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Ferrari 328: Buying guide and review (1985-1989)

Ferrari 328: Buying guide and review (1985-1989) Classic and Performance Car
Ferrari 328 Ferrari 328 Ferrari 328 Ferrari 328 Ferrari 328 Ferrari 328 Ferrari 328
Despite it being a substantially new car when it was launched in 1985, the Ferrari 328 looked like a very familiar product. As a replacement for hugely successful 308, Ferrari wanted to minimise the possibility of putting buyers off its biggest-seller. 
Pininfarina was entrusted to modernise the basic design, and made significant though subtle changes to update the looks, paying close attention to improving aerodynamic efficiency. The 328 might have looked superficially similar but many of the older car’s sharp edges were smoothed off, giving the appearance of a longer, lower design. In fact, the 328 was almost half an inch taller. 
In a decade where performance across all market sectors took a massive leap forward, and the average family car was now capable of 125mph, maintaining the junior Ferrari’s lead was more important than ever. The answer was to give the V8 more power, and the way to do it was to enlarge it to 3185cc by boring and stroking to 83x73.6mm.
Like its predecessor, the 328 retained a Bosch K-Jetronic fuel injection system, but it was improved through the fitment of a Marelli MED 806A electronic ignition system, resulting in improved long-term reliability. The upshot was a maximum power output of 270bhp at 7000rpm and, more importantly, 224lb ft at 5500rpm. 
When it was launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1985, the 328 GTB/GTS met with a positive reception from the press and public. After the previous year’s Testarossa, it was a clear indicator that Ferrari  was keeping faith with the classically beautiful Fioravanti shape, even if it lacked the visual drama of its new big brother. 
On the road, that additional power and torque immediately made itself evident, translating into serious thrust. That all-important 0-60mph dash now took a mere 6 seconds, helped by the shorter first gear ratio, and the top speed was 163mph – recalling the glory days of the original GTB’s launch, when it outdragged the opposition. 
To ensure the driver could exploit it all, the 328’s all-independent suspension was further honed to further improve handling – but ride, too, Uprated Koni dampers did their bit, but more importantly, the modernisation of the wheel and tyre package transformed the handling. The 328 ditched the 308QV’s oddly-sized Michelin TRXs, settling for lower profile Goodyear NCTs in 205/55VR 16 (front) and 225/50VR 16 (rear) sizes. It was here, probably more than anywhere else, where the biggest advance was made. 
Which one to buy?
As with the 308 there were two body styles available fron the factory, the GTB coupe and the targa-roofed GTS. Buyers were far more tempted to go for the open-air GTS, with 6068 units built, versus the 1344 for the Berlinetta. The biggest differences in spec between the two models is that the GTB featured dry sump lubrication, whereas the GTS made do with a more conventional wet sump. This was also standard spec on all cars sold in the US.
The Italian-only GTB and GTS turbo models were built in limited numbers to bypass strict engine capacity-based tax laws. Featuring a 2.0-litre turbo engine, which produces 254bhp, these cars are very rare and not easy to find today. They can be identified by the slightly different engine cover, and additional boost gauge in the instrument panel.
ABS was offered as an option from 1988 onwards, necessitating a change in the wheel design to accommodate this new setup. With 496 right-hand drive cars produced in total, choice is limited, so do not get too hung up about which side the steering wheel is on.
The 328 is a surprisingly solidly-built and reliable car, benefitting from years of development, starting with the 308 and GT4 before it. As long as you pick a healthy example, and service it regularly, you should have a fairly trouble-free ownership experience.
Performance and specs
Ferrari 328 GTB
Engine 3185cc, 32 valve DOHC V8
Power 270bhp @ 7000rpm 
Torque 231lb ft @ 5500rpm
Top speed 166mph 
0-60mph 5.5 seconds 
Fuel consumption 20mpg 
Gearbox Five-speed manual
Dimensions and weight
Ferrari 328 GTB
Wheelbase 2350mm
Length 4255mm
Width 1730mm
Height 1128mm
Weight 1263kg
Common problems
• Parts are mostly available from Ferrari, but do come at a cost, so finding a good car that needs minimal restoration is the most cost effective proposition. There are a number of Ferrari specialists who know these cars very well and it is worth getting in touch with one to get your car checked over before buying.
• Engines are very strong, and can stand up to hard driving all day long if they are well maintained. Cam cover gaskets and cam seals are weak spots for oil leaks. Timing belts need to be changed quite regularly, but the engine doesn’t need to be removed.
• The transmission is also tough. Watch out for the car jumping out of first or reverse, indicating a worn out gearbox. Clutches should last around 30,000miles, although expect much less if the car is driven hard.
• Rust is much less of an issue on the 328s thanks to the galvanised shell. You should still look out for the common problem areas, which include the front wings, lower door seals and where the bumpers are bolted to the bodywork. Badly repaired accident damage may also result in rust bubbling up on the body panels. 
• Evidence of frontal damage can be check by inspecting the box section frame for creases between the pop up lights and the floor. 
Model history
1985: Comprehensively redesigned Ferrari 328 replaces 308. Changes include new exterior and dashboard interior styling and 270bhp, 3.2-litre V8. Chassis now fully galvanised
1988: ABS made available as option. Wheels changed to convex design to accommodate the system.
1989: Production comes to an end with 7412 328s built
Production numbers
Ferrari 328 GTS: 6068
Ferrari 328 GTB: 1344
Ferrari 328 GTB Turbo: 308 (Italian market only)
Ferrari 328 GTS Turbo: 828 (Italian market only)

