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Supercar clampdown proposed in West London

Supercar clampdown proposed in West London Classic and Performance Car

Authorities in London aim to make revving, loud music and rapid acceleration a criminal crime.

Supercar owners could soon become subject to criminal prosecution in London after a new set of motoring offences were proposed.

Councillors in Kensington and Chelsea are hoping to make it illegal for drivers to excessively rev, play loud music, or rapidly accelerate through areas of the capital.

The proposals are aimed at combating the growing influx of supercars from the Middle East, which according to Kensington & Chelsea have a ‘detrimental effect to the local community’s quality of life’.

Wealthy drivers from the Middle East are becoming increasingly prone to import their supercars, often modified, into the UK for the summer months.

Amongst the proposals include making it illegal for groups to drive in convoy, leave the car running while stationary or beep the horn.

Cllr Tim Ahern, the council’s cabinet member for environment, environmental health and leisure. Told the Evening Standard that the proposals are aimed at ‘discouraging’ boisterous driving.
“I know there has been a lot of coverage of expensive cars racing around Knightsbridge and also parking up and revving their engines. We want to take steps to discourage these drivers from their antisocial behaviour.”

Alex Prindiville, founder and owner of supercar showroom Prindiville, has slammed the proposals, labelling them 'heavy-handed and unnecessary'.

"While I can fully sympathise with local residents who are upset by the anti-social behaviour of the few, the proposed Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) to be applied to a large spread of Knightsbridge is using the proverbial sledgehammer to crack a nut.

"Existing laws are already perfectly adequate to deal with the minority of supercar drivers who step out of line, provided they are properly enforced."

The council is currently consulting on how to address such proposals.

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