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Ferrari F355: Buying guide and review (1994-1999)

Ferrari F355: Buying guide and review (1994-1999) Classic and Performance Car
Ferrari F355 Ferrari F355 Ferrari F355 Ferrari F355 Ferrari F355 Ferrari F355
Let’s just go straight to it: the Ferrari F355 is one of the best cars ever to have come out of Maranello. The 355 replaced the rather lacklustre 348 and was a distinct improvement in both looks and dynamic ability. A quantum leap, if you like. 
When it went on sale in 1994, the F355 had the interesting task of moving Ferrari forward as a serious volume manufacturer. In a post-Honda NSX world, sports cars could no longer afford to be the unreliable or cumbersome to drive, and while the F355 might have been an evolution of the 348, it was a game-changing proposition from Ferrari. 
The mid-mounted, dry-sumped, flat-plane V8 borrowed the then-latest Formula 1 technology, featuring five valves (three inlet, two exhausts) per cylinder and producing 380bhp at a screaming 8250rpm, which equates to 109bhp per litre – and that was the highest specific output for a naturally aspirated car at the time.
With a 0-60mph sprint time of 4.6 seconds and a top speed only a gnat’s shy of 180mph, the 355 is a searingly fast sports car. It’s also widely considered to be the last of the traditionally beautiful Ferraris, and although styling is largely subjective, any petrol head would be hard to argue against the 355’s slender, delicate Pininfarina styling. 
The Ferrari has a beautifully restrained interior too, and it just fits. Climb over the wide sill and you find yourself seated low with feet slightly offset, but visibility is fine and, when the V8 starts, the sound is intoxicating at the steady yet busy idle. 
You can drive a 355 fast and comfortably at normal revs, keeping the engine below around 5000rpm, with the adjustable suspension in ‘comfort’ mode. The controls are accurate and communicative, the clutch is a bit long of travel yet sensibly weighted, and the manual gearbox is a delight.
Because you sit well forward, with the engine screaming behind you, the Ferrari seems to swivel from your hips, and it feels planted. But switch the suspension to ‘sports’ mode, allow the revcounter to breach that 5000rpm mark and the car comes on cam properly. It’s fast; reactive, angry, howlingly, road-munchingly fast. The super-sharp – if rather light – steering, massive ATE brakes with ABS, fat 225 and 265/40 tyres and that perfectly balanced chassis make it all seem very easy. The F355 does exactly what you tell it to do.
One of the best cars of the 1990s? Not only that, but one of the very best Ferraris ever…
Which one to buy?
Built between 1994 and 1999, this Pininfarina-penned Ferrari was the first of the marque to sell more than 10,000 examples. Starting out in Berlinetta (GTB) and Targa (GTS) forms, the full convertible Spider coming a little later. The six-speed electrohydraulic manual transmission was made available from 1997 – as the F355 F1 – as an option to the regular F355 six-speed manual. This automated manual 'box was capable of super-quick shift times when new, however feels a little but old fashioned when compared to the lightning-quick modern dual-clutch ‘boxes. It takes a bit of time to learn how to get the most out of it, but it's pretty dood when you are used to it.
There is also an altogether more hardcore option, in the form of the F355 Challenge racer, although these are restricted to track use and are surprisingly rare. 
Performance and specs
Engine 3495cc V8, five-valves per cylinder
Power 380bhp @ 8250rpm
Torque 268lb ft @ 6000rpm
Top Speed 183mph
0-60mph 4.6secs
Fuel Consumption 20mpg
Gearbox Six-speed manual, six-speed automated manual ‘F1’ gearbox
Dimensions and weight
Wheelbase 2451mm
Length 4249mm
Width 1900mm
Height 1171mm
Weight 1350kg
Common problems
• The 355 ushered in a new generation of more reliable Ferraris, but there are still some many things to look out for when you are buying a used example.

• Despite the complexity of the engine, it is actually surprisingly durable if serviced well. There is an issue with some engines, where the soft valve guides wear, causing the engine to burn oil. This generally only affects earlier pre-1996 cars, although no engine is immune. A compression test can identify any problems. 

• Although rare, there have been a few cases of engine bay fires. Ferrari issued two recalls to fix the possible causes, so you should check that these have been carried out.

