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Citroen SM
69500 74500 GBP
  • 1973 Citroen SM Coupe

    $69,500(£56,802.35) $69,500(£56,802.35)

    In 1968, Citroen purchased Maserati with plans to take advantage of the Italian company’s experience with high-performance engines. The goal was to design a GT car that combined Citroen’s highly advanced hydropneumatic suspension system with the power of a Maserati V-6. The result was the SM, first shown at the Geneva Motor Show in 1970, Citroen’s flagship automobile for the next five years. Brilliantly designed and styled, it impressed the automotive press with its blend of speed, braking, handling and comfort which, like its shape, was unlike anything available in another automobile at the time. It even became the first non-American car to win Motor Trend’s Car of the Year Award. The SM had disc brakes on all four corners, inboard at the front and with self-adjusting pressure at the rear based on load. It also boasted the remarkable self-leveling hydropneumatic suspension from the DS, and introduced a new type of variable assist power steering dubbed DIRAVI. The unique and attractive bodywork was penned in-house by chief designer Robert Opron, and gave the SM the very impressive drag coefficient of 0.26, 10% less than the 2014 Corvette's 0.29. With a top speed of 140 miles per hour, it was also the fastest front-wheel drive car in the world in its day. A true technical marvel with no shortage of unique characteristics or charm, the Citroen SM was one of the most memorable cars of the 1970s. In the United States, however, the SM did not get off to a perfect start. The EPA-required air-injection pumps caused the exhaust manifolds to overheat. The oil pump and ignition systems were troublesome in cold weather, and the timing chains for the advanced 2675 cc V-6 were not free of problems. Modern owners have long since found solutions to these issues and when properly sorted the Citroen SM is a strong, reliable and practical classic that can be used regularly and confidently. This 1973 Citroen-Maserati SM is a fantastic highly original example that was long-term owned by a passionate and knowledgeable Citroen enthusiast who gave it every attention and upgrade to ensure it was reliable, comfortable and fast. With the more desirable 5-speed manual transmission, it was driven regularly and shown at several events. It wears one repaint and has had a very comprehensive mechanical sorting from top to bottom. Finished in an attractive metallic brown, it has a brown leather interior, air conditioning that blows cold, a Pioneer cassette stereo and all new Pirelli tires. Also included are the original owner’s manual and warranty book. More importantly, the thorough mechanical work that it has received has left it a strong running and driving SM that can be used regularly with confidence. Highly original and set up for enjoyment, it is an ideal specimen of this design icon.

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  • 1972 Citroen SM

    $74,500(£60,888.85) $74,500(£60,888.85)

    1972 Citroen SM s/n 005B9860 Black with Black Leather The Citroen SM is a truly fascinating car that epitomizes Citroen’s long tradition of innovation and disregard for convention. Their previous track record included the Traction Avant, one of the world’s first front wheel drive cars, the 2CV, whose main competition was the donkey cart, and the DS, a stunning family car that was aerodynamic, beautiful, futuristic, and offered the first mass-produced application of disc brakes, a monocoque chassis, and a magic carpet smooth ride thanks to its adjustable height oleopneumatic suspension. The SM was introduced as Citroen’s flagship in 1970. The company had purchased Maserati in 1968, an important piece of Citroen’s plan to build a high performance GT that was related to the DS. Citroen asked Maserati to develop a six cylinder engine, which would be used both in this car and a new small Maserati to compete with Ferrari’s Dino, the Merak. The 90 degree V6 featured quad cams, made typically Italian noises, and was coupled either to a 5-speed manual or an automatic transmission. The SM was extraordinarily aerodynamic, with a Kamm tail, sloping roofline, and attentive streamlining, which g

    • Year: 1972
    • Mileage: 97489 mi
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