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Ferrari 330: Buying guide and review (1963-1968)

Ferrari 330: Buying guide and review (1963-1968) Classic and Performance Car
Ferrari 330 GTS Ferrari 330 GTS Ferrari 330 GTS Ferrari 330 GTS Ferrari 330 GTS
Following on from the long-lived 250, the new Pininfarina designed 330 America introduced in 1963, was initially an evolution of the 250GTE. Keeping in line with the policy of naming each model based on the cubic capacity of its 12 cylinders, the 330 derived its tag from the larger capacity 4.0-litre version of the Colombo designed V12 under its bonnet. It was not until the following year that a completely new chassis and body style were introduced in the form of the 330 GT 2+2. The 330 range expanded in 1966 to include the very desirable 330 GTS and GTC two-seater variants. 
In essence, the GTS was a medley of ’60s Ferrari greatest hits. Unveiled at the March 1966 Geneva motor show, and slotting in between the 275 GTB and the 330 GT 2+2 in the model line-up, the Coupé that sired the Spider borrowed its short-wheelbase (94.5in) frame and independent rear suspension from the 275. This was an excellent basis, given that the GTB would score a class win in the Le Mans 24 Hours (and eighth overall) just a few months later. 
Clothing the 330 GTC was a rakish outline that’s been attributed to Pininfarina’s Aldo Brovarone, although a degree of cutting and pasting was involved: the front end was pure 500 Superfast, the 275 GTS inspiring the hind treatment (see also Chevrolet Rondine show car, Fiat 124 Spider…) Only the centre section was new but, if you’re going to magpie a back catalogue, Pininfarina’s is as good a place to start as any. 
Ferrari claimed a handy 300bhp from the proven V12. However, given manufacturers’ tendencies to exaggerate power outputs in the ’60s, this was either a net figure or mere wishful thinking. Even so, the 3967cc ‘Tipo 209/66’ unit was a jewel: blocks, heads and crankcase cast in alloy but with iron liners in the block and a seven-main-bearing crank machined from steel billet; chain-driven – of course – with single overhead cams per bank; carburation by three twin-choke Weber 40DFIs straddling the 60º vee; and a compression ratio of 8.8:1. Ferrari claimed 288lb ft of torque at 5000rpm.
Mounted, like the V12, on rubber bushes to reduce vibration, the five-speed transmission sat in unit with the spiral bevel final drive at the rear, with engine and transaxle connected by a torque tube. Suspension was by double wishbones and coils all-round (plus an anti-roll bar up front), with coaxial springs and Koni dampers, while brakes were large, servo-assisted Girling discs with twin circuits, and steering by worm and roller. The steel body was welded and bolted to the ladder/perimeter frame chassis, with a tendril-like multi-tubular structure providing supplementary support. 
It tipped the scales at 1300kg, and performance claims weren’t too outlandish: 151mph and 0-60mph in 6.5 seconds, with independent tests recording standing quarter-mile times in the mid-14s.

Which one to buy?

As was common for Ferrari in its earlier days, a number of 330 variants were built, all featuring the 4.0-litre V12, however with unique body styles and suspension setups. 1963 saw the introduction of the 330 America, an interim car that was basically a 250GT with the updated 4.0-litre Colombo V12. 
1964 was the year that the ‘proper’ Series I 330GT 2+2 was introduced and it featured a longer chassis, quad headlights and an uprated chassis and braking system. A few of the later cars were fitted with dual headlights and top suspended foot pedals and this was to be made standard on all Series II models going forward.
For 1965 the Series II models were introduced, the quad headlight frontal treatment was changed back to the more classically styled dual headlight setup and a new five-speed gearbox was made standard.
The 330GTS/GTC duo was introduced in 1966 and featured a shortened two-seater chassis similar to the 275GTB/C cars. Featuring independent rear suspension they were praised for their excellent handling.
Four examples of the track-only 330LMB ‘Le Mans Berlinetta’ models were built. With the looks of a 250 GTO, a chassis based on the 250 Lusso and producing some 400bhp, they saw some racing success with a fifth place in the 1963 Le Mans being the most notable.
The combination of torquey 4.0-litre engines, refined underpinnings and uprated five-speed gearbox makes the 330GTC/GTS two-seaters the pick of the bunch, market prices reflect this sentiment however if four-seaters are your thing, then the later dual headlight Series II 330GTs are also an excellent choice.

