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Bertone concept cars: top 10

Bertone concept cars: top 10 Classic and Performance Car

We pick out ten of the coolest Bertone concept cars, offered in the sale of the styling house’s collection

After the famous Italian design house and coachbuiler Bertone went bankrupt last year, the company’s assets are now being sold off by the administrators. The collection of cars housed in the Bertone museum was saved from being split up, due to the Italian government declaring it an item of ‘historic national heritage’. Interested in placing a bid? Take a look at the online auction here.

Bertone has been responsible for some of the best-looking and iconic production cars, like the Lamborghini Miura, Countach, Lancia Stratos and a multitude of others. Many of these form part of the 79-car collection, but it’s the concept cars and one-off show cars that truly stand out.

Bertone’s collection is far from complete, as a few of the most valuable examples were sold off before the company went bankrupt, but it still houses some of the most interesting from its back catalogue. Here are ten of our favourites:

Bertone Ferrari Rainbow

Although Ferrari is generally more associated with Pininfarina, Bertone did have some dealings with the prancing horse. Based on the 308, this concept features a removable hard top roof and some very angular styling, a common theme of Bertone creations from this era.

NSU Trapeze

Based around the ground-breaking NSU Ro80’s rotary engine, which was mounted centrally, this clever compact sportscar still managed to squeeze in four seats making the most of the space efficient power unit.

Bertone Zabrus

This Citroen concept was based around the four-wheel drive BX 4TC, but it looked a lot more modern. Bertone unveiled the concept at the 1986 Turin motor show.

Citroen Camargue

Another Citroen, this time the slightly unusual looking Carmargue concept. Underneath the sporty exterior was the hydraulically-suspended Citroen GS.

Lamborghini Genesis

In 2015, the world might not be quite ready to accept a Lamborghini SUV, so you can imagine the reaction to this bizarre-looking Genesis MPV in 1988. A production version could have potentially replaced the LM002, but it was a little bit too radical at the time.

Autobianchi Runabout

With this concept, you can really see how the design went on to influence the production Fiat X1/9. This concept was powered by a mid-mounted Fiat 128 engine.

Chevrolet Ramarro

When is a Corvette not a Corvette? This interesting Chevrolet Ramarro concept blended the C4 Corvette chassis with a sleek and angular new body.

Jaguar Ascot Coupe

Designed in 1977 after Bertone’s previous Jaguar saloon proposal had been turned down. This four-seater coupe model was the based on a shortened XJS platform, and was hand crafted from aluminium.

Volvo Tundra

Running on 343 components, this design angular design proposal was turned down by Volvo, but a very similar proposal was eventually sold to Citroen as the hugely successful BX.

Volvo Tundra

Bertone Blitz

This two-seater roadster was an electric sportscar before the technology was really available to make it viable.

Bertone Blitz

Ferrari 308 Classifieds

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