More information to follow.........

    • Year: 2003
    • Mileage: 65000 mi
    • Engine size: 5.8
    For sale
    £84,995 £84,995
  • Ferrari 575 F1 Ferrari

    £89,990 £89,990

    According to the Certificate of Conformity or "Birth Certificate" still with the car, an essential piece of paper if the car was ever to be exported, the car was completed on the Tuesday 16th July 2002. It was transported to the UK by truck to Ferrari UK/Maranello Concessionaires Ltd in Egham Surrey, and in turn delivered to the Ferrari agents in Hampshire ,Meridien Modena in Lyndhurst for their customer Mr Oliver Barnes ,who became the first owner on the 1st August 2002.The then list price of £154,350 –excluding delivery charges number plates -£2,245.00 and road tax which was added to with the F1 gearbox £7,200.00 ,dark blue seat stitching (STC1)£180.00 and aluminium grey brake callipers (CALA)£594.00. Purchased nine months later by Mr Paul Hogart on the 9th May 2003. The third owner ,Mr Michael Finn, bought the car on the 1st August 2005, with some 20,000 miles, using Stratstone Manchester to maintain the car for him. The penultimate owner ,Mr Douglas Smith bought the car on three years later on the 31st July 2008 with 25,100 miles ,from the Ferrari agents Stratstone of Manchester, who continued to maintain the car whilst in his ownership. The last owner from London, bought the c

    • Year: 2002
    • Mileage: 39500 mi
    For sale
    £89,990 £89,990
  • Ferrari 575 Superamerica F1 "Fiorano" Handling Package - RHD.

    £325,000 £325,000

    The Ferrari 575M Maranello was introduced in 2002 as the replacement for the hugely successful 550. The 575 was produced in much smaller numbers than the 550 and was the first Ferrari V12 to offer Magneti Marelli's semi-automatic (Electrohydraulic manual) 'F1' gearbox a technology that Ferrari had developed in Formula 1. Updates from the 550 included a renewed interior, but with substantial improvements mechanically, including bigger brake discs, a larger and more powerful 5,748cc engine which produced 515bhp. In 2004 Ferrari released a limited run of 559 examples of the striking and innovative convertible, the Superamerica. Drawing its name form the iconic Pininfarina designed Lampredi V12-powered GT cars of the 1950s and 60s, the 199mph 575M Superamerica retained the coupe’s mechanicals together with its general design while featuring the a unique pivoting photo-chromic roof. The work of Pininfarina chief stylist Leonardo Fioravanti, creator of the legendary 365 GTB/4 “Daytona”, it was the first roof of its kind ever fitted to a production car, and was built using a carbon fibre frame integrated with electro-chromatic glass. The transparency of the glass could be adjusted from wi

    For sale
    £325,000 £325,000
  • 2003 FERRARI 575M Maranello F1


    One of 1,810 Ferrari 575M Maranello fitted with Magneti Marelli’s semi-automatic ’F1’ gearbox. Sold new in Italy. Two owners from new. Original colors: Grigio Titanio over Charcoal (dark grey) leather interior. Original paint and interior. Complete service made by Michelotto at 20,000 kms. Exceptionally well-preserved (factory plastics are still on the carpets). Perfect cosmetic and mechanical condition. 20,500 kms. Italian papers.

    • Mileage: 20500 mi
    For sale

    $395,000(£0) $395,000(£0)

    --Blue Mirabeau with Beige leather interior/Blue factory racing seats and Tan carpeting, 12,000 miles from new, F1 style six-speed close ratio manual transmission controlled through twin paddles mounted on the steering column, Recent major service by Authorized Ferrari dealer. This is one of only 550 limited production Ferrari 575 Superamerica models built for the world market, with even fewer imported to the North American market, it is stunning and rare! Options include: Carbon Interior and Racing Seats, GTC Package (Modular 19” wheels), Satellite Navigation, Large Racing Seats with Connoly Leather, Rear Wall Leather Upholstery, High Power Hi Fi + 6-Disc Changer, All Stitching in Color, Colored Steering Wheel. With entire production reserved for special Ferrari "VIP" clients, and the entire production run was sold-out long before the first car was built. The Superamerica is based on the 575M Maranello model, with a much more powerful 540bhp engine, and the innovative "Revocromico" roof, constructed of carbon-fiber. This lightweight roof design is elegant, convenient, and offers the driver the ability to "dial in" the amount of light entering the cockpit through the roof. Addition

    • Year: 2005
    • Mileage: 12000 mi
    For sale
    $395,000(£0) $395,000(£0)
  • 2003 FERRARI 575 GTC Competizione


    This Ferrari 575 GTC chassis # 2204 we have for sale today is one of the 12 built by Ferrari Factory for Le Mans 24H, the FIA GT Championship and American Le Mans Series. With only one owner from new and always raced and serviced by JMB racing, this Ferrari 575 GTC # 2204 was raced in FIA GT Championship in 2004, entered the Le Mans 24H in 2005 and Le Mans series this same year. In total, # 2204 entered more than 18 races between the 2004 and 2005 seasons, mainly driven by Antoine Gosse, Peter Kutemann, Stephane Daoudi, Andrea Garbagnati and Hans Hugenholtz (the whole racing history is available upon request). The engine was totally overhauled in early 2015, with new liners, pistons, valves and bearings and was never used since. This Ferrari 575 GTC Chassis 2204 is for sale today, with one set of spare wheels and its FIA Technical Passport.

    For sale