Total built: 7412 
Owners clubs, forums and websites
• www.ferrariparts.co.uk - Maranello Classic Parts, specialists in Ferrari spares
• www.ferrariownersclub.co.uk - UK-based Ferrari owners club and forum
Summary and prices
As the values of these cars are so closely linked to their condition and mileage, a fully documented service history with verifiable maintenance documentation is essential. A service history filled with specialist stamps is certainly a good sign. 
After a period of stagnancy, prices have been rising steadily for the past few years, meaning you will struggle to find a bargain. Gone are the days of sub-£20,000 deals, and you will now have to pay closer to £50,000 for a good one, and well over £120,000 for a pampered low-mile car. This does mean that cars are generally well looked after and you rarely find a ratty example for sale. 
In the end, the 328GTB and GTS was the final flowering of the line that falteringly began with the GT4, back in 1973. Although that car promised much, the unpalatable styling hampered its appeal. Once the Fioravanti styled model hit the market, there was no stopping Ferrari’s junior supercar. The 328 continued in production for four years, and in the boom years of Thatcher’s decade, it proved consistently popular right through until its replacement in the autumn of 1989.
Some 6068 examples were built, and the later cars proved the most dynamically complete and reliable of all. Tellingly, when it came for replacement, the 348tb and ts continued where the 328 left off, while the slow selling four seat family, kicked off with the GT4 and maintained by the Mondial, ended here.
And the Modenese design and engineering teams succeeded in their aims in replacing the 206/246 in style, even if it took customers years to appreciate the fact. Since then, the 308 became the definitive first Ferrari for so many, it has finally emerged from the shadow of the original Dino.
Ferrari 328 Ferrari 328 Ferrari 328 Ferrari 328 Ferrari 328 Ferrari 328 Ferrari 328
Last updated: 19th May 2016
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Ferrari 328 cars for sale

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Ferrari 328
69500 247950 GBP
  • Ferrari 328 GTS Red '86

    €100,000(£84,130) €100,000(£84,130)

    Lowered price from €125.000 -> €100.000 The Ferrari 328 GTB and GTS was the successor to the Ferrari 308 GTB and GTS. While largely based on the 308 GTB and GTS respectively, small modifications were made to the body style and engine, including an increase in engine displacement to 3.2 L (3185 cc). 7,400 Ferrari 328s were produced by the time the model was replaced by the new 348 in 1989, bringing the total for the 308/328 generation to nearly 20,000. The 328 is considered by some Ferrari enthusiasts to be one of the most reliable Ferraris; unlike some models, most engine maintenance can be performed without lowering the engine from the vehicle. The GTB referred to the Gran Turismo Berlinetta (coupé) body while the GTS was a Gran Turismo Spider (targa top). In 1985, the 328 retailed from $58,400-$62,500 ($115,300-$123,400 in 2008 dollars) in the United States. This price included a gas-guzzler tax. The 328 GTS model, together with the fixed roof 328 GTB, were the final developments of the normally aspirated transverse V8 engine 2-seat series. The 328 figures in the model title referred to the total cubic capacity of the engine, 3.2 litres, and 8 for the number of cylinders. The new

