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  • DeSoto Custom Coupé '47

    €17,950(£15,882.16) €17,950(£15,882.16)

    The DeSoto (sometimes De Soto ) was manufactured and marketed by the now-defunct DeSoto Division of the Chrysler Corp. from 1928 to 1961. The DeSoto logo featured a stylized image of Spanish explorer Hernando De Soto. The De Soto marque was officially dropped November 30, 1960, with over two million vehicles built since 1928. Shortly after DeSoto was introduced, however, Chrysler completed its purchase of the dodge Brothers, giving the company two mid-priced makes. Initially, the two-make strategy was relatively successful, with DeSoto priced below Dodge models. Despite the economic times, DeSoto sales were relatively healthy, pacing Dodge at around 25,000 units in 1932. In fact, when DeSoto first came out in 1929, it broke the first-year sales record, with 81,065 cars sold, and was not beaten until 1960 by the Ford Falcon. Despite being a successful mid-priced line for Chrysler for most of its life, DeSoto's failure was due to a combination of corporate mistakes and external factors beyond Chrysler's control. The Chrysler brand essentially moved from a luxury automaker to a mid-priced automaker when Chrysler launched the separate Imperial brand in 1954 for the 1955 model year. Mos

    • Year: 1947
    For sale
  • 1934 DeSoto Airflow Coupe


    (SOLD) Though truly a unique car for the time, the Airflow wasn’t widely accepted by the buying public. Coupled with the height of the Depression, only 1,520 DeSoto coupes were built in 1934. Of them, reportedly only 15 are known to have survived. This example is one of the few to have been restored. Finished in 2010, this stylish Airflow was brought back to original specification, including completely rebuilding the engine. It was finished in silver with a correct brown cloth interior and is show ready. The beautiful Art Deco appointments include the radio with rooftop antenna, chrome interior trim and correct upholstery designs and seat details. The stylish “waterfall” grille accents this unique but short-lived modern marvel. Previously owned by Charles Cochran, a former president of the Airflow Club of America, this forward thinking Desoto is an exceptional example of both form and function.

    • Year: 1934
    • Mileage: 15065 mi
    For sale