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Ferrari 195
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  • Ferrari 195 S Inter Ghia


    We are proud to offer one of the very few Ghia bodied Ferrari which were only made in a very short period up from 1950 to 1951 being the successor of the 166 and the predecessor of the famous and very successful 212 models. In the early days Enzo Ferrari has chosen for the design and bodywork the most famous design companies available in Italy. Most of the early 166 have been made by Touring before Enzo started in 1950 the cooperation with Vignale and more or less in the same time with Ghia. While Ghia had only produced around 28 different cars with different engine displacements and bodies for Ferrari, Vignale closed the gap with a bigger output of design and quantity before Enzo Ferrari commissioned the responsibility to Pinin Farina who was up from 1953 more or less the exclusive disigner of the marque. Although only very few 195's have been produced at Ferrari it might be interesting to know that the Mille Miglia 1950 had been won on a Touring bodied 195 S by Giannini Marzotto, which was a handsome and young member of Italy's industrial post war aristocracy. The same car was found a few month later being in the lead at Le Mans before being side-lined by a failed generator mount

    • Year: 1951
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