    • Year: 1986
    For sale
  • 1987 Ferrari 328 GTS


    Perhaps one of the most recognisable designs ever penned for Ferrari by Pininfarina is that of the 308. The 308 was much different from Ferrari's first two-seat, mid-engined road car, the 246 Dino, as its design was angular, sharp and more forward thinking. Nevertheless, the 308 was an instant hit and it came to define late '70s and early '80s sports cars. As successful as the 308 was, Ferrari's engineers found ways to refine its design and mechanics without losing the flair that defined it. What emerged was a car that was improved in every aspect; a car that could stand tall amongst its siblings; that car was the 328. It exhibited several subtle differences from its predecessor, including moulded bumpers, a slightly smaller front grill and a roof spoiler. Pininfarina's designers also smoothed out the shape of the body to make it appear slightly less aggressive overall. Inside, Ferrari introduced new and more supportive seats and refined ergonomics with improved general quality to make the car's driving experience more intuitive. Mechanically, overall capacity was raised to 3186cc through increasing the bore and stroke which helped to bring maximum horsepower to 270 at 7000rpm. It

    • Year: 2017
    For sale
  • Ferrari 328 GTB 1987 Rosso Corsa


    The Ferrari 328 GTB and GTS were the successor to the well-known Ferrari 308 GTB and GTS. While mechanically still based on the 308 GTB and GTS, small modifications were made to the body style and engine, most notably an increase in engine displacement to 3.2 L (3185 cc) for increased power and torque output. The 328 is considered to be one of the most reliable Ferraris, unlike some models, most engine maintenance can be performed without lowering the engine from the vehicle. The 328 GTS model, together with the fixed roof 328 GTB, were the final developments of the normally aspirated transverse V8 engine 2-seat series. The 328 figures in the model title refer to the total cubic capacity of the engine, 3.2 litres, and 8 for the number of cylinders. The new model was first introduced at the 1985 Frankfurt Salon alongside the Mondial 3.2 series. The main European market 328 GTS models had a tubular chassis. Disc brakes, with independent suspension via wishbones, coil springs, and hydraulic shock absorbers, were provided all round, with front and rear anti roll bars. There were various world market models, each having slight differences, with right and left hand drive available. The V

    For sale
  • 1987 Ferrari 328 GTS

    $79,500(£61,389.90) $79,500(£61,389.90)

    1987 Ferrari 328 GTS s/n ZFFXA20A4H0073823, Engine no. 0073823 Rosso Corsa with Tan Leather The all-new Pininfarina designed Ferrari 308 debuted to an excited sports car public at the 1975 Paris Auto Show. It’s an understatement to say these were very challenging times in the auto industry, so one can imagine the delight at an all new sports car given the vastly detuned, rubber bumpered, ungainly vehicles proliferating the automotive world. Thankfully Ferrari was offering a refreshing option. Pininfarina designer Leonardo Fioravanti, having already designed many of Ferrari's most celebrated cars including the Daytona, the Dino, and Berlinetta Boxer captured a taut new energy with the 308. Replacing the 246, this Ferrari arrived as a new market maker. The 308 was dramatic and beautiful, quickly becoming a feature of television shows and movies, while shaping public opinion about what a sports car should look and feel like. Although the initial design was limited to a fixed roof configuration, the GTS arrived in 1977, featuring a removable satin black roof panel, which could be stowed in a vinyl cover behind the seats when not in use. After more than a decade, the 328 GTB and GTS (Gr