Performance and specs

Engine 3967cc 24 valve SOHC V12 
Power 300bhp @ 6600rpm 
Torque 288lb ft @ 5000rpm
Top speed 152mph 
0-60mph 6.3 seconds 
Fuel consumption 15.7mpg 
Gearbox Four-speed manual/Five-speed manual

Dimensions and weight

Wheelbase 2647mm
Length 4801mm
Width 1753mm
Height 1321mm
Curb weight 1442kg

Common problems

• Despite the multi-million pound values of some 330s, not all sell for record breaking prices. There are still a few ‘barn finds’ out there that crop up from time to time and if you are considering restoring one of these cars it is worth checking up the values of restored versions of similar models to see whether you will overcapitalise or not.
• Any sort of restoration should only be entrusted to Ferrari specialists as the value in these cars is strongly based on originality and matching numbers for the chassis, engine and transmission. Be one the lookout for cars that have been converted from less desirable variants.
• Full service histories and well documented maintenance files should be on hand to verify the provenance of any 330 variant you consider. Ferrari Classiche certification adds value to the car and can provide some peace of mind.
• Parts and trim items are not always readily available so becoming a Ferrari Club member and getting in touch with the Ferrari classic division is recommended 
• Body shells were a mix of steel and aluminium construction and being hand built means that repairs need to be carried out by specialists. Rust can occur in wheel arches and foot wells if cars are left in humid environments however all areas should be thoroughly checked as corrostion could be much more extensive.

Model history

1963: Ferrari 330 America released, initially featuring updated 300bhp 4.0-litre Colombo V12 on 250GTE chassis and body shell. Four-speed manual transmission with overdrive only transmission option available. A total of 50 330 Americas were produced. 330 LMB ‘Le Mans Berlinetta’ based on modified 250 GT Lusso chassis built – 4 units in total. 
1964: Series I 330GT 2+2 replaces 330 America with all-new body and running gear. Quad headlights introduced, 125 interim Series I cars received five-speed gearboxes and suspended foot pedals as found in Series II cars. 625 Series I 330GTs were produced in total
1965: Series II versions feature external and internal modifications. Dual lights replace quad setup and five-speed manual gearbox replaces four-speed unit. Foot pedals are now converted to a suspended setup. 455 Series II cars produced
1966: 330GTC two-seater coupe and 330GTS 2-seater spider introduced
1968: All 330 production ends. 600 330GTC coupes and 100 GTS spider body styles were built

Owners clubs, forums and websites

• www.ferrariownersclub.co.uk
• www.330gt.com

Summary and prices

A few 330s were imported into the UK over the years and for a time prices were relatively flat. This is not the case anymore, the highly desirable 330GTC model currently trades for between £400,000 and £600,000, but it’s the convertible 330GTS that commands the from £1m-£1.75m. The early quad headlight 330GT 2+2s hover around the £200,000 range while the Series II cars can add up to another £100,000 to that value. 
Famous previous owners, rarity, originality and condition play a large part in the final values, and as most will have undergone ground-up restorations a comprehensive history file should be available to validate any work done. The 330 range has not yet reached the stratospheric levels that its 250 forebears have, however if history is anything to go by values are only going one way. In recent years the increased interest has already pushed values to new records so get one before it is too late.
Ferrari 330 GTS Ferrari 330 GTS Ferrari 330 GTS Ferrari 330 GTS Ferrari 330 GTS
Last updated: 31st Jan 2017
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Ferrari 330 cars for sale

15 Search results
Ferrari 330
225000 545000 GBP
  • Ferrari 330

    $545,000(£425,209) $545,000(£425,209)

