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Citroen: Classic & Performance range guide

Citroen: Classic & Performance range guide Classic and Performance Car
Citroen C6 and DS Citroen BX 1970s Citroen range Citroen XM V6 and BX 16v Citroen SM Citroen Saxo VTS Citroen Xantia Activa V6 Citroen C6 and SM
Formed by Andre Citroen in 1919, it’s fair to say that Citroen has created some of the world’s most iconic and innovative cars of all time. The brilliance of the pre-war Traction Avant, functional ruggedness of the 2CV and the futuristic DS were all stand-out models, but with these cars followed the financial difficulties of the late 1960s and early 1970s. 
With the need to develop several new models, while investing in rotary engine technology that would ultimately never see the light of day, Citroen had serious money issues and was forced to give up its independence in 1976, with Peugeot taking a controlling stake in the company. 
Although Peugeot has kept a tight control of the company’s finances, Citroen has still managed to produce a number of successful and clever models – retaining the successful Hydropneumatic suspension system right up to the current C5. Latest models like the Cactus prove that Citroen is still innovating, while the more luxurious side has been left to DS, a new sister brand spun off the success of the classic Citroen DS model line. 

Buying a classic Citroen

Citroen really made an impression on the motoring world with the Traction Avant, which was launched in 1934. Here was a car that featured unitary construction, independent suspension and front-wheel drive. Although the Traction was highly respected, it was the DS of 1955 that genuinely blew the world away.
Complete with its streamlined shape, the Citroen DS brought in something new: the company’s famous self-levelling Hydropneumatic suspension system. Front-wheel drive, four-wheel disc brakes and many other extremely advanced technical achievements mark it out as one of the most groundbreaking cars of the 20th century. Despite this, prices are still actually relatively affordable – excluding the super-expensive convertible Decapotable versions. 
Making the most of its partnership with Maserati, Citroen’s SM attempted to marry the DS’s advanced underpinnings with a glorious V6 engine and beautiful two-door coupe body. Was it a success? You’ll have to be the judge, as this machine is adored by some, and misunderstood in equal measure by the rest! 
The 2CV is also one of Citroen’s greatest hits, running in various forms from 1948 right through to its final incarnation in 1990. Here was a car that has appealed to an extremely broad cross section of society, from French farmers to modern day hipsters. On the same theme is the more upmarket Dyane, along with the utilitarian Mehari. All are huge fun to drive, and simple to maintain.
While there aren’t huge numbers to choose from, there is a lot of joy to be had from running a GS or GSA, with a characterful flat-four engine, classic Citroen interior and that great suspension system. The CX is perhaps the biggest bargain in the classic Citroen world, with only the very best GTI Turbo and Prestige models fetching strong money, even though any CX in top condition is a fantastic car to live with.
Now well and truly accepted as classics are the 1980s AX and BX models. Both were pioneers of lightweight technology, and the BX in particular proved that mainstream models could be clever, innovative and still be successful – selling more than 2million units. The performance variants are the most desirable with the AX GT and BX GTI 16v commanding significant premiums in top condition. 
The executive XM was a classic the second the first car rolled off the production line (also winning the European Car of the Year award in 1990), and the same could be said for the more recent C6. This elegant big saloon has yet to be replaced by the company, making it the last of the big Citroens for now, and almost certainly the last to feature the Hydractive suspension suspension system. 