• The F355’s catalytic converters are very expensive, and are often replaced with straight-through pipes. Make sure that if this is the case, the cats are offered with the car, to be fitted for the MoT. If the originals are not working properly, specialists can rebuild them.

• Exhaust manifolds can, and eventually will crack. Listen for the usual ticking or blowing sound.

• While the targa-topped GTS model offers a nice compromise between the full coupe and Spider, but the roof seals can leak. Check for damp carpets.

• The oldest 355s are now more than 20 years old, which means that corrosion is already a surprising problem on higher mileage cars. 

• The worst (and most unsightly) area is where the buttresses meet the rear wings. This seam flexes and the moves over time, causing cracks to form and letting moisture get in. Most cars will have this problem to some degree, but a recent respray is always a positive point. Check other body panels for signs of accident repairs.

• Interiors are generally reasonably hard wearing, but can become a little bit rough around the edges. Check how the rubberised coating on the centre console trim is holding up, as this is very expensive to replace properly.

• Cars from hot climates can often suffer from UV damage to the leather on the dashboard. The only option is to recover the dash. It might be good to do this at the same time as the seats, which often need attention to the worn bolsters. 

• If looking at a Spider model, then it’s important to ensure that the electric roof mechanism is operating correctly. If it isn’t working correctly, one possible problem is that the seat potentiometer (which is part of the roof’s in-built safety mechanism to prevent damage) has packed up, which can be a expensive job. Alternatively, the hydraulic roof motor has failed, which is considerably more difficult and expensive to remedy. 
Model history
May 1994: Ferrari F355 Berlinetta and targa-topped GTS model goes on sale.
1995: F355 Spider, a full convertible model, is launched. F355 Challenge also introduced.
1996: Minor ECU change brings in a mildly re-configured airbox arrangement, and airbag steering wheel.
1997: Automated manual F1 gearbox introduced, with paddle shifters.
1999: Ferrari F355 production ends. 
Owners clubs, forums and websites
• www.the355.com - Fantastic resource for F355 owners
• www.ferrariownersclub.co.uk - UK-based Ferrari owners club
• www.clubscuderia.co.uk - International forum, for owners of all Ferrari models
• www.eurospares.co.uk - Specialists in affordable parts and service items
Summary and prices
The F355 was one of the most popular Ferraris when it was new, and prices have never particularly dipped to the level of the previous 308 and 348 models due to continued demand. Today prices start from around £60,000 for a higher-mileage example, probably with the less desirable F1 ‘box, while £75,000 will get a very presentable example. Up to £100,000 is paid for the absolutely top-class cars, although some dealers might ask considerably more. 
Ferrari F355 Ferrari F355 Ferrari F355 Ferrari F355 Ferrari F355 Ferrari F355
Last updated: 9th May 2016
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Ferrari 355 cars for sale

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Ferrari 355
54500 134995 GBP
  • 1995 Ferrari F355 Berlinetta

    $54,500(£42,401) $54,500(£42,401)

    This 1995 Ferrari F355 Berlinetta Coupe is a very desirable car. Green with tan interior. Its due for servicing buy is a fantastic driver and an absolute bargain at just $54,500

    • Year: 1995
    For sale
    Gullwing Motor Cars
    718-545-0500  VIEW CONTACT NUMBER
  • Ferrari 355 Challenge


    Features : 355 Challenge . 2 owners/ Full service done in Maranello by Toni Autos. New wheels , new brakes , new Wind screen Etc .... Comment : 355 chalenge involved in UK 355 Challenge in 1995/96/97/98 . Winning car with Charlie white

    • Year: 2009
    • Mileage: 11809 mi
    For sale
  • Ferrari F355 GTS Targa 1995

    €79,950(£67,853.57) €79,950(£67,853.57)

    Ferrari F355 GTS Targa 1995 recently major maintenance At the introduction of the Ferrari F355 the V8 engine was known as one of the most powerful at that time. With the impressive power of 380HP this Ferrari is a real sportscar. Recently this Ferrari has had major maintenance. The timing chain, all other chains and fluids were replaced. The invoices are present. This car has paint in colour Corsa Rosso with black accents and beautiful light metal wheels. The interior has black leather and comfortable seats. The dashboard has the original Ferrari radio. Driving this Ferrari is very pleasant thanks to the manual gearbox and the typical Italian sound as well. Car has Holland title and mot/tuv. Easy to register in every EU country. You do not need to pay any import taxes. We can help with transport.