    1967 FERRARI 330 GT Condition: FERRARI 330 GT II series 1967, recent total restoration; with original interiors Cartier Connolly, fully refurbished. Certified ASI ORO and Ferrari Classics. Chassis and engine revised in Maranello. 221 KW/300 Hp. 4000 cm 3, 12-cylinder. Rear-wheel drive. 2 doors, 4 seats. Manual transmission, 5-speed gearbox. Non-smoking vehicle. Exterior color: Blue sera Fuel: Gasoline Speedometer: 67,600 Km 545,000,00 USD + FREE SHIPPING! NEGOTIABLE PRICE

    • Year: 1967
    • Mileage: 42000 mi
    • Engine size: 4
    For sale
    Vincente D'Orlando
  • Ferrari 330 GTS


    Mayfair 020 7125 1400 | Maldon 01621 879579 Ferrari 330 GTS, 1967 LHD. Launched at the 1966 Geneva Salon, the 330 GTC was a new addition to the Ferrari range, not a replacement. The new model featured a 4-litre V12 twin cam engine and five-speed transaxle gearbox with an enclosed torque tube driveshaft. The Coupe was followed by an open version, the 330 GTS. Designed by Pininfarina, a total of just 100 spiders were built between 1966 and 1968. This 330 GTS is believed to be the 49 th built. Originally used as the 1967 Turin Salon display car, this 330 GTS was imported by Luigi Chinetti Motors to North America later that year. This 330 was originally Azzurro with a black interior and was supplied with Factory air-conditioning and electric windows. Previously from long term ownership in the USA by a well-known Ferrari collector, the 330 GTS was displayed at many Ferrari Club of America Concours events, with first place awards in 1987 and 1991 at the FCA Concours at Wolf Trap Farm and Washington. The 330 also took first place at the 1994 Cavallino Classic and received awards at the Monterey International Ferrari Concours in 1994 and Meadow Brook Hall Concours in 1995. Recently acquire

    • Year: 1967
    For sale
  • 1967 Ferrari 330 GT 2+2 Coupé


    This spectacular numbers-matching, award-winning 330 GT 2+2 example has been thoroughly restored by Ferrari professionals, and is truly one of the finest examples offered anywhere in the world today. As the recipient of a fully documented and proper restoration, this Ferrari recently competed in and took the “Best in Class Award” at the prestigious Cavallino Classic event in 2016. The highly detailed restoration was comprehensive, and included the engine, transmission, and drivetrain, while careful attention was given to the restoration of the Ferrari’s luxurious red leather interior and components to that of a Concours-level standard. Amongst a number of notable features and included options, this Coupé features the desirable 2 headlamp layout, an Ansa exhaust system, and a set of Weber carburetors to provide the best in power and performance. The Coupé's original wooden steering wheel has been restored as well, and the car rests atop a set of crisp Borrani Wire Wheels along with a set of period-correct Michelin XWX radial tires that are sure to provide a smooth and comfortable drive wherever the car is taken. The Ferrari also features books, an extensive log of receipts, and a fu

    • Year: 1967
    • Mileage: 53495 mi
    For sale
  • 1965 Ferrari 330GT 2+2 Series I

    $225,000(£175,545) $225,000(£175,545)

    This 1965 Ferrari 330GT 2+2 Series I is a very exciting discovery for restoration. It's a matching numbers rust free California car that's been sitting in storage for many years. Argento Fumo with dark red interior. Motor is out of the car. Accompanied by it's Marcel Massini report. It comes complete and is an excellent buy at just $225,000 Chassis No. 6169 Engine No. 6169

    • Year: 1965
    For sale
  • 1967 Ferrari 330GTC

    $489,500(£381,907.90) $489,500(£381,907.90)

