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  • Porsche Boxster


    Variant name:Roadster Spyder ,Derivative:Spyder ,Variant: 3.8 Spyder 2dr Porsche Boxster 3.8 Spyder 2dr

    Last update: 1 Day Old
    • Year: 2016
    • Mileage: 4081 mi
    • Engine size: 3.8
    For sale
    Dick Lovett-Porsche Centre - Swindon
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  • Porsche 924


    Variant name:S ,Variant: S 924s Le Mans Special Edition (1988) Technical Data Engine Capacity 2,500cc Transmission 4 Speed Manual Weight 1,080kg Exterior Colour White Interior Colour Grey/Gold Pinstripe The Porsche 924s is a luxury sports car which was produced in Germany. This car came off the production line on the 1st January 1987 and was first registered in 1988. It is one of only 74 cars made for the UK market. The 924s Le Mans was a limited series to celebrate Porsches 12th victory at the Le Mans 24 hour race. This car looked very good cosmetically for its age however after further examination we found that the underside of the car was badly corroded. After extensive repairs including welding new inner and outer sills we stripped the car to the bone and it was fully resprayed. While this work was being done we refurbished all the original components that we could and we replaced any parts that were beyond repair. This car has had 2 previous owners and boasts an impressive 125BHP, our car also has 4 cylinders with 8 valves per cylinder, as well as a 4 speed manual gear box with white exterior with a lovely grey/gold pinstripe interior. Porsche only produced 980 cars and they came between the months of July and September 1987. The cars either came with a black or white exterior however they all had the distinctive ‘Le Mans’ lower door sticker. The interior of the cars only came in black or grey with Ochre or Turquoise. All the cars were given a 15” ‘telephone style’ wheels which were available in either White with Ochre inserts or Black with Turquoise inserts. The cars we 10mm wider at the front and 15mm wider at the back compared to the standard cars. The special edition cars were given a bigger diameter anti-roll bars and gas shock absorbers to enhance cornering stability. Only 74 cars were made for the UK, 37 of each colour. We have done all that is possible to keep as many original parts as we could, to preserve the cars authenticity. Any parts that have been replaced have been meticulously prepared and the car is as it would have been when it rolled off the production line in 1987. We are proud to be able to say that all the work carried out on the car has been done within our business, and this car is a pure testament to the capabilities of our staff. We are sure that the next owner of this fantastic example will be delighted with their purchase.

    Last update: About 1 Month Old
    • Year: 1988
    • Mileage: 24969 mi
    • Engine size: 2.5
    For sale