    • Year: 1995
    For sale
  • Ferrari 355

    £85,000 £85,000

    Full service history An exquisite Ferrari 355 GTS in Le Mans Blue with crema interior. The car is immaculate both inside and out having just been re-painted. Full service history and Ferrari 355 GTS book pack accompany this beautiful car.

    • Mileage: 55127 mi
    • Engine size: 3496
    For sale
  • Ferrari 355

    £80,000 £80,000

    1997 Ferrari 355 GTS finished in Rosso Corsa with Nero Leather interior. This is a left hand drive manual vehicle and has completed 47,701 km (29,640 miles).

    • Mileage: 29640 mi
    • Engine size: 3496
    For sale
  • Ferrari 355

    £95,000 £95,000

    Full service history Just become available, a rare opportunity to own this beautiful Manual Ferrari 355 GTS finished in Le Mans Blue with Crema leather interior, a truly stunning combination. This car is fitted with a Sports Exhaust system and a Challenge Rear Grille. This 355 has always been meticulously maintained with a full service history. Complete with 3 Piece Schedoni Luggage Set and Full Alpine Stereo system, Bluetooth, etc.

    • Mileage: 48118 mi
    • Engine size: 3496
    For sale
  • Ferrari F355 3,5 Berlinetta

    €90,600(£76,892.22) €90,600(£76,892.22)

    Ferrari F355 3,5 Berlinetta Equipment: Ekstrem fin stand Bilen er som ny Fuld serviceret Nye dæk Her er chancen for at erhverve sig en samlerbil ring for info prisen er ekskl reg afgift

    • Year: 1998
    For sale
  • FERRARI F355 Spider F1

    £109,950 £109,950

    Yellow Stitching Throughout Stitching to Steering Wheel Electric Seats Air Conditioning UK Supplied Fantastic Service History Adjustable Steering Column Air Conditioning Delivery Available Financing Available Full Service History

    • Year: 1998
    • Mileage: 14000 mi
    For sale
  • 1998 Ferrari F355

    $79,900(£62,162.20) $79,900(£62,162.20)

    The F355 Ferrari is widly considered to be the first truly modern eight cylinder Ferrari. Previous eight cylinder Ferrari’s were iconic in their style, but left a lot on the table in terms of performance. The cars received an updated style that has stood the test of time, and finally got an eight cylinder engine that proudly carried the Ferrari badge into the new millennium. Featuring a high revving (8500 rpm) V8 engine, the car offered a dramatic increase in performance over the previous eight cylinder Ferraris. The F355 used Formula 1 technology in the engine with the introduction of a 5-valve cylinder head. This new head design allowed the engine to breathe much better, and resulted in a dramatic power increase to 375 hp. The engine internals used the latest in technology, including the use of lightweight materials; the connecting rods are forged in Ti6-Al-4V titanium alloy. At only 3000 lbs, the car was both light and agile, and offered among the best performance of any car of its generation. The cars are a joy to drive and offer a high level of collectability while offering great performance and daily civility. This 1998 Ferrari F355 Spider 6-speed is one of the finest example

    • Year: 1998
    • Mileage: 17000 mi
    For sale


    Information 1996 FERRARI F355 SPIDER (MANUAL) GIALLO MODENA Belts service just been carried out 30,000 Miles 6 Speed Manual Giallo Modena Yellow Full Nero Black Interior Optional Sports Mode Part Electric Seats Electric Hood Tonnau Cover Climate Control (AC) Electric Windows & Mirrors 18' Ferrari 355 Alloys Original Toolkit Full Ferrari Service History Recently Serviced Interested In Vehicle Print Vehicle Details Back To Index

    • Year: 1996
    • Mileage: 30000 mi
    For sale
  • Ferrari 355

    £109,995 £109,995

    Variant name:BERLINETTA/GTB ,Derivative:BERLINETTA/GTB ,Variant: Berlinetta/ GTB Manual 1997 'R' reg with 26,119 miles. Giallo Fly with Nero Leather, Manual Gearbox, High Level Brake Light, Rear Challenge Grille, Alpine Sound System with Speaker Upgrade. Full Service History and Lovely Condition. This in our opinion is one of the nicest F355's we have ever driven with a manual gearbox. The Engine feels tight and delivers power smoothly, the Clutch and Gearbox Light and very Precise and the Steering is excellent. All round this is a very pleasurable car to drive and a credit to it's former owners.

