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Christmas gift ideas: Budget friendly gifts for car enthusiasts

Christmas gift ideas: Budget friendly gifts for car enthusiasts Classic and Performance Car

Struggling for car gift ideas for the petrolhead in you family? Here are a few affordable options

While it may be the thought that counts, explaining that to your loved ones as they stare at the empty space below the tree on Christmas Eve may be a bit tricky. If you’re still struggling to think of anything to buy your resident petrolhead, we’ve put together a useful ‘Christmas gift ideas, on a budget, that can be ordered from the comfort of your couch’ list. 

Battery conditioner

Battery conditioner

Nothing can spoil your Dad’s morning more than getting into his prized classic car for an invigorating winter drive, then finding out that the battery is flat. Well, a battery conditioner can keep the old girl’s battery topped up and in perfect shape – making it a worthwhile investment.

Buy CTEK MXS 5.0 Battery Charger on Amazon.co.uk

Electric tyre compressor

electric tyre pump

With the battery working, Dad’s blood pressure could rise again when he notices that one of the tyres has gone a little soft. Not for long though, as he remembers that you bought him a handy portable electric tyre pump. Plugging directly into the cigarette lighter, this will come in very handy throughout the year. 

Buy Ring RAC600 12V Digital Tyre Inflator on Amazon.co.uk

Emergency winter kit

Winter emergency pack

Breaking down is a rite of passage for classic car enthusiasts, and the big one that everybody wistfully refers to down the pub is that time they were stranded on the side of a deserted road for hours on end during a blizzard. To ensure that your loved one survives to tell their tale, why not treat them to a very useful emergency winter kit? 

Buy an emergency car kit from Amazon.co.uk

Bluetooth/USB adaptors for older cars 

car bluetooth adaptor

Dad may be the committed sort who drives his classic throughout winter, and while the heater may be erratic and the wipers a tad temperamental – these are just quirky character builders. What he really needs is Led Zeppelin pumping through his one remaining speaker and a Bluetooth/USB adaptor is just the thing for it. Hours of patiently showing him how to pair his phone not included. 

Buy VicTsing Car MP3 Player FM Transmitter on Amazon.co.uk

Reusable Breathalysers


Already an item that is required to be kept in a car at all times in France, a reusable breathalyzer is a good way to settle any doubt about whether you should call for a lift, or drive home... 

Buy VicTsing Digital Breath Alcohol Tester on Amazon.co.uk

London Classic Car Show tickets

London Classic Car Show

As the New Year gets going and memories of Christmas fading fast, what better way to remember all those happy times than with a set of tickets to a classic car show? Taking place from 23-27 February, the London Classic Car show is not too long a wait after Christmas, and promises to be bigger and better than ever. Automatic admittance to the Historic Motorsport International event with any ticket purchase is icing on the cake. 

Buy tickets to the London Classic Car Show from £24

Something for the kids...

Need to find something for the kids? Spending this much time in close proximity to one’s adorable little treasures may have mums eye twitching and the cooking wine mysteriously getting emptier by the minute, so let’s see what we can do to keep the peace during the festive period...

Top Trumps

Top Trumps
– The annual three-hour pilgrimage to Gran’s house for Boxing Day can be made so much more pleasant when the kids are distracted by a few family friendly card games. This old-school options are a great way to while away any car journey, and learn a few car stats too.

Remote control cars, slot cars and Lego

Having safely arrived at Gran’s house, car-obsessed kids can stay entertained by building a Lego Ferrari, racing a plastic Bugatti around a plastic track while annoying the dog with a remote control Lambo. 

Advanced driving courses 

Advanced driving courses

One can never be too safe on the roads these days. Fatality rates have dropped in recent years, but the additional hazards of winter driving always see a spike in these numbers over the festive season. While countries like Finland have a multi-layered drivers licence process including night time and slippery road driving, the UK process is much less onerous. An advanced driver’s course can remedy this shortfall and better prepare your family when they are behind the wheel. 


Movies and shows

Christmas is all about sharing and what better way to do this than with gifts that the whole family can enjoy together. The recent boom in car based movies and TV shows means that there are a lot of options to choose from.
View these on Blu-ray, DVD or even stream them:

The Italian Job –  The original of course, featuring Michael Caine at his best. At £4.95 for the 40th anniversary DVD, it’s a Christmas miracle.

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Cars boxset – Pixar’s unique blend of excellent CGI animation and brilliant writing means that these films are enjoyable by all. 

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Days of Thunder – Loose is fast. Tom Cruise knows his stuff in this ‘Top Gun with cars’ blockbuster from 1990.

Buy on Amazon.co.uk DVD | Blu-ray | Digital 

Rush – One of the best Formula 1 movies in recent history? 

Buy on Amazon.co.uk DVD | Blu-ray | Digital 

Senna – A rather more emotional documentary on the life and death of Ayrton Senna. 

Buy on Amazon.co.uk DVD | Blu-ray | Digital 

Smokey and the Bandit – If you haven’t seen this one then, then prepare for a treat. Or perhaps it’s time to introduce your kids Smokey, the Bandit and Buford T Justice. 

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Vanishing Point – Cult classic, featuring a Dodge Challenger, a very long road trip and a naked lady on a bike. 

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Board games

board games

Depending on the age of the family members, a board game is a great way to shout and scream at each other for hours on end – without anyone really getting upset at the end. Take a look at these options, pick the one you feel you would be best at, then present it to the family under the guise of togetherness...

Ticket to Ride – This is a global travel board game. Beautifully made and great for ages 8 and up. £42.93 for the Nordic edition, lots of expansions are available.

Scotland Yard – This game will have you chasing around London for Mr. X using all manner of public transport. Not sure why they don’t issue detectives with their own cars but for £14.00 you and up to five of your family and friends can find out.

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