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Ferrari 348: Buying guide and review (1989-1994)

Ferrari 348: Buying guide and review (1989-1994) Classic and Performance Car
Ferrari 348 Ferrari 348 Ferrari 348 Ferrari 348 Ferrari 348 Ferrari 348 Ferrari 348
Following on from the Ferrari 308 and 328 was never going to be an easy task, but when the 348 was launched at the 1989 Frankfurt Auto Show it’s fair to say that Ferrari appeared to have hit the spot once more. Sure those side strakes were still loved and loathed in equal measure, just as they’d been on the Testarossa, but the 348 was sleek and distinctive, even if some felt that it already looked dated.
Then came the reviews and it all went downhill from there. Many journalists who drove the 348 were distinctly underwhelmed and it soon became clear that those early cars weren’t as great to drive as they should have been. But Ferrari wasn’t slow to act and it soon introduced a raft of improvements – and it would carry on developing the car throughout its life.
So while the 348 is one of those Ferraris that wasn’t highly regarded in period, as a semi-classic it’s now much more sought after. After all, few people buy a 348 now to push it to its limits – even when it was new, few owners would have driven their cars at more than seven-tenths. So don’t be fooled by all those reviews from the late eighties; try a 348 for yourself and make up your own mind.
Which one to buy?
When buying a 348 it’s essential that you buy one which has had all of the factory-issued updates; Ferrari was constantly bringing out tweaks and upgrades to improve things. That’s why it’s also worth going for the newest car you can find; later cars are significantly better (and better-built) than the earlier ones – especially if the latter hasn’t had a full complement of upgrades.
A lot of 348s were sold in the UK, but many have now been exported to Australia, so there aren’t many to choose from. The tb and Spider are the most popular, but any good ts will always find a buyer too. All you have to do is colour-code the roof and you’ve got the best of both worlds; a car that looks like a coupé, but you can remove the roof if you want.
While there weren’t many special editions, there was one intriguing model reserved purely for the American market – the 348 Serie Speciale. While it’s not that widely known about, this heavily revised car actually fixed many of the dynamic criticisms that were thrown at the 348, with some F40-inspired Kevlar seats to help spice things up. 
For something a little more unique, then there is the extremely rare (and brilliantly named) 348tb Elaborazione, built by Zagato. Extremely expensive to buy when new (around two and a half times the price of the standard car) just ten of these cars were produced, and come up for sale very occasionally today. 
Finally, be meticulous when checking a 348’s service history before buying – and don’t even consider a car that hasn’t got a full history proving that it’s been maintained by a well-respected marque specialist. Any car that’s not adhered to the factory service schedule and been used regularly is just asking for trouble. On that note don’t get too hung up on buying a car that’s done hardly any miles as you’re more likely to have problems with one of these than something which has been used regularly.
Performance and specs
Engine 3405cc, V8
Power 300bhp @ 7200rpm
Torque 239lb ft @ 4200rpm
Top speed 171mph
0-62mph 5.4sec
Fuel consumption 18mpg
Gearbox Five-speed manual
Dimensions and weight
Wheelbase 2450mm
Length 4230mm
Width 1892mm
Height 1168mm
Weight 1390kg
Common problems
• The 348 has an all-steel bodyshell and apart from signs of minor rust in the wheelarches and door bottoms, you shouldn’t expect any bodywork issues in terms of corrosion or poor panel fit, unless the car has been shunted. 

• The undertrays that smooth airflow underneath the car should be present and undamaged, so check that they are.

• Early 348 V8s could suffer from extensive chain tensioner wear in the lower drive system, along with failure of the inner support bearing for the cam-drive jack shaft. Both designs were updated but if buying an early car it’s worth investing in a professional inspection.

• The later 348 engine is very strong and very few cars have clocked up the kind of mileage that requires a rebuild. With most cars having done less than 50,000 miles, the chances of a rebuild being due are minimal, unless the car has been neglected.

• Early cars need a fresh cam belt every two years, but for later cars this became every three years or 24,000 miles.

• All 348s have a manual gearbox and clutches are weak; check for slipping or gear selection issues. Beware of a noisy gearbox, which suggests that the transfer gears have worn out. Repairs are very expensive.

• As is common with Ferraris of this era, don’t expect to be able to get second gear until the gearbox has fully warmed up; there’s plenty of torque available to go from first straight to third.

• Clutches tend to last just 10-15,000 miles. Some cars have a single-plate clutch, but later cars have a multi-plate item which costs twice as much to replace.