    • Year: 1998
    • Mileage: 26119 mi
    • Engine size: 3.5
    For sale
  • Ferrari 355 GTB F1

    £134,995 £134,995

    Make: Ferrari Model: 355 Coupe First Registered: 01/03/1999 Mileage: 4,985 miles Previous Owners: 1 Engine: 3.5 ltr V8 Transmission: F1 Doors: 2 Seats: 2 Trim Colour: Crema Leather Carpet Colour: Red Paint Colour: Rosso Corsa MOT: TBA TAX: TBA HPI: Clear Warranty: 3 Months 5* Cover Included

    • Year: 1999
    • Mileage: 4985 mi
    For sale
  • Ferrari 355 Spider RHD Manual

    £89,995 £89,995

    Make: Ferrari Model: 355 Spider First Registered: 015/06/1998 Mileage: 40,050 miles Previous Owners: 6 Engine: 3.5 ltr V8 Transmission: Manual Doors: 2 Seats: 2 Trim Colour: Crema Leather Carpet Colour: Red Paint Colour: Rosso Corsa MOT: TBA TAX: TBA HPI: Clear Warranty: 3 Months 5* Cover Included

    • Year: 1998
    • Mileage: 40050 mi
    For sale
  • Ferrari 355 Spider V8 RHD

    £89,995 £89,995

    Make: Ferrari Model: 355 Spider RHD First Registered: 1997 (R) Mileage: 24,558 miles Previous Owners: 6 Engine: 3.5 ltr V8 Transmission: 6 speed Manual Doors: 2 Seats: 2 Trim Colour: Nero Leather Carpet Colour: Grey Paint Colour: Giallo Fly Yellow MOT: TBA TAX: TBA HPI: Clear Warranty: 3 Months 5* Cover Included

    • Year: 1997
    • Mileage: 24558 mi
    For sale
  • Ferrari 355 GTB


    Features : 355 GTB in real mint condition . All service done with Gipimotors and in Pozzi paris. Comment : Supplied new in Italia new but went immediately in Sweden where it remains till today. Complete with his log book , doubles keys , all service files from new.

    • Year: 2009
    • Mileage: 6837 mi
    For sale
  • 1995 FERRARI 355 GTB

    $89,500(£69,631) $89,500(£69,631)

    --Black with Black leather interior, Black carpeting, 26,000 miles from new, 6-speed manual transmission. This 355 has been well known to Autosport Designs, Inc. having been owned by one of our good friend and client in California. It has a recent $12,000 major-engine out service performed by a Ferrari franchise dealer and is in superb condition. It also has the advantage of being fitted with Fabspeed exhaust manifolds-headers, Capristo secondary cat bypass pipes as well as Capristo stainless steel sport exhaust also at a recent great expenditure. The 1995 model year 355 is the one to have. The 1995 model year 355 has the most horsepower and is the only year the model is not fitted OBD II. Currently in exceptional and well-serviced condition throughout with all books, tools and records.

    • Year: 1995
    • Mileage: 26000 mi
    For sale
  • Ferrari 355 Berlinetta F1

    £99,995 £99,995

    Tour De France Blu Beige Blu carpets 25500 miles Sold by our company 10 years ago this Berlinetta has been fastidiously cared for by the same owner since. Now back in our ownership the car will be subject to a major cam belt service and further detail work.

    • Year: 1998
    • Mileage: 25500 mi
    For sale

    £79,995 £79,995

    Rosso Nero leather Bordeaux carpets 18500 miles Maintained by our company since 2011. Extensive detailing program recently carried out at NCSC. Cambelt service carried out in December 2016.

