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Promoted Feature: Smart fortwo electric

New electric smart proves that small really can be mighty

Promoted Feature: New electric smart proves that small really can be mighty

Sometimes we assume that small means tiny, weak and limited. The clever people at Smart car are breaking all these rules with the latest incarnation of their popular fortwo model, the smart electric drive.

Powered for the first time by an electric motor, this new model is even more of an attractive proposition for those who are concerned about both their budget and the economy. With a range of 87 miles on a full-charge, this is also one of the first electric cars that is actually practical for everyday use. Recent studies suggest that urban parking is 40% quicker in a Smart car and recent pan European deals between Smart and APCOA and Europcar have shown the Smart fortwo to be the perfect city car.

But the Smart is not just a good fit for a parking space. Despite its size this new car is perfect for two passengers and with an ample boot it has large space for luggage too. You could whiz away in your car for a holiday, take gifts to friends, bring shopping home or make urgent deliveries. Whether your journey is long or short the Smart fortwo is the flexible way for you to get around.

And just because it's powered by an electric motor, don't think that it's underpowered. The surprisingly punchy motor, powered by a 17.6kWh battery is capable of an impressive 74bhp – which means a 0-62mph time of just 11.5 seconds.

To help them promote the new model, smart has enrolled a couple of pro-freestyle skate legends, Kilian Martin and Alfredo Urbon to star in a new promotional film, ‘skate fortwo’. In it, Martin and Urbon skate together on a single double-length board in a display of dramatic tricks and tag-teaming, culminating in a stand-up/handstand double act on the same board. Amazingly, the small but flexible board is made to look fast, fun and cool and is ultimately perfect for this groundbreaking approach to skating. The film has got skateboard lovers talking and is now being followed up by a classic retro ‘skate fortwo’ game so that you can try out the same tricks.

Martin and Urbon's creative take on skateboarding highlights perfectly the potential of a small, creative, flexible way of traveling that the intuitive Smart fortwo offers. Just as the skaters weave their way through an urban landscape this new Smart car works best in a built-up environment – going where larger cars simply can't go and getting there quicker too.

Martin and Urbon's new film and game have created quite a stir. David George, Marketing Director Passenger Cars at Mercedes Benz says: ‘The skate fortwo film has had some fantastic feedback and here's the chance for them to play it out and become a freestyle skateboard hero without the obvious risks.’

The new electric Smart is coming to dealers later in the year, visit: http://uk.smart.com/ for more details. You can view the “skate fortwo” video on YouTube at: http://youtu.be/M24KaozWR5I

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