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Citroen ID
29500 29500 GBP

    €29,500(£26,954.15) €29,500(£26,954.15)

    WITH A FIVA PASSPORT ON THE NAME OF MR. GATSONIDES Brand Citroen Type ID Color Bronze Interior Other Year of build 1959 Price € 29.500,- 1957 CITROEN ID 19 MAUS GATSONIDES With a FIVA passport on the name of Mr. Gatsonides Complete with the scale models of the car, pictures and history from the past The DS 19 is technically unsurpassed, completely inimitable, has a great back story Sixty years after its introduction at the Paris Auto Show, the futuristic, perfectly Gallic Citroën DS 19 (D series from 1955-75) retains the ability to wow, an atom bomb of style from a time when atom bombs were kind of cool. The DS was the most technically gifted automobile of its time and the most quintessentially modern, in that it scorned all that was familiar in prewar design—big, exposed wheels, low roofs, strong shoulders and commanding chrome grilles—in favor of something utterly new. Sculptor and designer Flaminio Bertoni and aviation engineer Andre Lefebvre had been working on the design at Citroën even before World War II, but the DS was a pure product of the moment. While many cars evoked aeronautic forms, the Rocket Age wonderments of GM or Ghia-bodied Chryslerd, the DS is the only car that

    • Year: 1959
    For sale
    The Houtkamp Collection
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