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Citroen: Classic & Performance range guide

Citroen: Classic & Performance range guide Classic and Performance Car
Citroen C6 and DS Citroen BX 1970s Citroen range Citroen XM V6 and BX 16v Citroen SM Citroen Saxo VTS Citroen Xantia Activa V6 Citroen C6 and SM
Formed by Andre Citroen in 1919, it’s fair to say that Citroen has created some of the world’s most iconic and innovative cars of all time. The brilliance of the pre-war Traction Avant, functional ruggedness of the 2CV and the futuristic DS were all stand-out models, but with these cars followed the financial difficulties of the late 1960s and early 1970s. 
With the need to develop several new models, while investing in rotary engine technology that would ultimately never see the light of day, Citroen had serious money issues and was forced to give up its independence in 1976, with Peugeot taking a controlling stake in the company. 
Although Peugeot has kept a tight control of the company’s finances, Citroen has still managed to produce a number of successful and clever models – retaining the successful Hydropneumatic suspension system right up to the current C5. Latest models like the Cactus prove that Citroen is still innovating, while the more luxurious side has been left to DS, a new sister brand spun off the success of the classic Citroen DS model line. 

Buying a classic Citroen

Citroen really made an impression on the motoring world with the Traction Avant, which was launched in 1934. Here was a car that featured unitary construction, independent suspension and front-wheel drive. Although the Traction was highly respected, it was the DS of 1955 that genuinely blew the world away.
Complete with its streamlined shape, the Citroen DS brought in something new: the company’s famous self-levelling Hydropneumatic suspension system. Front-wheel drive, four-wheel disc brakes and many other extremely advanced technical achievements mark it out as one of the most groundbreaking cars of the 20th century. Despite this, prices are still actually relatively affordable – excluding the super-expensive convertible Decapotable versions. 
Making the most of its partnership with Maserati, Citroen’s SM attempted to marry the DS’s advanced underpinnings with a glorious V6 engine and beautiful two-door coupe body. Was it a success? You’ll have to be the judge, as this machine is adored by some, and misunderstood in equal measure by the rest! 
The 2CV is also one of Citroen’s greatest hits, running in various forms from 1948 right through to its final incarnation in 1990. Here was a car that has appealed to an extremely broad cross section of society, from French farmers to modern day hipsters. On the same theme is the more upmarket Dyane, along with the utilitarian Mehari. All are huge fun to drive, and simple to maintain.
While there aren’t huge numbers to choose from, there is a lot of joy to be had from running a GS or GSA, with a characterful flat-four engine, classic Citroen interior and that great suspension system. The CX is perhaps the biggest bargain in the classic Citroen world, with only the very best GTI Turbo and Prestige models fetching strong money, even though any CX in top condition is a fantastic car to live with.
Now well and truly accepted as classics are the 1980s AX and BX models. Both were pioneers of lightweight technology, and the BX in particular proved that mainstream models could be clever, innovative and still be successful – selling more than 2million units. The performance variants are the most desirable with the AX GT and BX GTI 16v commanding significant premiums in top condition. 
The executive XM was a classic the second the first car rolled off the production line (also winning the European Car of the Year award in 1990), and the same could be said for the more recent C6. This elegant big saloon has yet to be replaced by the company, making it the last of the big Citroens for now, and almost certainly the last to feature the Hydractive suspension suspension system. 

Buying a performance Citroen

Although Citroen might not be considered immediately in the performance car arena, it has offered a number of slightly oddball choices for many years. Bordering on classic status are the 1990s hot hatches, including the Saxo VTR and VTS. These pocket rockets were idolised by a generation of Max Power readers. They are not just great fun to drive, but also extremely affordable.
The larger Xsara VTS is also an interesting bargain performance choice at the minute, offering the same 167bhp 2.0-litre 16v engine as the more respected 306 GTI and Rallye. Its underpinnings are similiar too, and it’s quickly becoming a bit of an endangered species due to the engine’s desirability in the 205 GTI tuning scene. The earlier ZX 16v is another one to consider, if you can find one.
While still in daily use around the globe, the regular Xantias might not be considered worthy of mention here, but the Activa models (which feature active roll control) are surprisingly fast machines, and are particularly sought after in 188bhp V6 form. 
The C4 VTS was never quite powerful enough to compete against top hot hatch rivals of the day, but it was a cool-looking machine and a pretty solid all-round performer. The limited edition Loeb editions were built to celebrate the company’s fantastic WRC results, and as a result are quite collectible today.
The most recent Citroen hot hatch was the DS3 Racing, which put out 204bhp. Using a heavily-tuned 1.6-litre turbo engine, as well as a limited slip differential, the Racing was sold in limited numbers, and is a slightly softer alternative to the stiff competition. 