    • Year: 1987
    • Mileage: 67952 mi
    For sale
  • Ferrari 328

    £69,990 £69,990

    Air Conditioning, Electric Windows, Electric Mirrors, Service history Ferrari 328 GTS 3.2 V8 5 Speed Manual LHD registered January 1987 finished in Metallic Blu Chiaro with Cream Connolly Leather interior, Solid Targa Top, Air Conditioning, Power Door Mirrors, Electric Windows, Rear Window Defroster, Tinted Glass, Marelli Microplex Ignition, Bosch K-Jetronic Fuel Injection with Lambda Control, Central Locking, Limited Slip Differential, Ventilated Disc Brakes, Stereo Speakers with Electric Radio Antenna, Belts Done along with Clutch Disc, Pressure Plate and Air Conditioning Compressor Belt on 22/03/12; Oil and Filter Service on 03/07/13 at 69,726; April 14 - All Brakes Replaced and Upgraded to Porterfield FRP 206 and AP 253 R4-S Racing Pads. Finance available on request - subject to status and terms. Ask about our Company Directors packages. Fully Valeted; UK Wide Delivery Available; Part Exchange Welcome. Follow us on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

    • Mileage: 74500 mi
    • Engine size: 3185
    For sale
  • Ferrari 328 GTB Race Car


    Ferrari 328 GTB 1987 Race Car This is the Ferrari 328 modified by QV Engineering in which David Wilkinson successfully competed in the Pirelli Miranello Ferrari Challenge Championship in 1992-93. In 1995 the car won the Championship, driven by David Barker. The car was stored for about 10 years, fully rebuilt by Modena Engineering and purchased by Tris Simpson who came 2nd in the Championship in both 2007 and 2008. In 2008 the car broke the lap record at Brands. Since then it has been stored and further developed whilst the owner decided whether to race it or add it to his long term collection. The car has two cylinder heads for 465bhp and 370bhp specs, individual throttle bodies, race camshafts, JE pistons, titanium con rods. The car has been fully developed on rolling road. Gearbox by Elite transmissions, straight cut, dog box, strengthened, solid billet selector forks, modified rake differential, 7 different drop gear ratios. Full roll cage and chassis strengthening. 18" Compomotive split rim wheels, adjustable pedal box, 6 pot AP racing calipers and discs front and 4 pot AP racing calipers and discs on rear. Carbon metallic pads. Fully sorted suspension, solid bushed double wis

    For sale
  • 1986 Ferrari 328 GTS


    This spectacular Red over Black 1986 Ferrari 328 GTS is full of originality and a great starting point in Ferrari ownership. Recently discovered as a “garage find” after being stored for several years, the car features a striking Red exterior, which was repainted by professionals using Sikkens paint. After rediscovery, the Ferrari was professionally serviced and evaluated, which included a compression test confirming a healthy engine with a PSI of 185-200 measured on all 8 cylinders. An oil and filter change was also performed, along with a full detailing of the car. The Ferrari retains its original interior, glass, and factory-applied decals – which include the import VIN tag on the door, as well as the Rosso Corsa BASF Glasurit paint-code sticker on the trunk. The car’s original jack and storage bag, as well as factory roadside equipment accompany the car. More recently, our team has just performed a 30,000mi major service and adjustment to the car, along with a full rebuild of the water pump. Replacements included the following: timing belt, tensioner assembly & both idler bearings; all V-belts and filters; The car's engine and gearbox oil was changed, along with a complete flus

    • Year: 1986
    • Mileage: 22327 mi
    For sale
  • 1986 Ferrari 328

    £139,950 £139,950

    HOME STOCK EMAIL Ferrari 328 GTB pre ABS Model Registered 11/04/1986 Registration No C600 NHD Rosso Corsa with Crema Leather Red Carpets Air Conditioning 22,800 Miles This totally original example is one of only 130 RHD models made for the UK and one of only 77 pre ABS models. The vehicle was extensively used by the owner between 1986 and 1987 and when his first Grandson was born, he gifted the car to him and the vehicle was placed into storage until he reached the age of 21. The car has only been driven by one person from new. We have extensively re-commissioned the vehicle and have carried out the following works: £139,950 Submitting Form... The server encountered an error. Form received. Submit FURTHER INFORMATION FOR FURTHER INFORMATION ON THIS VEHICLE PLEASE COMPLETE THE ABOVE FORM. ALTERNATIVELY, EMAIL OR CALL OUR SALES TEAM USING THE DETAILS BELOW: SALES@SUPERVETTURA.COM T. +44(0)1344 620072 M. +44(0)7541 888310 FACEBOOK /SuperVettura TWITTER @SuperVettura INSTAGRAM /SuperVettura

