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Older classic cars gain exemption from Paris ban

Older classic cars gain exemption from Paris ban Classic and Performance Car

Paris recently announced that it would ban cars built before 1997, but it has now conceded that historic vehicles should be exempt from the ban.

Parisian classic car owners can now breathe a slight sigh of relief, with news of an exemption to the old car ban set to come into force on 1 July. An exemption to the ban will allow classic vehicles older than 30 years registered with a special 'Carte Grise de Collection', to be used in the city. 
It’s thanks to campaigning by the Fédération Française des Véhicules d’Epoque, working close with FIVA, that the classic exemption has been brought in. The official reasoning behind the ban is to cut the number of older diesel cars from driving in the city, and this ban is said to affect ten per cent of all cars in the centre of Paris. 
The recently announced restrictions – effectively banning cars built before 1997 from the French capital between 8am to 8pm Monday-Friday – are set to get much stricter in the next four years. The ultimate goal by 2020 is to remove a significant number of polluting cars, with the ban extending to vehicles built before 2011. 
These low emission zones are not a new thing, with Berlin having imposed a similar ban more than five years ago, with similar bans on the cards for many UK cities including London. 
While the classic car exemption is welcomed, it doesn’t address all of the issues. For example, enthusiasts with more modern ‘youngtimer’ classics are not exempt from the ban – regardless of usage. 
It’s thought that this particular ban could give rise to a new car scrappage scheme in France, boosting the country’s new car sales – with the government offering huge incentives to buyers of electric cars. 

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