Buying a performance Citroen

Although Citroen might not be considered immediately in the performance car arena, it has offered a number of slightly oddball choices for many years. Bordering on classic status are the 1990s hot hatches, including the Saxo VTR and VTS. These pocket rockets were idolised by a generation of Max Power readers. They are not just great fun to drive, but also extremely affordable.
The larger Xsara VTS is also an interesting bargain performance choice at the minute, offering the same 167bhp 2.0-litre 16v engine as the more respected 306 GTI and Rallye. Its underpinnings are similiar too, and it’s quickly becoming a bit of an endangered species due to the engine’s desirability in the 205 GTI tuning scene. The earlier ZX 16v is another one to consider, if you can find one.
While still in daily use around the globe, the regular Xantias might not be considered worthy of mention here, but the Activa models (which feature active roll control) are surprisingly fast machines, and are particularly sought after in 188bhp V6 form. 
The C4 VTS was never quite powerful enough to compete against top hot hatch rivals of the day, but it was a cool-looking machine and a pretty solid all-round performer. The limited edition Loeb editions were built to celebrate the company’s fantastic WRC results, and as a result are quite collectible today.
The most recent Citroen hot hatch was the DS3 Racing, which put out 204bhp. Using a heavily-tuned 1.6-litre turbo engine, as well as a limited slip differential, the Racing was sold in limited numbers, and is a slightly softer alternative to the stiff competition. 


Most car enthusiasts have some first hand experience of Citroens, be it the 2CV you bought as a cheap first car, or perhaps that ride in the back of a DS as a child started your love affair. If you have respect for intelligent, innovative cars then a classic Citroen has probably been on your wish list at some point, and with most models undervalued, you might not want to wait too long to pick one up.
Citroen C6 and DS Citroen BX 1970s Citroen range Citroen XM V6 and BX 16v Citroen SM Citroen Saxo VTS Citroen Xantia Activa V6 Citroen C6 and SM
Last updated: 17th Nov 2016
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  • Citroen - 2CV Charleston - 1982

    €7,100 - €9,230 est. (£6,330.36 - £8,229.47 est.) €7,100 - €9,230 est. (£6,330.36 - £8,229.47 est.)
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    Auction Date: 01 Jan 1970
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  • Citroën 2CV Charleston Black & Yellow '82

    €11,950(£10,654.62) €11,950(£10,654.62)

    The Citroën 2CV (French: “deux chevaux” i.e. “deux chevaux vapeur”, literally “two tax horsepower”) was an economy car produced by the French automaker Citroën between 1948 and 1990. It was technologically advanced and innovative, but with uncompromisingly utilitarian unconventional looks, and deceptively simple Bauhaus inspired bodywork, that belied the sheer quality of its underlying engineering. It was designed to move the French peasantry on from horses and carts. It is considered one of Citroën's most iconic cars. In 1953 Autocar in a technical review of the car wrote of "the extraordinary ingenuity of this design, which is undoubtedly the most original since the Model T Ford". It was described by CAR magazine journalist and author LJK Setright as "the most intelligent application of minimalism ever to succeed as a car". It was designed for low cost, simplicity of use, versatility, reliability, and off-road driving. For this it had a light, easily serviceable engine, extremely soft long travel suspension (with adjustable ride height), high ground clearance, and for oversized loads a car-wide canvas sunroof (which until 1960 also covered the boot). During a production run of 42

    • Year: 1982
    For sale
  • Citroën 2CV Safari Orange '80

    €10,750(£9,584.70) €10,750(£9,584.70)

    >>>>> Oldtimerfarm specializes in consignment sales of vintage and collection cars and we are proud to present you this car. Oldtimerfarm is located in Belgium, 9880 Aalter, Steenweg op Deinze 51C, where this car is in our showroom. We are open from Tuesday to Saturday 10-17h (also without appointment). We are closed on Sundays and Mondays. Mondays on appointment only. Make sure you scroll down to look at the extensive photo report (100 pictures). Of course, a more detailed description can be obtained by telephone. Contact us: Xavier: 0032 472 40 1338 (NL, FR, DE, EN, IT) info@oldtimerfarm.be Olivier: 0032 473 11 7300 (NL, FR, DE, EN) olivier@oldtimerfarm.be Oldtimerfarm from Aalter would also like to sell your classic car or car collection. For more information, please contact Xavier. Exhibitions where you can find us: 11-12/02/2017 Flanders Collection Car Gent- Belgium 02-05/03/2017 Retro Classics Stuttgart - Germany 03-05/03/2017 Antwerp Classic Salon - Belgium 05-09/04/2017 Techno Classica Essen - Germany 28/04-01/05/2017 Open doors Oldtimerfarm 01-03/09/2017 Open doors Oldtimerfarm