Most car enthusiasts have some first hand experience of Citroens, be it the 2CV you bought as a cheap first car, or perhaps that ride in the back of a DS as a child started your love affair. If you have respect for intelligent, innovative cars then a classic Citroen has probably been on your wish list at some point, and with most models undervalued, you might not want to wait too long to pick one up.
Citroen C6 and DS Citroen BX 1970s Citroen range Citroen XM V6 and BX 16v Citroen SM Citroen Saxo VTS Citroen Xantia Activa V6 Citroen C6 and SM
Last updated: 17th Nov 2016
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Citroen cars for sale

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1 61500 GBP
  • Citroen - Mehari - 1972

    €17,600 - €22,880 est. (£16,068.80 - £20,889.44 est.) €17,600 - €22,880 est. (£16,068.80 - £20,889.44 est.)
    Online Auction
    Auction Date: 01 Jan 1970
    Catawiki Auctions
  • Citroen Saxo vtr 2001

    £400 £400

    Mot till december, regularly serviced, new pas pump, fair condition, sub included, been in family since 2011 phone number 01903 386797

    • Mileage: 115000 mi
    • Engine size: 1587
    For sale
  • Citroen Mehari Cabriolet 1974


    Citroën Mehari 1974 restored in very good condition A really beautiful restored 1974 Citroën Mehari, with a fully revised 602 cc, 2 cyl, 33 HP engine. The paint is in the marvelous colour Beige Kalahari with beige interior, a wonderful combination.This is the most popular 4 seat version. This car will bring a smile on your face, every time you drive to the beach or the woods. Car has European title and mot/tuv. Easy to register in every EU country. You do not need to pay any importtaxes. We can help with transport.

    • Year: 1974
    For sale
  • Citroën Traction Avant 11CV 1953


    SOLD / VERKAUFT / VENDU / VERKOCHT Citroen Traction Avant 11CV 1953 burgundy red in good condition This originally Dutch Citroën Traction Avant 11CV was delivered in 1953. The car has burgundy red paint and a grey cloth interior. Both the in- and outside are in a good and beautiful condition. In the front there is the 1911 CC, 4 cyl engine with 4 speed manual gearbox. This Traction Avant is very comfortable and drives great. In combination with the 4 doors it is a perfect classic car for the whole family. Car has Holland title and Holland mot/tuv. Easy to register in every EU country. You do not need to pay any importtaxes. We can help with transport.

    • Year: 1953
    For sale
  • Citroen B14 F Torpedo 1927


    Citroën B14 F Torpedo 1927 in fabulous condition The Citroën B14 was presented at the Salon in october 1926 as successor of the B12. The chassis had a lower weight than his predecessor and the engine was improved. The car has a 1538 CC, 22 HP, 4 in line engine and 3 speed gearbox. This is a roadster, recognizable by the 4 doors and folding top. 10 Years ago, this car was fully restored and is in excellent condition. Car has Holland title and Holland mot/tuv. Easy to register in every EU country. You do not need to pay any importtaxes. We can help with transport.