    • Year: 1986
    • Mileage: 22800 mi
    For sale
  • Ferrari 328 GTS Targa 1989

    €89,950(£75,674.94) €89,950(£75,674.94)

    Ferrari 328 GTS Targa 1989, 2 owners, maintained by specialist This Ferrari 328 GTS Targa was originally delivered in Holland in 1989 and has had only 2 owners since then. The car has paint in the original colour Rosso Corsa and original wheels. The interior has beautiful beige leather in very good condition. This Ferrari has power windows, mirrors and airco. This 328 GTS has the original 3186 CC, 2710 HP engine. The is maintained by Ferrari specialist. This is an exceptional beautiful and perfect maintained Ferrari 328 GTS. 105.000 KM Car has Holland title and Holland mot/tuv. Easy to register in every EU country. You do not need to pay any importtaxes. We can help with transport.

    • Year: 1989
    For sale
  • 1989 Ferrari 328 GTB

    $129,800(£100,231.56) $129,800(£100,231.56)

    1989 Ferrari 328 GTB, S/N ZFFXA19A6K0081569, Prugna with crema, 3.2 litre V8 engine, 5 speed gear box, USA example with power windows, air conditioning, ABS, delivered new August 11, 1989 by Cavallino Classics of Scottsdale, Arizona to the first and only owner Mr. Vern Zimmerman, believed to be the only 1989 328 GTB ever produced in Prugna, complete with original owner’s manuals and pouch, tool roll and jack, original dealer invoice and original window sticker, built in May of the final year of 328 production and one of fewer than 40 USA 1989 328 GTB produced. Comprehensive major servicing to all systems by Ferrari specialist Boston Sportscar. This Prugna GTB has been used regularly and enthusiastically in the Southwest USA and as such has stone chipping on the nose collected during Mr. Zimmerman’s spirited driving. While not concours, this GTB is dialed in for both the collector and driver and presents a rare opportunity to purchase a one owner last year of production 328 GTB.

    • Year: 1989
    • Mileage: 44400 mi
    For sale
  • 1988 Ferrari 328GTS

    $69,500(£53,667.90) $69,500(£53,667.90)

    This 1988 Ferrari 328GTS is an excellent original one owner example with just 27k miles and original paint. Very rare and desirable white with white interior color combination. Books and tools included as well as it's original bill of sale. It also has a clean carfax report. It runs and drives well but is due for servicing and is missing it's targa top. A fantastic buy at just $69,500. VIN: ZFFXA20A8J0076827

    • Year: 1988
    For sale

    £109,995 £109,995

    Rosso Nero Full leather headlining in crema Leather dash Bordeaux carpet 24000 miles All books, tools roll and jack complete. Original spare wheel and tyre. An exceptional original Berlinetta

    • Year: 1989
    • Mileage: 24000 mi
    For sale

    £79,995 £79,995

    The well known racing 328 GTB 'Roise' has one of the most illustrious racing careers of any modern classic Ferrari. Boasting wins right from its early racing days at the hands of Robin Mortimer in 1989 in Class O of the Maranello Challenge. The car has passed through many well known Ferrari owners club racers over the years including Martin Shaw, Nicky Paul-Barron, Christian Mineeff and David Tomlin. It was last raced by farther and Son Richard and Michael Squire who developed the car into its current group 4 modified Spec with no expense spared. Although the car has been used as a road car by the previous owner it would be great to see the car out racing again. In its current spec the car would no doubt be a front runner in the Pirelli Classic series. Please call for further information.