    • Year: 1980
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    €29,500(£26,302.20) €29,500(£26,302.20)

    WITH A FIVA PASSPORT ON THE NAME OF MR. GATSONIDES Brand Citroen Type ID Color Bronze Interior Other Year of build 1959 Price € 29.500,- 1957 CITROEN ID 19 MAUS GATSONIDES With a FIVA passport on the name of Mr. Gatsonides Complete with the scale models of the car, pictures and history from the past The DS 19 is technically unsurpassed, completely inimitable, has a great back story Sixty years after its introduction at the Paris Auto Show, the futuristic, perfectly Gallic Citroën DS 19 (D series from 1955-75) retains the ability to wow, an atom bomb of style from a time when atom bombs were kind of cool. The DS was the most technically gifted automobile of its time and the most quintessentially modern, in that it scorned all that was familiar in prewar design—big, exposed wheels, low roofs, strong shoulders and commanding chrome grilles—in favor of something utterly new. Sculptor and designer Flaminio Bertoni and aviation engineer Andre Lefebvre had been working on the design at Citroën even before World War II, but the DS was a pure product of the moment. While many cars evoked aeronautic forms, the Rocket Age wonderments of GM or Ghia-bodied Chryslerd, the DS is the only car that

    • Year: 1959
    For sale
  • Wildax

    £24,995 £24,995

    4 Berth, Bunk Beds, Rear Belts, Heating, Hot Water, Leisure Battery, Mains, Roof Light, 4-Burner Hob, Oven, Grill, 3-Way Fridge, Sink, Side Kitchen, Cassette Toilet, Hand Basin, Shower, Rear Washroom, Wardrobe, Blinds, Curtains, Flyscreens, On Board Water Tank, Loose Fit Carpets, Tow Bar , Central locking, Electric windows, Power steering

    • Mileage: 65000 mi
    • Engine size: 2200
    For sale
  • Citroen DS Sedan 1971


    *** THIS CAR HAS BEEN SOLD *** Please contact us if you were interested in this car. Our inventory is constantly changing and we will have similar examples of this model becoming available soon. ----------------------------- Citroën DS, 2.0 1971 in good condition The DS is a famous model of the French brand Citroën. Presented on 6 october 1955 and was a hit immediately. In French he got the name ‘Déesse’ which means ‘godess’. This DS is from 1971. Both the body and interior are in a good and well maintained condition. The car has the 1985 CC 4 cyl 90 HP engine and semi-automatic gearbox. Drives great. So a very beautiful Citroën DS ready for lots of drivingfun. Car has Holland title and Holland mot/tuv. Easy to register in every EU country. You do not need to pay any importtaxes. We can help with transport.

    • Year: 1971
    For sale
  • Citroen 2CV AK400 1975


    *** THIS CAR HAS BEEN SOLD *** Please contact us if you were interested in this car. Our inventory is constantly changing and we will have similar examples of this model becoming available soon. ----------------------------- Citroën 2 CV AK 400 1975, promotion car in good condition 1975 Citroën 2 CV AK400 with the closed cargo body. The 2CV (Deux Chevaux) AK400 is delivery van from the french Citroën. The cargo load was 400Kg and therefor this was the largest and heaviest version at that time. The car has blue paint and blue/grey interior and is in a neat and good driving condition. The car has a 602CC 2 Cyl 31 HP engine and a 4-speed manual gearbox. A really nice and outstanding car, perfect as promotion car. Car has Holland title and Holland mot/tuv. Easy to register in every EU country. You do not need to pay any importtaxes. We can help with transport.

    • Year: 1975
    For sale
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