    • Year: 1927
    For sale
  • Citroen Mehari

    £13,995 £13,995

    FOR SALE A delightful Citroen Dyane 6 Méhari with fully traceable history from new. EQUIPMENT Acrylonitrile Buadiene Styrene, (ABS), thermo plastic body and panels, 2+2 seating, tubular frame, two-piece rigid fibreglass top, folding tailgate, folding front screen, full side screens, bonnet straps, spare wheel, removable folding bench, lockable glovebox. Accessories: rear fog light, 12v power supply, seatbelts front and rear, rear storage box, Citroen rubber floor mats, mudflaps. MODEL HISTORY In May 1968 the Dyane 6 Méhari, an all-terrain, multi-purpose platform-type pick-up was unveiled to the automotive world. Named after a fast-running dromedary camel the Méhari was based on a Citroen Dyane 6 platform and shared mechanicals with the 2CV6 and the Ami. Over a nineteen-year career a total of 144,953 units were made and it has now gained iconic status globally. EXTERIOR Eleven corrugated ABS thermo plastic panels are finished in vibrant Kirghiz Orange which look striking at any angle. Having won awards several times at the 2cvGB and Citroen Car Club events, the finish is spectacular thanks to a dedicated, well respected long-term custodian and his upkeep. Master Class Awards and Concours prizes both prior and after a panel colour change in 1995 proves the quality of workmanship. The original unwelded chassis has been thoroughly wax-oyled on the top, undersealed underneath, and extensively oiled inside and the space frame has been undersealed on the outside and filled with wax-oyl internally. Minor stress lines are visible on a few fixing points and original features remain in fixed such as the stainless steel wiper arms. This is an exceptional example and certain to delight the next Citroen connoisseur. INTERIOR Utilitarian brilliance is demonstrated from Citroen, a maker renowned for their forward thinking innovation and dare to be different mentality. The replaced seat coverings are perfect with just a minor split to the drivers side and this genuine four seater can easily be transformed into a capable utility vehicle. Incredibly the floor remains bare ABS revealing the excellent condition of the body tub and genuine Citroen rubber mats have been fitted from new. Practical accessories such as a 12v power supply, lockable rear box and headrests join playful features including a vintage Solido scale model in a matching colour on the dashboard. All controls operate as they should along with the LNA type instrument panel. Smiles and laughter guaranteed! ENGINE & TRANSMISSION The flat-twin air cooled two cylinder 602cc engine produces 32bhp to offer a top speed of 65mph and 0-60mph in 30secs. Meticulous maintenance from the knowledgeable owner to the original engine helps ensure mechanical reliability. New 9:1 pistons, rings and barrels have been installed and the valves have been cleaned and checked. The push rod seals are new and a new engine breather has been installed. The feather weight bonnet lifts to reveal a spotless engine bay guaranteed to please the show exhibitionist. The 4-speed synchro ‘push me pull you’ transmission operates exactly as it should having benefited from the clutch, back-plate, bearing and clutch cable all being replaced. WHEELS, TYRES & BRAKES All five wheels have rare Citroen accessory wheel trims fitted shod in matching 135/80 R15 tyres. Later version inboard front discs and drums at the rear, all overhauled, combined with a vehicle weighing just 555kg, braking is impressive. HISTORY FILE First registered on the 27th January 1981 by Lovekyn Garages Ltd in Kingston-On-Thames as a new vehicle, this Belgium built Citroen Méhari was then supplied by them four days later to a Mr Alfred Keith Waller. The New Vehicle Sales Invoice reveals a total price of £2,650 being paid by Mr Waller who remained the owner until November 1987 before selling the car for £950 to Mr Anthony Shaw. Mr Shaw purchased the vehicle for his son, Jonathan Edward Shaw, who remained the dedicated custodian and enthusiast for 30 years until selling the car to a fellow enthusiast in April 2017, Mr Robert Sansome. A truly spectacular history file with numerous insertions in the Citroenian car club magazine and 2cvGB News tracks noticeable awards such as the 1992 Stratford ‘A’ Series Concours winner and 1999 Master Class Award winner. On display at numerous Registers the following extract written by the current 2cvGB club Méhari Registrar in the April 2017 2cvGB News provides an insight; ‘XGH 616W is Jonathans lovely Méhari. As you may have seen over the monthly Missives, it is one of the longest continuously owned and driven Méharis in the UK. Jonathan has restored and rebuilt it to an exceptional standard’ The large history folder contains receipts and invoices from Méhari specialists and the original handbook and service book along with all keys are present. A historically important slice of Citroen history and wonderful in every respect. MOT March 2018, HPI clear. To see a video of this car please copy the link below: https://youtu.be/am_lxUN60Ys To see a full set of photographs of this car please copy the link below: https://flic.kr/s/aHsm2H2bRg 'Like us' or 'Follow us' for exciting new cars coming soon at KGF Classic Cars: https://www.facebook.com/KGFClassiccars https://twitter.com/KGFClassicCars

    • Year: 1981
    • Mileage: 16957 mi
    • Engine size: 0.6
    For sale
  • Citroen Saxo 1999 1.1