• The platforms that hold the suspension springs in place can crack, allowing the springs to slide down the dampers.

• The 348 features an electronic climate control system which plays up. The ECU at the heart of it is usually the culprit and replacements aren’t available. It’s the soldered joints that usually cause problems, so repairs are possible, but specialised.
Model history
1989: The 348 is launched at the Frankfurt motor show, in coupé (tb) and Targa (ts) forms. Compared with the outgoing 328 there’s an extra 210cc and 30bhp (now 300bhp) from the all-alloy V8.
1993: There’s now a Spider (full convertible), aimed largely at the US market. The sills are painted black; later in the year the tb and ts get the same treatment when they’re renamed GTB and GTS. There’s also a new front spoiler, a revised interior and the V8 is boosted to 320bhp.
1994: Production of the GTB and GTS ends, but the Spider continues for a few months longer. Also, the run-out GTC (Competizione) is launched, with just 50 made. Each features revised wheels, suspension and some lightweight composite panels.
Owners clubs, forums and websites
• www.my348.com 
• www.ferrariownersclub.co.uk
• www.fcars.co.uk
• www.ferrariownersclub.org
• www.clubscuderia.co.uk
Summary and prices
In marque lore, the 348 languishes in a netherworld between used car status and classicdom. Purists moan that it lacks the aesthetic purity of the 328 it replaced, while others carp about its lack of dynamic ability compared with the 355 it spawned. Even company supremo Luca di Montezemolo went on record at the 360 launch, saying ‘Ferrari won’t be making any more mistakes like the 348’. It’s been on a losing streak since it broke cover in ’89.
With Ferrari 355 prices so strong, the slightly older 348 remains extremely good value to this day. The very cheapest examples start at £20,000, however these will be in need of significant restoration work, and realistically, £30,000 is your start point for good cars. Spend closer to £40,000, and you’ll end up with something significantly healthier, but the very best examples command in excess of £55,000.
Ferrari 348 Ferrari 348 Ferrari 348 Ferrari 348 Ferrari 348 Ferrari 348 Ferrari 348
Last updated: 17th Jun 2016
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Ferrari 348 cars for sale

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Ferrari 348
46500 99950 GBP
  • Ferrari 348 Spider US Cabriolet Red '94

    €72,500(£60,994.25) €72,500(£60,994.25)

    The 348, badged 348 tb for the coupé ( Trasversale Berlinetta ) and 348 ts (Spider) for the targa versions, features a normally aspirated 3.4-litre version of the quad-cam, four-valve-per-cylinder V8 engine. As with its predecessors, the model number was derived from this configuration, with the first two digits being the displacement and the third being the number of cylinders. The engine, which produced 300 hp (224 kW), was mounted longitudinally and coupled to a transverse manual gearbox, like the Mondial T with which the 348 shared many components. This was a significant change for Ferrari, with most previous small Ferraris using a transverse engine with longitudinal transmission. The "T" in the model name 348 tb and ts refers to the transverse position of the gearbox. Overall, 2,895 examples of the 348 tb and 4,230 of the 348 ts were produced. In late 1993 the 348 was revised, featuring subtle styling changes (front grille, rear chrome Cavallino and removable seat cushions) and more power, this time producing 312 bhp (U.S) and 320 hp (Euro) from the same 3.4-litre engine, with an improved engine management system - Bosch Motronic 2.7, new exhaust system (single muffler). The r

    • Year: 1994
    • Mileage: 28440 mi
    For sale
  • 1989 Ferrari 348TB Coupe

    $46,500(£35,907.30) $46,500(£35,907.30)

    1989 Ferrari 348TB Coupe 1989 Ferrari 348TB Coupe with 32,146 miles on the odometer. It is featured in a highly appealing and timeless color combination in rossa corsa with a black interior. The car is equipped with a 5-speed manual transmission, air conditioning, power windows and includes the owners manual, warranty booklet and light service records. It is extremely clean and presentable as well as being mechanically sound. For $46,500 If you have any additional questions Please call 310-975-0272 or email with any questions! We also welcome all international buyers. We can help with shipping quotes and arrangements.

