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Citroen DS on the Rallye du Maroc: Picture of the week

Citroen DS on the Rallye du Maroc: Picture of the week Classic and Performance Car

The Citroen DS wasn't just a stylish and loping cruiser, but an accomplished rally car too

If we needed an excuse to admire the Citroen DS, this iconic model celebrates its 60th anniversary this year. Thankfully, the admiration of a DS requires no justification whatsoever.

This images comes from Citroen’s own archives, and was taken during the 1970 Rallye du Maroc where a DS (although not this one) was on its way to winning the event outright, for the second year running. Piloted by Frenchman Bob Neyret, the DS’s extremely resilient suspension was perfect for the grueling long-distance rally, which was a notorious car killer.

In fact the Citroen DS was a surprising success in rallies across the globe, with wins going back as far back as 1956. It was a particular favorite on the Monte Carlo rally, and on one particular occasion in 1966 a total of eight were entered. Six of the cars finished in the top 12, with the car of Pauli Toivonen taking the outright win - although it’s worth noting that the first four finishers driving British cars were all disqualified for illegal headlights... But that’s a story for another day!

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Image: Citroën Communication/Georges Guyot

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