    • Year: 1986
    For sale
  • Ferrari 328 GTB

    £247,950 £247,950

    Ferrari 328 GTB 1988. This original right hand drive, matching numbers 328 has only travelled 29,000kms and is in excellent condition having undergone refurbishment. Brooklands “Sales by Brokerage” service : This vehicle cannot be sold by Brooklands Classic Cars Pty Ltd until purchased in full by Brooklands Classic Cars Pty Ltd from the vehicle’s owner. Otherwise, the sale would be considered consignment selling and Brooklands Classic Cars Pty Ltd would be in contravention of the Motor Car Traders Act 1986.

    • Year: 1988
    For sale
  • Ferrari 328

    €139,000(£116,940.70) €139,000(£116,940.70)

    Caractéristiques Année du Modèle : 1989 1ère mise circulation : 06/12/1989 N° Châssis : ZFFCA20S000083136 Couleur extérieure : Rosso Couleur intérieure : Cuir beige Kilométrage : 26 300 Km CV DIN : 270cv CV fiscaux : 22 CV Cylindrée : 3185 cm3 Boîte de vitesses : Manuelle Carnet : Oui Origine du modèle : Suisse Historique Ce véhicule affiche seulement 26 300 km d’origine mais il s’agit surtout de la toute dernière Ferrari 328 sortie des chaines de production. Un exemplaire collector. Le véhicule dispose de l’ensemble de ses carnets et manuels d’origine ainsi que de sa trousse à outils. Il sera bientôt Classiche Ferrari. Matching numbers et color. Garantie du véhicule Le véhicule sera vendu révisé et garanti 3 mois ou 5000kms 139 000 euros Nous trouver et nous contacter Jean Lain Vintage – Showroom / 04 79 88 66 36 - Jérôme Millias 07 60 14 73 07 11 Rue de la Dent du Chat 73 420 Voglans Nos horaires Du Lundi au Samedi, de 8h00 à 12h00 et de 14h00 à 18h30 http://jeanlainvintage.com/nos-vehicules/vehicules-a-vendre/ ****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Specifications Year of manufacture: 1989 Chassis number: ZFFCA20S000083136 Exterior color: Red Interior color: Beige leather Mileage: 26 300 km HP: 270cv Engine displacement: 3185 cm3 Gearbox: Manual Service book: Yes Original paint: No Delivery country: Switzerland History This vehicle shows only 26 300 km from new, but it is mostly the latest Ferrari 328 output production lines. A collector. The vehicle has all its original books, manuals as well as its toolkit and is matching numbers and color. The car will be Classiche Ferrari. Warranty The vehicle will be sold revised and guaranteed 3 months or 5000 Km Price 139 000 euros Find us and contact us Jean Lain Vintage – Showroom / +334 79 88 66 36 - Jérôme Millias +337 60 14 73 07 11 Rue de la Dent du Chat 73 420 Voglans France Opening hours From Monday to Saturday, 8am to 12am and 2pm to 6.30pm http://jeanlainvintage.com/nos-vehicules/vehicules-a-vendre/

    • Year: 1989
    • Mileage: 26300 mi
    For sale
  • Ferrari 328

    €129,000(£108,527.70) €129,000(£108,527.70)