    1967 Ferrari 330GTC This 1967 Ferrari 330GTC is a fantastic original example. Chassis No 10445 was stored by its second owner, who purchased it in the early 1970's, for 25 years in a dry garage in Montreal, Canada. The odometer shows 7,536 km. The car is very complete and solid, with no evidence of rust or rot. The motor starts and runs well with compression in all cylinders between 140-190 psi. Silver exterior is believed to be the original color and was repainted around 1990. The motor in the car is stamped 10445, matching the car's serial number. However, the numero interno of the motor is 2810, which corresponds to 330 GTC s/n 10097. The car comes with it's spare wheel, tool roll, jack, and books. Chassis No 10445 Price: $489,500

    • Year: 1967
    For sale


    Information Ferrari 330 GTC COUPE – GRIGIO SILVER Ferrari Classiche Rosso Red Leather Interior Right Hand Drive 86,000 Miles Chassis No: 10157-GT Engine No: 10157-GT Extensive Interior retrim-(photos available) All MOTs, Fully documented service history with many invoices over the years, Original handbooks and Tool kit. Original sales brochures Interested In Vehicle Print Vehicle Details Back To Index

    • Year: 1968
    • Mileage: 86000 mi
    For sale
  • 1965 Ferrari 330 GT 2+2 Coupe


    (SOLD) This is a beautiful, numbers-matching '65 Ferrari 330 GT 2+2 Coupe that has benefited from a show/driver level restoration by marque specialists at Classic Showcase of Oceanside, CA. The GT stands in excellent running and driving condition, and is primed and ready for the Spring/Summer touring and show circuit. This classic Ferrari has handsome Pininfarina styling throughout, and is powered by a 12 cylinder engine coupled with a 5 speed transmission. It features full instrumentation, quad headlights, and a very distinctive “egg-crate” grille. On the inside, the spacious Coupe has 4 leather seats, and a generous sized trunk which is ideal for traveling. During the restoration process, the GT was repainted, wet sanded and buffed, with all major mechanical systems and components being gone through and serviced as was needed. A new exhaust system was installed with the proper hangers and appropriate stickers, the Boroni wheels were fully restored and the brite work was re-plated as necessary. Master upholsterers at Classic Showcase fully reupholstered the Coupe's interior with luxurious leather seats, while the trunk compartment was fitted and bound with fresh, new carpet. A DVD

    • Year: 1965
    • Mileage: 90000 mi
    For sale
  • 1967 Ferrari 330GT 2+2 Series II single-headlight

    $375,500(£292,965.10) $375,500(£292,965.10)

    1967 Ferrari 330GT 2+2 Series II Single-Headlight This 1967 Ferrari 330GT 2+2 Series II single-headlight car is a matching numbers example just out of 40 year ownership. Red with black leather interior that's almost like new. It's a very late Series II car with a high chassis number (only about 25 left the factory after this car). It also has power steering, power brakes, and power windows from the factory. It's a European version with 99k km and a very presentable driver. The original color was Light Metallic Green and it was painted Rosso Nearco in 1975. It was re-painted Rosso Nearco in 1981 and the bumpers re-chromed in 1982. It could use some paint work at this point in order to be taken to the next level but is in very good condition overall with nice straight body panels. It comes accompanied by it's Marcel Massini report. T his 330GT is a p rime consideration for the demanding Ferrari enthusiast in search of a high-quality example of one of the all-time great front-engined V-12 Ferraris. Price: $375,500

    • Year: 1967
    For sale
  • 1967 Ferrari 330 GTC


    (SOLD) The GTC has plenty of room and comfort for two passengers and the performance capabilities to match. This vehicle is an original CA car with a smog exempt sticker on windshield. This classic was built in 1967 but not purchased until 1969. By 1998 it was acquired by the previous owner who undertook a detailed and thorough mechanical restoration which included work to the engine, exhaust; and brakes, as well as restoration to the suspension, brake-line replacement, correct Michelin XWXs, exhaust system, clutch, and the transaxle. Accompanying the car are records of restoration work, the owners' manual, jack, and unsurprisingly the original keys! Recent cosmetic restoration and vehicle service performed by Classic Showcase to an excellent original car. This is a superb vehicle, an outstanding example ready for the discerning collector, and absolutely a fantastic driver!

