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  • 1964 Elva Courier Mk. 4

    $29,500(£24,110.35) $29,500(£24,110.35)

    1964 Elva Courier Mk. IV Vintage Racer s/n E1163 Yellow with White stripe and Black interior Elva, not Alfa, was another of those small British car companies: Lotus, Lola, Mallock, Marcos, Peerless, Rochdale, Turner, of the 1950s and 60s that grew out of one man’s hobby, and were based on his exceptional talents. The name Elva is a corruption of the French “elle va”, meaning “she goes” which reportedly is the comment made about the first car build by Frank Nichols, the founder of Elva. Frank Nichols began by making his own racecar in 1954, and by 1957 was successfully selling sports-racing and formula junior cars in the UK and the USA. The racecars ranged from the early side valve Ford engined models, to sports-racers powered by Porsche and BMW, and to the big V8 McLaren-Elva CanAm cars. The Courier was the only road car produced. The Mk1 first appeared in 1959 with MGA mechanicals and was improved over the years through Mk2 and Mk3 versions. The last model was the Mk4-T with an 1800cc MGB engine, independent rear suspension of TVR origin, front suspension from Triumph, and an MGB differential housed in an Elva casting. The “Sebring” variant of this car used the Lotus 1558 Twin Cam

    • Year: 1964
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