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Ferrari 360 Modena: The Next Big Thing

Ferrari 360 Modena: The Next Big Thing Classic and Performance Car

Will the Ferrari 360 Modena follow the F355 with rising prices?

There can’t be performance car enthusiast out there who, if they haven’t already realised a dream of Ferrari ownership, isn’t at least considering ways of making it come true. The genuine classic models (250 GTO, Daytona, original California Spider, Dino 246, etc) are now well and truly out of reach for all but the super-rich, and they’re hardly the sort of cars you could live with on a daily basis in the modern world anyway. But that can’t be said for the F355, which was probably the first two-seat Ferrari that could genuinely be considered a prospect as regular transport.

Around five years ago, there was a relative abundance of 355s in the low- to mid-£30,000s, but now the car has acquired ‘modern classic’ status, prices have edged up to the £50,000 mark and beyond. This should be taken as a lesson, because it’s currently possible to buy its far better successor, the 360 Modena, for below £40,000.

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The 360 was lighter, quicker, better engineered and generally more reliable than the 355 and now looks like an absolute bargain. Prices start in the mid-30s for cash, but between £50,000 and £60,000 will get you an excellent coupe or a very good Spider. There’s also a good spread of both F1 paddleshift cars and manuals in the market (I reckon the latter will become considerably more sought after). Trackday enthusiasts will appreciate the even-more-focused limited-edition Challenge Stradale, but these are now well into six figures and beyond.

My target, however, would be a ‘cooking’ 2002/2003 Modena for £50k or less, preferably in Tour de France Blue. Surely there can be few more enjoyable investments?

Words: Simon de Burton/evo Magazine

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