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  • 1961 Cooper Monaco Mk III

    $265,000(£0) $265,000(£0)

    1961 Cooper Monaco Mark III Dark Green with White stripes and Black Interior The Cooper Car Company is regarded as one of the most important British Motorsports companies in the world. A small powerhouse of a business throughout post war racing, Cooper cars elated spectators and press with their engineering efficiency and nimble capacity on racetracks all over the world. The list of drivers for their racecars includes Sir Stirling Moss, Juan Manuel Fangio, Jack Brabham, Bruce McLaren, and Pedro Rodriguez, to name but a few. Throughout the 50s and 60s their rear engine racecars dominated the scene with pioneering technology including lightweight honeycomb monocoque construction, engine tuning, and several racing innovations. Of course their dominance was not limited to Formula One, as the Mini-Cooper proved on Rally courses over and over again. The Cooper Monaco was a very special, low profile, lightweight sports racer, which earned its name in honor of the Cooper victory at the 1958 Monaco Grand Prix. First introduced in 1958, ongoing refinements were put in place with the Mark II (first offered in 1960) and again as the Mark III. The Mark III development was particularly important

    • Year: 1961
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    $265,000(£0) $265,000(£0)
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