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Daimler V8 250 cars for sale

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Daimler V8 250
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  • 1969 Daimler V8250

    £22,995 £22,995

    This ultra original Daimler V8250 was first registered on the 6th March 1969 and supplied new in Ascot Fawn with Red trim. The Daimler is totally standard with factory supplied steel wheels, automatic transmission and original leather upholstery. PEL 603G has a recorded mileage of 82000 and is remarkably original still retaining its wonderful, honest original upholstery. From the condition of the trim it clear this is an honest, genuine car that has never been left to deteriorate. From the history with the car we can see it covered 80000 miles from 1969 to 1996 and over the last twenty years it has been annually MOT tested but has covered just 2000 miles being used for short local running. The Daimler has never required restoration and it's clear this is a car that has never required major work. The V8 engine runs superbly holding correct oil pressure, it offers good performance, sounds fabulous. The automatic gearbox changes up and down smoothly and the car handles and performs well. On arrival with us, the Daimler was put through a programme of mechanical work at our Malton Coachwork workshop and was treated to over £2000 of mechanical work. As a result the Daimler is totally on

    • Year: 1969
    • Mileage: 80000 mi
    For sale
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  • 1968 Daimler 250 Saloon


    The Daimler 2.5 litre, V8 saloon was launched in late 1962 and was, effectively, a rebadged Mk. II. The major difference was that it was fitted with the silky smooth, Edward Turner designed, V8 power plant. A Daimler fluted grill, rear number plate surround, wheel trims, badges and interior details, further distinguished it from its Jaguar cousin. In 1967, this Daimler compact saloon was renamed the V8-250 and differed in relatively small details such as, slimline bumpers and overriders (shared with the Jaguar 240/340), negative-earth electrical system, an alternator instead of a dynamo and twin air cleaners; one for each carburettor. Other new features included padding over the instrument panel, padded door cappings and ventilated leather upholstery, reclining split-bench front seats and a heated rear window. Power steering and overdrive were optional extras. This 1968 example of the V8-250 that has recently undergone a body and interior restoration, these works were carried out between 2014 and 2015 by Bob Fisher's Garage in Kent, with photographic record. The history file shows that the original engine was replaced during 1991 but importantly, this replacement engine has been re

    • Year: 2016
    For sale
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