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Daimler V8
17500 17500 GBP
  • Daimler 2500 V8 Saloon '66

    €17,500(£0) €17,500(£0)

    Lowered price from €19.950 -> €17.500 The Daimler 2.5-V8 (or 2½ litre V8 ) was launched late in 1962, and was essentially a rebadged Jaguar Mk2, but fitted with Daimler's 2.5 litres V8 engine; aside from the engine, fluted (furrowed brow) grille and rear number plate surround, badges, drive-train and some interior details (such as a split-bench front seat and a black enamel steering wheel) the Daimler 2.5- was otherwise indistinguishable from the Jaguar Mark 2. The 2.5-V8 was the first Jaguar designed car to have the Daimler badge. The Daimler V8 engine was more compact and therefore lighter than the six cylinder engine used in the Jaguar Mark 2, and weighed approximately 50 kg ("1 cwt") less. Spring and damper settings were revised accordingly to suit the altered weight distribution. At the end of 1965, the final drive ratio had been changed from 4.55:1 to 4.27:1, addressing complaints that the car as launched in 1963 had needed to exceed its recommended rev limit in order to reach its top speed, with a corresponding penalty in fuel consumption and engine noise and wear. The testers found the car refined and well equipped with efficient, if rather heavy, brakes. The engine and tra

    • Year: 1966
    • Mileage: 79497 mi
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    €17,500(£0) €17,500(£0)