    • Year: 1989
    • Mileage: 32146 mi
    For sale


    Information FERRARI 348 TB MANUAL RIGHT HAND DRIVE - 1992 Rosso Red Metallic with Crema Interior. 30,000 miles Manual Climate Control Electric Mirrors Electric Windows 17" Alloy wheels Fully Documented service history Just had a full service including cam belts and tensioners, Refurbished alloys with new bolts and caps Original Manuals, Leather wallet and spare keys available Interested In Vehicle Print Vehicle Details Back To Index

    • Year: 1993
    • Mileage: 30000 mi
    For sale
  • Ferrari 348 TS

    £49,995 £49,995

    Make: Ferrari Model: 348 TS First Registered: 01/03/1991 Mileage: 38,372 miles Previous Owners: 4 Engine: 3.4 ltr V8 Transmission: Manual Doors: 2 Seats: 2 Trim Colour: Crema Leather Carpet Colour: Red Paint Colour: Rosso Corsa MOT: TBA TAX: TBA HPI: Clear Warranty: 3 Months 5* Cover Included

    • Year: 1991
    • Mileage: 38372 mi
    For sale
  • Ferrari 348 Spider

    £69,995 £69,995

    Make: Ferrari Model: 348 Spider First Delivered: 08/08/1994 Mileage: 41,500 Miles Previous Owners: 3 Engine: 3.4 Ltr Transmission: Manual Paint Colour: Giallo Modena Trim Colour: Nero Hide Carpet Colour: Nero Doors: 2 Seats: 2 MOT: 12 Months TAX: TBA HPI: Clear Warranty: 3 Months

    • Year: 2000
    • Mileage: 41500 mi
    For sale
  • Ferrari 348 TB


    1991 348 tb LHD Finished in Rossa Corsa with Crema hide 14,650 kilometres from new Introduced in 1991 the Ferrari 348 was the final mid-engined V8 model developed by Enzo Ferrari before his death. Featuring a new 3.4 litre version of the normally aspirated quad-cam, four-valve-per-cylinder V8 producing 300BHP. Imported into the UK last year from Italy, prior to which in January 2016 it was fully serviced by Ferrari main agent Cronos SCAR of Ragusa. This included a cam-belt change, attention to the clutch, an overhaul of the air conditioning system and a FOC safety recall on fuel pipes. An unmolested, ultra-low mileage example offered here in the rarer and more desirable berlinetta coupe form. These 348’s are really coming into their own and just look better with every passing year.

    For sale
  • Ferrari 348 GTS Targa 1993

    €99,950(£84,087.94) €99,950(£84,087.94)

    *** THIS CAR HAS BEEN SOLD *** Please contact us if you were interested in this car. Our inventory is constantly changing and we will have similar examples of this model becoming available soon. ----------------------------- Ferari 348 GTS 1993 great investment, 1 of 137 built 1993 Ferrari 348 GTS(Targa). Only 137 were built then. The difference with the 348 TS is: other grille, chrome Cavalino logo at the back, the lower bumperparts and skirts at the side are in the same colour. The car has 320 HP (F119H) in stead of 300 HP out of the same 3405 CC V8 engine as the TS and TB. Paint is in colour Rosso Corsa with beige leather interior. The car is in a very beautiful and very well maintained condition. A great investment with a lot of potential. Car has German title and mot/tuv. Easy to register in every EU country. You do not need to pay any importtaxes. We can help with transport.

    • Year: 1993
    For sale
  • Ferrari 348 TB Coupe 1992

    €94,500(£79,502.85) €94,500(£79,502.85)

    Ferrari 348 1992 in very good condition Ferrari was established in 1929 by Enzo Ferrari. Ferrari built revolutionary sports cars since then. In 1950 Formula 1 was established and Ferrari was always there and had a lot of successes. Ferrari produced the 348 between 1989 and 1995, a 2 seat car with the engine in the middle. This is a 1992 Ferrari in Topcondition. The car has the original 3405 CC, V8 engine and manual gearbox. This very special Ferrari has driven only 6332 Miles. Both the in- and outside are as new and in very good condition. This Ferrari is an interesting investment. Car has USA title and document importduties for every EU country are paid by us. Documentation is complete for registration in every EU country. You do not need to pay any importduties. We can help with transport. Trading in, buying and consignment possible.

    • Year: 1992
    For sale
  • Ferrari 348 TB Coupe 1991


    SOLD/VERKAUFT/VENDU/VERKOCHT Ferrari 348 TB 1991 36315 km dealer maintained 1991 Fully original Ferrari 348 TB with 36.315 km. Ferrari booklets are present. Mileage detectable. Originally in Holland delivered Ferrari. Beautiful paint, beautiful interior, in marvellous condition. Car has Holland title and Holland mot/tuv. Easy to register in every EU country. You do not need to pay any importtaxes. We can help with transport.