    • Year: 1996
    • Mileage: 18500 mi
    For sale
  • 1997 (P) FERRARI F355 COUPE Berlinetta 2dr

    £79,995 £79,995

    The Ferrari F355 (Type F129) is a sports car built by Ferrari from May 1994 to 1999. It is an evolution of the Ferrari 348 and was replaced by the Ferrari 360. It is a mid-engined, rear wheel drive, V8-powered two-seat coupe, targa, or convertible. Design emphasis for the F355 was placed on significantly improved performance, as well as drivability across a wider range of speeds and in different environments (such as low-speed city traffic.) Watch the video here: www.vimeo.com/184371421 Apart from the displacement increase from 3.4 to 3.5 L, the major difference between the V8 engine in the 348 and F355 is the introduction of a 5-valve cylinder head. This new head design allowed for better intake permeability and resulted in an engine that was considerably more powerful, producing 380 PS (279 kW; 375 hp) Our beautiful car is a 1997 / P registered and very much sought after Ferrari F355 GTB F1 Gearbox in Nero, with Nero Leather interior, having been converted from Rosso Corsa to present colour by a Ferrari main agent for a customer who 'could not find a Nero at the time!. The vehicle has covered 54,500 Kilometers, which equates to very low mileage of 33,867 miles. Having previously been registered overseas, the vehicle is now in the UK and will be registered in the UK with Amari as its first UK owner. SERVICE & MOT 09/04/98 - 4,856 Kms - Ferrari Main Dealer 13/11/98 - 10,911 Kms - Ferrari Main Dealer 21/08/99 - 12,263 Kms - Ferrari Main Dealer 07/01/00 - 15,122 Kms - Ferrari Main Dealer 15/09/00 - 19,111 Kms - Ferrari Main Dealer 26/07/01 - 22,791 Kms - Ferrari Main Dealer 22/01/02 - 29,537 Kms - Ferrari Main Dealer 20/05/05 - 38,249 Kms - Ferrari Main Dealer 18/04/08 - 48,265 Kms - Ferrari Main Dealer 06/10/09 - 49,227 Kms - Specialist Dealer 01/07/11 - 52,850 Kms - Specialist Dealer 01/09/14 - 53,704 Kms - Specialist Dealer 24/11/14 - 53,832 Kms - Specialist Dealer The car will receive the next scheduled service & a full MOT before being handed over to the new owner. WHEELS & TYRES The car is presented with the Classic 355 Alloy Wheels, paired with Pirelli P-Zero tyres all around: Front: 225 x 40 x ZR18 Rear: 265 x 40 x ZR18 Tyre tread depths are: Front Right: 6mm Front Left: 6mm Rear Right: 4mm Rear Left: 4mm We have an extensive folder of paperwork with this car, detailing all the work carried out on the car throughout its life. This is a true testament to the obviously discerning owners whom have cherished this car throughout its life. We have all the original owner manuals, service book, as well as 3 keys (includes the 'coveted' red key). To make an appointment or to discuss the car in detail, please contact our Customer Service Team on 01772 663777. Viewing strictly by appointment. Prior to offering for sale, all cars are subject to the AMARI Inspection, a stringent 170 point investigation of the car cosmetically, electrically and mechanically. Our resident master technicians attend to all issues prior to offering the car for sale, using the very latest and best diagnostic equipment, state of the art tools and methods. Our highly qualified master technicians can carry out servicing on all road cars, from the standard family hatch back to the latest Lamborghini, Ferrari, Aston Martin... We are the only independent dealer with full Ferrari SDX Diagnostics and the Lamborghini LARAS Diagnostics systems. Our fully equipped workshop enables us to attend to any electrical, and mechanical issues, from intricate electrical repairs and renewals, to brake disc Skimming and air conditioning recharging. Before collection all cars go through our exhaustive detailing process (can take up to three days) using only the worlds finest Swissvax products, carried out by our professional certified Swissvax trained technicians, covering every aspect of the car inside and out. Collection and delivery throughout the UK can be offered through the most reputable manufacturer championed company who use only the very latest covered car transporters with extensive experience of transporting cars across the world. Vehicles are supplied with a three month warranty *Exclusions Apply. We offer part exchange and finance facility on most cars. AMARI Lifestyle Limited T/As AMARI SuperCars is authorised & Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (663066)

    • Mileage: 33867 mi
    • Engine size: 3.5
    For sale
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