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Gran Turismo Sport release date announced

Gran Turismo Sport release date announced Classic and Performance Car

It’s official, GT Sport will make its PS4 debut on 17 October 2017 in North America, and a day later in Europe. 

Sony has officially announced the release date for Gran Turismo Sport, which is now scheduled to launch on 17 October 2017 in North America, followed by Europe a day later. There are still various aspects of the game that we don't know much about, such as what VR content will be available, and how many cars will be included, however more updates on the game's content are promised between now and launch. 

Polyphony Digital was recently out in force at the 2017 E3 games conference, where it revealed a number of new details and a more up to date build of the game. It was here that the tentative Autumn 2017 ‘launch window’ was first announced. 
Until now Sony has been careful not to give out any firm release dates for the latest in its Gran Turismo series, and developer Polyphony Digital has already delayed the launch of the game once at the end of 2016. An early version of the game has been in a closed Beta test stage for a few months, but the finished version is still at least a few months away from hitting the shelves. 
GT Sport will be a significant step away from the single player oriented versions of the past, being much more focused on the online multiplayer aspect. This will include an FIA sanctioned digital race series, which will be the first of its kind. While there has been no official confirmation of everything in the game, the number of cars available at launch is expected to be far lower than the Gran Turismo games of old. 

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Although it will run on the original Playstation 4 console, GT Sport will be one of an increasing number of titles that will take full advantage of the more powerful PS4 Pro, which is said to give full 4K and HDR output at 60 frames per second. Which should mean absolutely stunning graphics. There will also be some VR content for those with Playstarion VR headset. 
Here’s the latest trailer:

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