    £370 £370

    Selling my Citroen saxo as I have got a new car for my daughter. Super economical, no issues, just ped its MOT again for another year. Hardly any electrics so not much to go wrong! Steering is not PAS so you will need to adjust to it if you are used to PAS. Please note car in use still while advertised so mileage will go up a bit. Bodywork very good for its age and well maintained. Good first car or commuter car. Low mileage for its age. Log book present

    • Mileage: 59999 mi
    • Engine size: 1124
    For sale

    €61,500(£56,149.50) €61,500(£56,149.50)

    AN AMAZING CAR TO DRIVE Brand Citroen Type SM Color Blue Interior Tan Year of build 1973 Price € 61.500,- 1973 CITROEN SM injection A Genteel GT Designed from scratch by Maserati chief engineering Giulio Alfieri The SM was an expensive car, in the realm of the BMW 3.0 CS, Mercedes 350SLC, Porsche 911, and even Ferrari’s V6 Dino 246 A sports variant of the revolutionary Citroën DS The SM provided a combination of comfort, sharp handling, and braking which was not available in any other car at the time The Citroën SM is a high-performance coupé produced from 1970 to 1975. The SM placed third in the 1971 European Car of the Year contest, trailing its stablemate Citroën GS, and won the 1972 Motor Trend Car of the Year award in the U.S. In 1961, Citroën began to work on ‘Project S’ – a sports variant of the revolutionary Citroën DS. In January 1968, Citroën purchased a controlling interest in the Italian sports car manufacturer Maserati. The acquisition followed the absorption of the French automaker Panhard and the truck manufacturer Berliet, all of which was financed by selling a 26% stake in Citroën to Fiat. In short order, Bercot set Maserati to work designing a V6 engine for the SM

    • Year: 1973
    For sale

    £1 £1

    Hi. I'm looking to hear from anyone who might know the whereabouts of my old Citroen Saxo. The reg number is LT02FPP. The car is black and has/had black Peugeot alloys. It's lowered and has tinted rear windows and a very loud exhaust system. I loved this car and regretted selling it so would be interested in getting it back. If you own it now or know who does please get in touch! Thank you.

    • Mileage: 100 mi
    • Engine size: 1587
    For sale
  • All Citroen Saxo / Peugeot 106 Wanted

    £1 £1

    All Citroen Saxo / Peugeot 106 Wanted We purchase in any condition: -- Runners or Non Runners-- No M.O.Ts-- Write offs-- Engine Failures-- Accident Damaged-- 3 or 5 door-- Petrol or Diesel-- Any Year We will give you the best price for your un Citroen Saxo / Peugeot 106. We will purchase your Citroen Saxo / Peugeot 106 the same or next day and collect free of hle anyday of the week including bank holidays. Please don't hesitate to send us a message via Friday ad / Whatsapp with vehicle details. We'll get back to you in very short time. You may also call / text the number provided.

    • Engine size: 1600
    For sale

    £695 £695

    we took this in part exchange about a month ago and i have been driving it around myself it drives fine, only 2 lady owners from new, MOT 11-12-2017, 2 keys, some service History, only GBP 145 year Tax, cheap insurance, economical, it will come with warranty from ourselves, PLEASE NOTE WE DO NOT BUY ANY OF OUR CARS FROM AUCTIONS WE ACQUIRE OUR CARS HAND PICKED FROM MAIN DEALERS OR WE HAVE TAKEN THEM IN PART EXCHANGE, pop in to our indoor showroom at Norwich nr31dz or give us a call 01603 622313. Thanks for looking Mark. All types of credit/debit cards taken WE ARE OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK, AND WE ARE ALL WAYS OPEN TO OFFERS ON ALL OUR CARS

    • Mileage: 130203 mi
    • Engine size: 1.124
    For sale
  • Citroen 2 Cv 1987

    £3,695 £3,695

    lovely green/white Dolly mot July 2018, much spent ,including new hood, floors etc,it has electronic ignition,galvanized chis, could do with a small ammount of TLC to be perfect, otherwise drive and enjoy,cheap insurance valued @ £ 5,000 call 01424 441901

    • Mileage: 65258 mi
    • Engine size: 602
    For sale
  • Citroen C6 2008

    £6,990 £6,990

    Next MOT due March 2018, Excellent bodywork, Black leather interior, Superb Condition, Tyre condition Excellent. This car comes fully loaded with every imaginable goodies including Leather seats, cruise comtrol, head up display etc head up display. X2 KEYS Black, £6,990