    • Year: 1991
    For sale
  • Ferrari 348 TS Targa 1992

    €59,950(£50,435.94) €59,950(£50,435.94)

    SOLD / VERKAUFT / VENDU / VERKOCHT Ferrari 348 TS Targa 54000 km in very good condition 1992 Ferrari 348 TS colour Rosso Corsa. Both the interior and body are in a very good condition. The 3405 cc V8 300 hp engine has had his maintenance service (documents available). The car has Tubi exhaust, leather interior, electric windows and airco. This is a very beautiful and well maintained 348. A good investment with a lot of potential. Car has Holland title and Holland mot/tuv. Easy to register in every EU country. You do not need to pay any importtaxes. We can help with transport.

    • Year: 1992
    For sale


    Information FERRARI 348 TS MANUAL RIGHT HAND DRIVE - 1992 Chiarro Blue Metallic with Crema Interior. 58,000 miles Manual Sunroof Climate Control Electric Mirrors Electric Windows 17" Five spoke Alloy wheels Fully Documented service history Just had a full service including cam belts and tensioners, Refurbished alloys with new bolts and caps Original Manuals, Leather wallet and spare keys available Interested In Vehicle Print Vehicle Details Back To Index

    • Year: 1992
    • Mileage: 58000 mi
    For sale


    Information 1 of 14 UK RHD cars from a total worldwide production of just 252 made worldwide. Believed to be the ONLY Blu Sera RHD car in the UK! Details on this particular car: Blu Sera Metallic 504/C with Crema hide Leather Interior with Blue carpets. 39,000 Miles Original Hand Books Original Service Book with Full Ferrari Service History - including its "major" service Original New Purchase invoice from Maranello Spare Key Fully Documented Service History Climate Control Why is a Ferrari 348 GTB a good car to buy now? It probably has not escaped your attention that a manual transmission "analogue" Ferrari driving experience has really become sought after by collectors in the last 5 years. Modern Ferrari may be faster and more efficient - but the tactility of the trademark open metal Ferrari manual transmission gate - is a powerful allure to an enthusiastic collector - and this is reflected in growing interest in the 348 model. 348 GTB Production numbers Production started: 1993. Production ended: 1994. Total production: 252, 14 RHD. First serial number: 96937. Last serial number: 99364 Our car's Chassis no: ZFFUA 35C000098064 Highlights of our Ferrari 348 GTB that we offer for s

    • Year: 1994
    • Mileage: 39000 mi
    For sale
  • Ferrari 348 TB


    Ferrari 348 TB. 1991 2 private owners in total. 56.000 kms. Left hand drive Partial documented service history, but regularly serviced. Full engine rebuilt in 2011/12 – 6000kms ago with full photo-book to document the work. Plus new clutch, balanced flywheel, new cambelt and cambelt bearings (ILS). Good paint all around, with some light age related marks here and there. We have been told the paint it’s the original. 5000kms old tyres. 2 keys Service tool-kit Car and seats original covers. This car spent its entire life in the sunny Italy. A genuine and unmolested example. More than 30 hi-res pictures available for this car. € 52000

    • Year: 1991
    • Mileage: 56000 mi
    For sale
  • 1993 (K) FERRARI 348 TARGA ts 2dr

    £57,995 £57,995

    Prior to offering for sale, all cars are subject to the AMARI Inspection, a stringent 170 point investigation of the car cosmetically, electrically and mechanically. Our resident master technicians attend to all issues prior to offering the car for sale, using the very latest and best diagnostic equipment, state of the art tools and methods. Our highly qualified master technicians can carry out servicing on all road cars, from the standard family hatch back to the latest Lamborghini, Ferrari, Aston Martin... We are the only independent dealer with full Ferrari SDX Diagnostics and the Lamborghini LARAS Diagnostics systems. Our fully equipped workshop enables us to attend to any electrical, and mechanical issues, from intricate electrical repairs and renewals, to brake disc Skimming and air conditioning recharging. Before collection all cars go through our exhaustive detailing process (can take up to three days) using only the worlds finest Swissvax products, carried out by our professional certified Swissvax trained technicians, covering every aspect of the car inside and out. Collection and delivery throughout the UK can be offered through the most reputable manufacturer championed company who use only the very latest covered car transporters with extensive experience of transporting cars across the world. Vehicles are supplied with a three month warranty *Exclusions Apply. We offer part exchange and finance facility on most cars. AMARI Lifestyle Limited T/As AMARI SuperCars is authorised & Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (663066)

    • Mileage: 39205 mi
    • Engine size: 3.4
    For sale
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