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Ferrari 121
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    --Light Blue with Red interior, 5-speed manual gearbox. After success of Ferrari’s 4-cylinder Mondial and Monza racecars, Ferrari developed their straight-six for use in the 121 LM. Displacement of these new 6-cylinders reached over 4400 cc, providing more horsepower and torque than its predecessors. The engine was given twin-spark ignition, 3 side draft Weber carburetors producing 360bhp. These new six-cylinder Ferraris were all about speed, and their outright straight-line performance went straight after Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar. The body was hand made by the workshops of Sergio Scaglietti, which included a ladder-type steel tube chassis with a DeDion rear suspension and wishbones up front. The third of only four 121 LMs built, this 1955 Ferrari 121 LM Spider has been fully documented by Massini and retains its matching-numbers engine and gearbox. This 121 LM was originally built as a 118 LM. It started the 1955 Mille Miglia and was then immediately shipped back to the factory and converted to its current 121 LM specification. It is one of only two examples upgraded from 118 LM specification. After Scuderia Ferrari, this 121 LM was then owned by William Doheny, the CEO of Superio

    • Year: 1955
    • Mileage: 2017 mi
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