    • Mileage: 65000 mi
    • Engine size: 2720
    For sale
  • Citroen Saxo

    £2,795 £2,795

    *SIMILAR QUALITY CARS ALWAYS REQUIRED* SOLD Thinking of selling? Our proven commission sale or SOR (Sale or Return) program is a great way to utilise and access our professional services and facilities while still maximising the return from your vehicle with minimal hassle, stress and time, If you’d like to take advantage of this then please get in touch for further information. Alternatively If you’d like to move your vehicle on quickly and efficiently with minimal delay then we can make an offer on an outright purchase basis with payment and collection arranged soon after. A sensational unmodified Citroen Saxo VTS with amazing history. EQUIPMENT Sports styling with painted bumper skirts and wheel arch extensions, body colour door housing mirrors and handles, rear spoiler, tinted glass, front fog lights, driver and passenger airbag, alarm, remote central locking, electric and heated door mirrors, slide/tilt sunroof, electric windows, white dials, oil and water temperature gauge, oil level gauge, white instrument dials, split folding rear seats, RDS radio with single CD player. EXTERIOR With an assertive sporting look this range topping VTS hot hatch finished in Superlustre Quartz metallic paint, (Code EYCC), looks incredible. Pampered by father and son from new and completely standard the condition is remarkable. The headlamp and fog light lenses are crystal clear and even the supplying dealer number plates are fitted front and rear. The thin panels, (the unladen weight is only 935kg!), have escaped car park dings and only a discreet touch up to the rear bumper is worthy of a mention. Unique 16v badging and the S inscription in yellow inform the knowledgeable this is the fastest most sought after Saxo and the hardest to find in factory standard specification. INTERIOR A fabulous testament to the care bestowed on this cherished car is the excellent condition of the fragile interior. The Crescendo velour upholstery only fitted to the VTS model is virtually unmarked along with the door inserts. All carpeting is spotlessly clean as is the headlining and undamaged plastic trim. Full instrumentation including the VTS only oil temperature gauge on white dials remind the driver of the sporting credentials. The boot area is clean with only light marks to the entry metal lip. Stonking fun! ENGINE & TRANSMISSION The rev happy four cylinder 1.6 16 valve engine develops 120 BHP at 6000rpm to achieve a top speed of 127mph and 0-62mph in 7.7 seconds. Fastidious servicing has ensured superb mechanical performance to enable the next owner to simply enjoy the thrill this car has to offer with piece of mind. The very clean engine bay remains exactly as intended and displays factory stickers, plates and panel stampings. The five speed manual transmission offers light and direct changes with a sporty feel. WHEELS, TYRES & BRAKES The factory fitted 15” alloy wheels remain in excellent condition with only faint markings. Uniroyal RainSport 3 195/45 R15 tyres are fitted to all four corners with excellent tread remaining. The ABS braking system is servo assisted with discs all round and ventilated upfront to provide safe assured stopping. HISTORY FILE Supplied new on the 1st March 2000 by Citroen Main Dealers, Prestige Garage Ltd of Coventry, this original example has only had two owners from new, Mr Peter Batchelor until 2007 followed by his middle aged son Mr Perry Batchelor. Both father and son have meticulously cared for this car with a full Citroen Dealer history until 2010 followed by trusted specialist servicing annually, without fail. The last service was in February 2017 and every invoice, MOT certificate and itemised expenditure document is included in the comprehensive and full history file. All handbooks, spare keys and dealer literature is included. Items neatly filed also include the important Citroen security card and from point of purchase the new car sales brochure and Dealer staff business cards. A true modern classic and very difficult to find in such a splendid unmodified form with such documented provenance. MOT February 2018, HPI Clear. To see a video of this car please copy the link below: https://youtu.be/E2-XHAeHimU To see a complete set of photographs of this car please copy the link below: https://flic.kr/s/aHskZFkD7e 'Like us' or 'Follow us' for exciting new cars coming soon at KGF Classic Cars: https://www.facebook.com/KGFClassiccars https://twitter.com/KGFClassicCars

    • Year: 1989
    • Mileage: 102182 mi
    • Engine size: 1.6
    For sale
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