    Caractéristiques Année du Modèle : 1989 1ère mise circulation : 14/06/1989 N° Châssis : ZFFCA19S000081592 Couleur extérieure : Rouge Couleur intérieure : Cuir beige Kilométrage : 18 500 Km CV DIN : 270cv CV fiscaux : 22 CV Cylindrée : 3185 cm3 Boîte de vitesses : Manuelle Carnet : Oui Origine du modèle : Vente directe, usine Historique Ce véhicule affiche 18 500 km d’origine et il possède de nombreux papiers attestant une traçabilité exemplaire : - Ses factures d’entretiens depuis l’origine dont l’entretien chez DK Engineering de 1999 à 2015 - Son manuel d’utilisateur ainsi que son carnet d’entretien d’origine avec tampons - Ses doubles de clés d'origine - Certificat Ferrari, matching numbers et color Révisions effectuées Véhicule entretenu comme en attestent les différentes révisions : - Révision à 2547 Km, le 21/11/1996 - Révision à 5929 Km, le 28/01/1999 - Révision à 8991 Km, le 30/11/2000 - Révision à 13 516 Km, le 27/02/2006 - Révision à 15 949 Km, le 06/06/2008 - Révision à 17 907 Km, le 04/04/2013 - Révision à 18 055 Km, le 13/04/2015 Garantie du véhicule Le véhicule sera vendu révisé et garanti 3 mois ou 5000kms Prix 129 000 € Nous trouver et nous contacter Jean Lain Vintage – Showroom / 04 79 88 66 36 - Jérôme Millias 07 60 14 73 07 11 Rue de la Dent du Chat 73 420 Voglans Nos horaires Du Lundi au Samedi, de 8h00 à 12h00 et de 14h00 à 18h30 *************************************************************************************** Specifications Year of manufacture: 14/06/1989 Chassis number: ZFFCA19S000081592 Exterior color: Red Interior color: Beige leather Mileage: 18 500 Km HP: 270cv Engine displacement: 3185 cm3 Gearbox: Manual Service book: Yes Delivery country: Direct sale History This vehicle has only 18 500 km from new and has many invoices attesting exemplary traceability: - All invoices from new including DK Engineering maintenance from 1999 to 2015 - Its user manual as well as its original service book with stamps - Double key - Ferrari certificate, matching numbers and color Maintenance Perfect mechanical maintenance: - Servicing at 2547 Km on 21/11/1996 - Servicing at 5929 Km on 28/01/1999 - Servicing at 8991 Km on 30/11/2000 - Servicing at 13 516 Km on 27/02/2006 - Servicing at 15 949 Km on 06/06/2008 - Servicing at 17 907 Km on 04/04/2013 - Servicing at 18 055 Km on 13/04/2015 Warranty The vehicle will be sold revised and guaranteed 3 months or 5000 Km Price 129 000 € Find us and contact us Jean Lain Vintage – Showroom / +334 79 88 66 36 - Jérôme Millias +337 60 14 73 07 11 Rue de la Dent du Chat 73 420 Voglans France Opening hours From Monday to Saturday, 8am to 12am and 2pm to 6.30pm

    • Year: 1989
    • Mileage: 18500 mi
    For sale

    £99,995 £99,995

    328 GTB Rosso / Beige Beige carpets 61,000 miles Original wallet and service book. This example is well known to our company as we purchased it in 2013. The car had come from a 22 year ownership. We carried out a light refurbishment and major mechanical overhaul and sold the car to its current owner. It has only covered a 1000 miles during this three year ownership hence why the car is back up for sale due to lack of use. The car has recently been serviced and will go through our workshop prior to sale.

    • Year: 1986
    • Mileage: 61000 mi
    For sale
  • 1986 (C) FERRARI 328 GTS 2dr

    £109,995 £109,995

    Prior to offering for sale, all cars are subject to the AMARI Inspection, a stringent 170 point investigation of the car cosmetically, electrically and mechanically. Our resident master technicians attend to all issues prior to offering the car for sale, using the very latest and best diagnostic equipment, state of the art tools and methods. Our highly qualified master technicians can carry out servicing on all road cars, from the standard family hatch back to the latest Lamborghini, Ferrari, Aston Martin... We are the only independent dealer with full Ferrari SDX Diagnostics and the Lamborghini LARAS Diagnostics systems. Our fully equipped workshop enables us to attend to any electrical, and mechanical issues, from intricate electrical repairs and renewals, to brake disc Skimming and air conditioning recharging. Before collection all cars go through our exhaustive detailing process (can take up to three days) using only the worlds finest Swissvax products, carried out by our professional certified Swissvax trained technicians, covering every aspect of the car inside and out. Collection and delivery throughout the UK can be offered through the most reputable manufacturer championed company who use only the very latest covered car transporters with extensive experience of transporting cars across the world. Vehicles are supplied with a three month warranty *Exclusions Apply. We offer part exchange and finance facility on most cars. AMARI Lifestyle Limited T/As AMARI SuperCars is authorised & Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (663066)

    • Mileage: 18876 mi
    • Engine size: 3.2
    For sale
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