    • Year: 1967
    For sale
  • 1965 Ferrari 330 GT 2+2 Coupe


    (SOLD) This Ferrari, chassis number 6405, was delivered new in Italy in 1964 through SEFAC in Modena, to its first owner. From new the car was fitted with the desirable and practical four speed with overdrive transmission. By August 1978, the Ferrari came to the U.S., and was one of many cars to pass through FAF Motorcars in Georgia. Some years later, the Coupe passed into a longer term ownership of more than 16 years. All told, the mileage on the car is a mere 43,000 kilometers or so, which is reflected best in its original and well preserved interior. During the most recent previous ownership, the car's engine bay was highly detailed and all mechanical work was performed as required. Prior to Classic Showcase acquiring the car, the Ferrari had been in the ownership of an experienced Ferrari technician since 1997, and as a result has received much mechanical attention over the last 15 years; while there is some rust on the car's undercarriage and lower rockers, the damage is easily fixable. In addition, the Borrani wheels and front/rear bumpers are easily restorable as well. Classic Showcase initially purchased the car because of its incredible originality and restoration potentia

    • Year: 1965
    • Mileage: 43000 mi
    For sale
  • 1968 Ferrari 330 GTC


    (SOLD) This spectacular original Ferrari was purchased from a doctor's estate. This 330 GTC was a spectacular unmolested original Ferrari with a great patina when purchased. Classic Showcase has performed a recent sympathetic show-driver restoration to this original, well kept and maintained Ferrari. This vehicle has been stripped to bare metal, fitted and painted its original color, black, base coat-clear coat, color sanded, and buffed to a spectacular finish. All parts painted separately off the car. Some of the bright-work was re-chromed as necessary and new rubber was installed as needed. A major tune up was performed along with a full vehicle detail inside and out, a new exhaust system installed, servicing to the A/C, new restored leather seats, and new carpets fitted and installed. A CD of the restoration process accompanies this vehicle.

    • Year: 1968
    For sale
  • 1964 Ferrari 330 GT 2+2


    (SOLD) This is a rare 1964 Ferrari 330 GT 2+2, 4 headlight. This car has such a wonderful patina to it. With only 500 ever produced this Ferrari is sure to be an excellent investment. The vehicle is a matching numbers car with a 4 liter, 300 horsepower, V-12 . It is number 6343. The shocks have been restored by a Koni service center. It has recently undergone a service and various systems have been restored or replaced. It features a new exhaust system, cooling system, tune up rebuilt breaking system, alternator rebuilt, windshield wiper motor rebuilt and fluid change. Borrani wheels restored tuned and ready for the road. The seats are soft and supple. It has the original door panels, dash top, steering wheel, headliner and are all in very good condition. The trunk has been restored and new carpet has been installed. The vehicle has been completely detailed inside and out. This collectable Ferrari is one of the few examples left to own that was produced during the era when Enzo Ferrari was in charge of the company.

    • Year: 1964
    • Mileage: 99110 mi
    For sale
  • Ferrari 330 GT America


    The 330 GT America offered has been delivered to Chinetti Motors, Greenwich, CT in 1964 as the 44th built 330 GT America. It stayed in the US having a complete ownership history until it was bought by a German collector from Berlin in 1993. He commissioned a nut and bolt restoration in one of the known and famous restoration companies of Switzerland. The complete restoration is well documenetd by hundreds of detailed photos and the bills showing an amount near to 300 k CHF in total. Needless to say that the restoration carried out has gone through the whole car including engine, gearbox, differential, suspension and complete cosmetics. There will not be lots of 330 America in the world which could be compared with this car. The 330 GT America was the last development of the 250 GTE carrying the same body of the last tipo Series III but having been ordered especially for the American market through Luigi Chinetti who asked for a bigger displacement engine. Before Ferrari launched the new model as the Ferrari 330 GT 2+2 there were just 50 cars produced with the old style 250 GTE body but having already installed the 300 BHP engine of the successor. According to our research there are

    • Year: 1964
    For sale
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