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Ferrari wheel quiz: Can you name them all?

Ferrari wheel quiz: Can you name them all? Classic and Performance Car

Ferrari is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year, can you identify these ten examples from their wheels?

Ferrari is celebrating its 70th anniversary in 2017, which is a big deal for the iconic Italian manufacturer. Ferrari might have started out as a small builder of racing cars, but success on the circuit soon saw the company flourish into one of the greatest high performance road car makers of all time. 
There’s pretty much a Ferrari to suit any occasion, and although the shapes, configurations and overall capability has changed over the years there’s one thing that has remained constant: almost unrivalled desirability. Unless of course you’re more of a Lamborghini fan.
Today’s wheel picture quiz focuses on some of the more modern Ferraris, although we have slipped a few older models in there. While some of the answers may seem easy to the more experienced Ferrari spotters, we are open to the idea of producing a more difficult Ferrari quiz along the same lines. If you want more of a challenge, just let us know in the comments! 
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