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Citroen CX GTI Turbo ‘Concorde’ – Auction highlight

Citroen CX GTI Turbo ‘Concorde’ – Auction highlight Classic and Performance Car

A Concorde-themed Citroen CX GTI Turbo, built to mark 10 years of supersonic passenger flight, will be offered in Artcurial’s Retromobile auction

As technical achievements go, Concorde’s first ever supersonic passenger flight is right up there with some of the biggest milestones in human history. A very special Citroen CX GTI Turbo, built to celebrate this amazing achievement, will be offered by Artcurial in the 2017 Retromobile auction in Paris on 9 February. 
To mark the ten-year anniversary of the occasion in 1985, Air France commissioned Citroen to produce small run of special Concorde edition CX GTI Turbos. As the CX was the flagship of French automotive technology at the time, it was a perfect fit. So why have we never heard of it? 
It’s thought that Air France commissioned Citroen to build between ten and 12 of the special CXs, to be used by pilots in a tenth anniversary parade in Toulouse. The cars were to have pearl white paint, air conditioning and a little extra power courtesy of some tuning work done by the Danielson workshop. Inside, the seats were to be trimmed in the same red fabric as the Concorde, along with special carpet.
Unfortunately, Citroen ran into problems completing the order, hitting production problems and struggling to get the paint right. Just six cars were completed before Air France cancelled the order. Three cars were apparently used by Citroen executives, before being destroyed, while the other three were sold through official dealerships.
Just two of these cars are thought to survive today, including this particularly well-used example. Bought in Reims in 1986, it racked up huge mileages by a contractor travelling all over France – made clear by the extremely ‘patinated’ seats. Excellently maintained during its working life however, it proudly displays a total of 550,000 kilometers today. 
Bought by an enthusiast in 1996, the CX then went on to appear at various events, such as the CX’s 25th anniversary in 1999. Offered from the collection Richard Reinders today, which mainly consists of Chapron-bodied Citroens, it has recently had a mechanical overhaul costing more than €7500. 
Being sold without reserve, the CX Concorde is estimated at €50,000-€80,000, alongside a number of other cars from Reinders collection. These include DS21 Coupe by Chapron (€250-350,000) – among various other Chapron-converted DS cabriolets – as well as a Group B Citroen Visa Chrono rally car. 

Images: Dirk de Jager/Artcurial

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